Swaragini: The forgotten sisters part 4

Hey guys I’m back
Let’s begin
Swaran are in the room while ragini went out to attend a phonecall
While talking onphone ragini didn’t notice that the floor was slippery and she walked on it and slipped
But to her surprise she didn’t fell instead she was held by someone
She closed her eyes in fear and was looking a pure and innocent soul
While the boy who held her was lost in her innocence he was looking at her with pure eyes
Ragini opened her eye and was lost in his deep eyes
They came into sense when Laksh phone rang
Ragini was embarrassed

After the phone call
Laksh:it’s OK but you should be careful and no need to feel embarrassed it happens sometimes
Ragini smiles at him gratefully
Laksh:BTW I’m Laksh Laksh Kasoori
Ragini:I’m ragini ragini mehra
Laksh:oh yes the owner of ragini hotels right
Ragini:yeah and if I’m not wrong ur the owner Kapoor industries
Laksh:yeah me and bro both are the owner would you mind showing me way to room no 345
Ragini:room no 345?
Laksh::yes actually my sis is there
Ragini leads him to the room
Ritz :Laksh where were you
Laksh:nothing di

Ragini:oh so ur the one who saved my bro thanks
Laksh:ur bro
She pointed towards karan and then he understood
Swara:thanks Mr ?
Laksh:Laksh kapoor and I’m kinda sad that u forgot me so soon ms mehra
Swara thought for a while
Swara:oh Mr kapoor yes we met in a fashion show last time u were there with some investors
Laksh nods
Swara:I’m so sorry

Laksh:it’s OK
Ragini saw Ritz and karan were talking with eo lost in their own world
Ragini nudged Laksh to see them
Swaraglak saw them
Swarag:I never saw bhai this comfortable with a girl
Laksh:same here
They looked at eo and left the room to let them alone
Swara:so Mr kapoor
She was cut by Laksh
Laksh:you can call me Laksh
Swara:u can also call me Swara
They smiled
Laksh saw ragini tensed

Laksh:what happen ragini u look tensed
Ragini:nothing ita just workload
Laksh:ragini beautiful girls like u shouldn’t stress themselves or else they’ll get wrinkles
He said with a mischievous smile
Ragini:and handsome guys like you shouldn’t flirt like this or else you’ll land into trouble
She said with a mischievous smirk
They laughed while Swara was peeping in her phone at intervals
Swara:Laksh my mobile is switched off and I’m going to office to charge as I have some important work bye
Laksh was confused as to why she’s telling about charge getting over but ragini understood that she is telling her to inform showing if needed
Swara left and raglak were sitting out alone

After sometime Ritz left due to some work and asked to stay with ragini till mamu comes rgaini tried to resist but Laksh didn’t listen
Raglak were chatting with Karin in the room it’s evening now mamu comes
Jai:ragini beta now you should go home ita getting dark
Ragini nod sand bids bye to karan and leaves with Laksh
Outside the hospital
Ragini:it was nice meeting you Laksh
Laksh:same here ragz I hope I can call u that
Ragini:ofcouse we’re friends right
Laksh:yes we are
Ragini:so bye

Laksh was sad doesn’t know reason
Laksh:yes bye
Ragini was also sad reason was unknown
They bid bye and went in their respective cars
Laksh reached his home smiling like an idiot he lived alone with his bro
His bro wasn’t there so he went to bed after dinner but he wasn’t Abel to sleep he was constantly thinking about his meeting with ragini
On the other hand ragini reached home and saw shomi tensed
Shomu:shona pick up the call
Janki was seeing all this tensed
Ragini :mom

Janki:ragu u came now whoa in hospital
Ragini:if ur talking about Mr mehra daughter then she went to office
Shomi looked up in hope that she would get to know more
Ragini:her phone battery is dead
Janki:how do u know
Ragini:she was telling Laksh now I’m tired
She goes to her room leaving a much calmed shomi behind and a happy janki bcoz what so ever shomi and janki always wanted their children to be united

Precap:swasan meet
Swaragini hug eo
Raglak and swasan meet again

(So the pairs are raglak and swasan sorry swasan fans today there was no swasan scene but 2Moro for sure so plz support me guys )
Sorry swalak and Ragsan fans

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