Swaragini: The forgotten sisters part 7

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Let’s begin
Swara reached home and sees that ragini isn’t there
She went to her room and freshen up
After sometime she came down to the kitchen to prepare the dinner
She entered the kitchen and saw ragini already present there and cutting some veggies
Ragini saw her and continue her work
Swara entered and started preparing the dinner
Ragini was cooking something and she got janki call
She attended the call and didn’t notice that she switched on the gas but didn’t light it
After the call she was about to light it when suddenly Swara pushed her and switch it off
Ragini saw this and understood why Swara did that
Swara:can’t u see what if u got hurt
Ragini muttered a sorry and thank you
Swara:be careful
Ragini was surprised by her talks
Then they resumed cooking

It was 7:50when swaragini heard a bell and a servant opened the door
Laksh entered and was shocked seeing Swara there
Laksh :hey ragini hi Swara what r u doi g here
Swara:u r asking me what I’m doing in my home
Laksh(confused):your home
Laksh:oh so u both are sisters right
Swaragini looked at eo
Swaragini:forget it Laksh
He was confused by their behavior but let it go
Laksh:OK so ragini what have u prepares for me
Swara excused herself
Ragini:oh hello Mr I haven’t it for u I have prepared it for me
Laksh:haww ragini you’ll grow fat I know that you’re already fatty but control

And she ran to beat him and he ran to defend himself
Both were running and ragini’s led twisted and she fell over Laksh
Now ragini was over Laksh and both were engaged in and eyelock
Their eyelock broke by Swara voice
Swara:umm yes Sanskar come in your welcome in my house.
Sanskar had come in the home and raglak didn’t notice him
Raglak got up fast
While Sanskar was smirking mischievously at Laksh
And Laksh was seeing him with pleading eyes
Sanskar:lucky if you wanted to sleep on floor then tell me I’ll remove the bed from your room
Ragini:umm I’ll go and get the food Laksh
She ran to the kitchen while Laksh went saying he had to make a call
Swasan laughed
Sanskar :so ragini is laksh friend
Swara:hmm so shall we have our dinner
Sanskar:why not

Swasan were sitting on the dining table with raglak
Both the couples didn’t disturb the other
While eating raglak hand touched eo and they looked at eo
Swara:hmm Sanskar u know one of my friend was talking on phone today morning with just her friend and she was so happy
Ragini knew she was telling g about her
Sanskar:yes I also saw my friend smiling idiotically while talking on phone
After the dinner
Season were sitting in the garden while raglak went to the poolside
Swara:Sanskar only Laksh stays with u
Sanskar:yes Swara actually he’s my cousin and he’s 4 months younger to me when we were 8 his parents passed away in an accident so my agents looked after him and we shared a Great bond and till date were happy with eo it’s just that

He stopped while talking swara looked at him and he was teary eyed
Swara:it’s OK Sanskar if u don’t want to tell it’s fine don’t continue
Sanskar:I’m sorry
Swara:u do t need to sanky
They shared and emotional eyelock

On the other side same thing happened with raglak
Ragini held Laksh hand
Ragini:Laksh I won’t say that I know how you’re feeling bcoz I don’t know that feeling but I’ll only say that you’re a very strong man and it’s your decision if you don’t want to share it trust me I didn’t feel bad
Laksh smiled weakly
Laksh:you’re amazing ragini till today u never felt this soothing with anyone except sanky but now I know I’ve a friend whose always there right
They smiled at eo and headed back to the garden and saw swasan were engaged in an eyelock
Laksh coughed to bring them back
Swasan were embarrassed
All of them went to the hall

After sometime sanlak went bidding bye to swaragini

Then swaragini after cleaning up we t to their bedroom and there

Swara:what is wrong why did I read ragini no I can’t accept her I can’t

Ragini:no I won’t accept Swara she s know to me except being a betrayers daughter

Precap:swaragini in haunted house
Sanlak to rescue???

Pls comment and tell me guys if story is going off track

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