Swaragini- forgiveness (part 9)

Hi friends, I know that all of u forgot me but here am to remember u ,it’s me Ruba came with a lovely ff.
Am not going to waste ur time cuties.
By listening sanskar words uttu panicks
Sahil calms her and says we will find them don’t worry uttu please don’t stress urself.

Swara: ha uttu Bhai is right we can find ma and baba.
Sanskar: uttu ….
Just then uttara hugs him and says how can they do ?how can bhayya ,baba always supported them but still they did that.that are very bad Bhai very bad.
San:stop crying uttu,I will not leave them now
That have to face me now ,they have to get their punishment.
Swara:sanskar first find maaa and baba.

Has swarA
Sanskar and sahil calls some persons to find out RP and suji(rasu).
2 days passed there is no information about rasu
Sanskar and sahil are trying maximum to find out their place but all in vain.
One day San and uttu are talking about their childhood and their old house suddenly sans gets an idea he called someone and said go and check that place.
After an hour sanskar received a call from that person saying that we find them .
Sanskar felt relived and said to all that rasu is in their old house.
RP:suji am going to office,u take care of yourself.
Suji:ha ji take ur lunch box please don’t work over
Just then sumi comes there and asks them ki u proved that am nothing to u both.
Rasu shocked to see sumi their.
Sumi ….suji says cutted by sumi

Y u both do that ,do u think am dead.
No sumi don’t say that we know that shekar can’t accept us than how can we trouble u
RP:ha sumi,u r the only relation we have now.
Sumi phone rings
It’s from swarA
Sumi attends the call and swarA talks to suji and RP.
Sanks talks to suji and suji says ur father wants to talk to u.
Sanskar felt happy to hear that his father wants to talk with him.

Hello baba..happy tears
RP:babu(only RP called him like that in his childhood)
Sanskar beyond his happiness
Ha dad tell me
Sorry Babu ,am really sorry I never supported u in all matters,I want to support u but the respect towards Bhai stops me to support but now I never ignore u .
Babu u r my life and uttu is my heart only God knows Babu howvi missed u both,how I strave for ur love.
Uttu says baba we also love u a lot baba.
Ha baba ,I love u so much.
Baba tomorrow I booked a chopper to u both please come to London.
Babu I can’t come ,am working on a office. I want to show DP Bhai that I can survive without him.

But baba wat is the need
They insulted ur mom Babu,they insulted my love,I have to show them vat RP is.
OK baba but please come to London at once
Ha baba please come Na,mom u also come Na att once I just want to see our whole family.
Ha ma please.
With happy .

Baba come have ur dinner,u didn’t eat from yesterday.
Ragini go from here,I am not hungry
Ji ,you are angry on me Na please eat something. Ragini made ur fav food.
DP silently goes from there.

Ragini and ap looks him tensedly.
To the caretaker gave instructions to her that vat she has to cook at bf ,lunch,snacks and diner.vat she has to do whole tomorrow.
Shekar listens sumi words and asks her that is she going anywhere?
Sumi didn’t pay any attention to him and just continue her work.
Just then dadi comes and says see vat type of bahu I got she even didn’t care to answer my son’s question.
Sumi got irritated by her tantrums and replies her that firstly am not ur bhahu and not the wife of someone else I think u forgot my words am only the bahu of godadias house that’s it not more than else so please don’t expect more from me and please mind ur tongue next time before talking with me.
Dadi sees shekhar, he looks defeated so she went cursing sumi.
In call with ragini tells vat happened just now.ragini says I will talk to mom .
Ragini to sumi:

Ma,h r u?

I know u r angyr me and baba beat me and scold us but please maa talk with me .
Ragini anything imp,I have a lot of work.
Ma please…

OK.maa r u going anywhere?
Ha ,am going for a week.
Where màa?
Yyyy want u know?u r not thinking to kidnap me again right
Ma y r u talking like that.u very well known ki now it’s not …..
Ha I know y can u do that now .because the thing u want is in ur hands now,moreever I have lot of work to do
Ha one thing visit GM frequently bye
Thinks)y ma y not u understand my love on laksh provokes me to do all that things.u know very well that I supported ur and baba relation, I am very happy to get u as my mother but situations turned by fate ur and baba relation broked by me sorry ma please excuse me.

Thinks)ragini says maa is going to our for one week .wat work sumi has now.that too one week. She don’t have any relations then where she is going???
In London:
All are sooo happy for tomorrow.
Sans is singing all the time,and making swara crazy .he is not allowing her to do anywhere.
Finally swarA is obsessed with sanskar and shouted at him .

Sanskar sit there ,don’t come behind I have a lot of work .let me complete my work k.
Sanskar listens her like a scary boy just nods his head in agreement.
Same in saut mansion:
uttu makes sahil crazy and sahil is trying to stop uttu but all his attems are in vain.

Precape:sadness in mm&GM
Happiness in SM and su mansion.. Hehehehe

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