Swaragini- forgiveness (part 7)


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Sanskar waked up so early and got ready to go to su mansion to see a glance of swara.
Here also the same swarA got ready and prepared the bf ,all are sanskars favourite.
Sautt room:
Sahil wakes and saw uttu ,once her fainting scenes comes in front of his eyes fear comes in his heart ,he tightly holds uttu which results her sleep disturbs.uttu understands his situation and holds him even more tightly. And said gudmrng hobby
Gudmrng wifey
Kisses her forehead,am going to fresh on other room u have to be ready OK.
Both gets ready and came downstairs, they saw swara going here and there but all her concentration is towards the door.and talking to herself that y sanskar is not coming, here am waiting for him but he???I think he is sleeping now also duffer.
Smiles seeing her

Sahu ,don’t u think that they love each other. After a long time am seeing Bhai’s smiling face,sometimes I think he is my old Bhai,bhabi changes Bhai a lot Na.
Ha uttu u r right, by the way whose sister is she???(showing his collor)minee
Both smiles and wants to tease swarA
Swara serve the bf Na we are very hungry
Bf it ready just waiting for sanskar
But he is not coming

Sahil: ha choti he called me morning that he had a urgent meeting so he is not able to come to bf.
Feels sad)but y didn’t he call me.tears are easily shown on her eyes
Sautt realises that she is going to cry they tell that they r joking just then sanskar enters into su mansion.
Gudmrng to all,gudmrng swarA.how ru feeling now uttu
Sanskar realises the tears in swaras eyes he immediately held swarA face and asks vat happened y r u crying
Swara: having mixed feelings happy,embarassand shy)
She thinks how can I say that the thought of not coming of u to su mansion makes me cry oh god he will definitely make fun of me.
Comes to the world listening to sanskar
“What happened to u swarA”?
Because she thinks u r not coming to su sooooo
Swara shys,sanskar understandsunderstands

Kkk sanskar am very hungry shall we have ous bf showing his stomach.
All went for bf,sautt teases swasan more about bff

Back to mm:
Scene starts from all are scolding sujata blaming that she is the reason for raginis miscarriage. And DP is just seeing all the incident. It hurts RP.sujatha says that she didn’t do anything but all are not listening.
Suddenly ragini remembers something and goes to kitchen and brings a secret cam with her.
I fix a cam in kitchen to know swarA and sanskar wrong intentions but I forgot to remove it when they left and goes towards sujatha by this proof I will throw u outside if it confirms
Ragini beta,respect her she is ur in laws
RP ,ragini is right ur wife stooped so low
And ramji she is not the in-law on ragini am her in-law,only I have the right, she is my son’s wife not urs
RP hurts to hell
Sorry Bhai and bhabi,I forgot that laksh is noty son now I Wii be in my limits.I ram Prasad maheswari giving u a promise that if my wife is at fault then not only she me also left this house if she didn’t then also we will left this house.
Ragini plays the vedio
All are shocked to see the scenery
Parineeta is mixing something in the milk and sent that milk with suji
All saw pari with teary eyes while all are comporting in pari RP and suji went to their rooms to pack their bags.
Suji,am very sorry because me u saw this day am sorry by folding his hands
Ji vat r u saying?u supported me that’s enough to me
In this age am showing this day to u
I don’t know how can I feed u but I work hard to give a better life
Ji don’t worry we can live happily where it is?

Actually they didn’t pack their clothes they just take their family photos and left the house.

All are scolding pari for her deeds, just then they all saw towards upstairs
They saw RP and suji are leaving, DP tried to stop them but RP stops him saying that ……

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