Swaragini- forgiveness (part 8)


Hi to all,thank you so much for all ur sweet comments.

Bhai ,I never said anything to u but now am didn’t want to even talk.in all matters all always support u even when
U killed kavitha then also I support u.I saw my son’s pain and his feelings.because of u my son hates me then also I didn’t blame u even I didn’t oppose I never stand against u.I always shut suji saying that u r always right but Bhai u prooved me wrong by supporting ragini and insulting suji u didn’t think once.and bhabi thank you so much for reminding me that laksh is not my son .am the only poor soul thinking that laksh is my son thank you so much bhabi.(ap downs her head)
RP listen ap is wrong ,she will apologies to u but please don’t leave ur Bhai

ha chacu please don’t go am ur son.
noo beta soorry laksh am nothing to u and there. is no need for sorry bhabi is right that’s y u and laksh didn’t say anything to her on that time.now u r feeling guilty for accusing suji that’s y u both r saying. let us go.
suji come.
all r seeing them with teary eyes,ragini is feeling guilty. DP is totally broken.
RP and suji left the house.
DP room:

ap comes and calls him for dinner but he doesn’t responds,she goes to other side to face him.she shocks to saw him as totally broken.
ji y u r crying.
ap ,ram left me he said he don’t want to talk me.how can he say that he is my little brother, my only sibling. I always treat him as my first son,but I lost him now.he is right I always dominated him I now because of me sanskar hates him but never tries to bond them.I think if they develop any bond that will effect my bond with RP that’s y I always take decisions about sanskar to avoid their meetings. I only think about sanskar not about RP.
my RP left meee,yyy?
I all did this to get my RP but vat happened now?
because of u he left the house and ur so called bahu ,get out of my sight.
ji vat r u saying?
get out?

ap leaves sadly
RP and suji:
walking aimlessly on the road
suddenly a person comes to him and says RP ji you
ji aap ,how r u?how is ur family now.
because of u my family is fine and take this papers.
vat is this ji?
these are the documents of ur home which gave me to save my home,now am fine so am giving back ur home to u please take I for my sake.
ji take that Na now we need that

OK,I want another help from u.I want some work to feed my wife any work I will do.
ji in office ,I want an accountant if u don’t have any problem then u can join on tomorrow.
thank you for your help
now I have some work this is my office address bye .
RP and suji went to their old house and remember their memories.
Ragini informs shekar and dadi vat just happens in mm,they felt bad for rasu(ran&suji).

Shekar tells abut rasu to sumi. Sumi asks shekhar now where they were?
Shekar says don’t now
Sumi immediately informs swasan about this.
Sanskar is so and so angry on maheswaris now,but swara calms him saying that first we have to find out rasu.

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