Swaragini: The forgotten sisters part 5

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Precap:raglak meet Swara in office shomi tensed

Let’s begin
Ragini goes to her room changes into her night
dress and layed on the bed but her condition was same as Laksh she wasn’t able to forget her meeting with Laksh
Ragini:oh god why am I thinking so much abou
She smiles while remembering him and falls asleep
On the other side Laksh also falls asleep thinking about his future ladylove

After some time it’s almost midnight
Ragini heard someone crying and came down to see
She saw shomi crying keeping her head on janki shoulder and shekar trying g to console her
(No matter what but janki and shomi were sisters and couldn’t see eo in pain)
Ragini:mom what’s going on
Janki:ragu beta Swara isn’t home yet her phone
is also off
Ragini:for that Swara you are tensed I told no her phone battery is dead
Janki:but beta shomi didi tried calling in the
office number no one is picking
Ragini:come on mom she isn’t a kid to get lost
(Ragini was telling all this but somewhere in her heart she was also tensed for her sis)
Janki:ragu she is your sister plz
Suddenly shomi fell unconscious
Janki and shekar panicked
Ragini also was tensed but didn’t show it
They took her to the room and made her lay on the bed
Janki:shekar you go and find swara
Janki:ragu u also go and see in her office
Ragini:but why me I’m not
She was cut by janki
Janki:no buts ragini go
Ragini obeyed and went in her car towards the office
On the other side
Swara was coming out of the office
Some men were oasis g from there they saw Swara and passed lewd comments
Swara ignored them
One of them held her hand she at once raised
her hand and slapped him
The others came towards her she sprayed pepper on their eyes and ran from there while running she dashed into a boy it was dark and
the face of the boy wasn’t seen
She was breathing heavily
She was constantly seeing behind if the men were following her and when she so Wren approaching she again started to run
The men reached her and one of them slapped her hard
Blood was oozing form her lips
They touched her hands and face disgustingly
Swara was crying silently she was a strong girl but they were many and she couldn’t fight them all alone
One of them tried to tear her sleeve but in a flash of a second the man was on the ground
Yes he was hit
Hit by our hero Sanskar kapoor
Sanskar was standing there with red eyes he managed to fight all of them
While he was fighting swara stood there lifelessly
The men beat Sanskar and he was also no less at the same time ragini arrives there win her car
She saw some fight going on and then her eyes fell on her sister she was standing there lifelessly with blood oozing from her lips
Ragini felt pain in her heart seeing Swara like this
She immediately rushed toward her
Ragini :Swara
Swara heard her sisters voice and saw towards her
She rushes and hugged ragini tightly
Ragini also responded to the hug
Swaragini plays in the bg
Swara was breathing heavily
Ragini:shh calm down Swara
She patted her back
Swara calmed as her sister soothed her
This was the first time after years they were hugging eo
The the men ran away
Sanskar came towards swaragini
They broke the hug and looked at eo and then away
Swara:thank you so much for saving me
Sanskar:it’s OK I saw u when you bumbed into me that you were afraid so after some time I came in the direction you went and saw those men misbehaving with you
Ragini understood what had actually happened
Swara:one again thank
She didn’t complete her sentence and fell unconscious
Ragini screamed
Ragini:Swara swara
Sanskar:let’s take her to the hospital
Ragini nods and Sanskar picked her and made her lay in the car
Ragini drives while Swara was in Sanskar lap
They reached the hospital
Dr checked her and told that it was due to weakness and nothing to worry
Ragini:umm Mr ?
Ragini:sanskar if u don’t mind can u sit here for a while till I inform my family
Ragini:I’m ragini BTW
She went out and informed janki about everything and told her not to come she’ll bring Swara in some time
(Shomi was conscious now)
On the other side
Swara gained conscious and saw Sanskar sitting beside her
She sat with difficulty
Sanskar:well miss you shouldn’t stress so much after all heroes like me always reach on time to save beautiful heroines like u
(He said this to make her smile and it happened )
Swara:but really you truly proved to be my hero today BTW I’m swara
Sanskar:I’m Sanskar kapoor
They talked a bit
Ragini came and saw her fine
Ragini:umm if your fine let go home Mrs mehra is already tensed
They both were ready to leave
Swara:thanks once again Sanskar
Sanskar:offo swara we’re friends now and in friendship no sorry no thank-you
Swara:OK bye Mr friend
Sanskar:bye Swara bye ragini
They bid bye and left

Precap:swasan thinking about eo
Couples meet
Swaragini alone in the house

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