Swaragini: The forgotten sisters part 6

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Let’s begin
Swaragini were in the car
There was complete silence
Swara looked at ragini
Swara(monologue):I felt like some important part of my body was returned to me when I hugged ragini today but why no no I can never forget what her mom did to my mom

Her thoughts were broken by ragini voice
Ragini:we’re home
Swara nodded and they headed towards home
Swara(hesitantly):hmm thanks

Ragini(confused):for what
Swara:for being with me when I needed someone’s shoulder to cry on
Ragini:it’s OK let’s head to home and if possible don’t sit with this tensed face infront of Mrs mehra she’s already stressed out
Swara was surprised by her concern for shomi
They entered the home
Shomi rushed to swara

Shomi:how r u shona I was so scared
Swara hugged her and cried silently she wiped her tears and said
Swara:mom don’t stress yourself I’m fine see now go and sleep
Everyone dispersed to their own rooms

In Swara bedroom
Swara freshens up and wears her night dress
She lays on the bed and close her eyes
As soon as she closed her eyes she saw Sanskar face
She opened her eyes shocked
Swara:Sanskar but why I saw him god Swara you’ve gone mad sleep now
She scolded herself and tries to sleep
But what to do our sanky isn’t someone who is easily forgotten

While in Sanskar mansion
Sanky reached his home and goes to his brother room
Ots revealed that Laksh is his bro
Laksh is sleeping on his bed with a peaceful smile
Sanskar smiles and covered him with the bedsheet and went to his room

When he went to lay in his bed he smiled and thought of Swara
Sanskar:she was a beautiful girl indeed but I’m worried would she fine after today’s incident how will I know should I call she gave me her number but it won’t be right to call her at night ugh what to do should I ask lucky but he’s sleeping
He while thinking all this slept ofcouse with a smile

In morning
Mehra mansion
Shekar got a call informing that he has to go Germany for some meeting so he left early in the morning

Shomi and janki went to kolkata as their mom was serious and admitted in the hospital

So swaragini were alone in the house
Swara was sitting in the couch and typing something on her lappy
While ragu was busy in talking on phone with her bestie Laksh
Yes u read it right her bestie Laksh whom she met yesterday in hospital and they shared their numbers
Laksh cake fun the morning in the excuse of asking about Karen’s health
Ragini:yes lucky he’s good and he got discharge also
Laksh:that good so how r u
Ragini:I’m fine lucky don’t be so formal buddy BTW what r u doi g this eve
Laksh:nothing imp
Ragini:so could we meet

Laksh:yes sure but may I know the reason
Ragini:actually I’m alone to home and I don’t like to dine alone so thought if a friend could accompany me on dinner
Laksh:oh that sounds great so where’s the sinner
Ragini:at my home
Laksh:ur gonna make

Laksh:oh no god plz save me I don’t wanna die so soon if I eat Thai devils handmade food then I’m gone
Ragini:luckyyyy u
Laksh:OK OK u message me ur address I’ll be there by 8bye bye
He cut the call so as to avoid our ragz rage
Ragini smieldd after the call

Swara observed that
Ragini(monologue):god this boy he’s crazy but good

Laksh was smiling idiotically
Sanskar saw him and brought him to reality
Sanskar:so lucky whom were u talking to rant u became mad oops sorry ur already mad no
Laksh:sanky why don’t u start a class on how to become boring
Sanskar smiles cheekily at him
Sanskar:but on a serious note whose she

Sanskar:my would be sister in law
Laksh:what hai I was talking to my friend
Sanskar:hmm I see you were so happy by talking to just to your friend
Laksh:yes and now we’re getting late for office so let’s go
He ran avoiding the topic
Sanlak reached the office

Sanskar ap anjali:sir ms mehra as arrived for the meeting
Sanskar:oh shoot I’m late Laksh u carry on I’ll be back after the meeting
Laksh:all the best
Laksh went to his cabin while Sanskar rushed to his cabin for the important meeting

A girl was sitting in the chair in his office
Her back was shown she was constantly looking at her phone and seeing the time

Sanskar:I’m extremely sorry ms mehra I actually
He was shocked seeing ms mehra bcoz she was his Swara
Sanskar:so ur ms mehra
Swara:and ur the late latiff Mr kapoor

He scratched his head funnily
Sanskar:sorry I’m late
Swara:hmm ETA begun with the meeting
They finished the meeting in 3hours
It was afternoon by then

Sanskar:so deal is on
Laksh enters his cabin and both swalak are shocked seeing eo
Sanskar:u both know eo
They explained what happened yesterday
Sanskar:Great so Leta have lunch together
Sanskar:Swara I’m asking u as a friend not business partner
Swara agreed
They had their lunch and teased eo

Then swara was about to leave
Swara:I’m alone tonight so would u guys like to join me for diner I’m cooking
Laksh didn’t know swargini were sisters
Laksh:sorry actually I’m already invited for another dinner may be next time
Swara nodded understanding

Sanskar:OK it’s fine but can’t u order it form outside bcoz I do t think you’ll be a great cook
Swara:Sanskar once u eat my cooked food no then you’ll never eat anyone’s else cooked food
Sanskar:what do you cook that bad
SWARA:no I cook that good so at 8 in my house
Bye guys
They bid bye
Swara reached home and saw ragini wasn’t there she went to her room and freshen up

Sanlak continued their work

Precap:swasan raglak dinner
Swara indirectly teasing ragini
Sanskar directly teasing g her

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