Swaragini- forgiveness (part 6)

Hi, to all.this is third time am posting the same ff.I dnt know ki vat wrong done by me.my ff didn’t posted successfully two times.soo after lot trails am here,ur ruba.
Guys am really getting impatient because my ff is not posted successfully.

Here the story

Swasan came to senses when they hear the giggling of sahil and went to their room to fresh up.
Swara selects sanskar dress,now a days she is talking good care of his small things also.they both are ready ,seeing swarA sanskar thinks she will definitely kills me one day with her beauty.
They both went to sahil and trio started to satra mansion.
By entering the mansion they saw uttara fainting, sahil saves her from falling but she is unconscious. Seeing her like this they are shocked.
Uttu,open ur eyes .vat happened to u.uttu speak to me open ur eyes
Choti ..open ur eyes choti
Swara call the doctor, uttu open ur eyes dammit

Swara talked to doctor and said doctor will be in 5min.firstly take her to room.
Sahil lifts her and places her in bed.he continuously calling her to open her eyes.
Seeing that sanskar leaves the room and swarA follows him
Sanskar….r u crying???
Hugs her tightly and said swarA see Na uttu is not opening her eyes,she is the only family I have.I am not able to loss her.
I have not that much strength swarA
Sanky cool,she just fainted nothing more than else,she will be fine
U have trust on me Na then don’t cry please I hurts me.I can’t see u shattered.
Swara nothing will happen to her Na.u both are my eyes if something happens to u then my breath automatically will stop.
Just then doctor comes,swasan are in hugging position, they realises their position and go behind the doctor to check uttu.
Doctor sends all to outside but sahil is not ready to leave her.swarA manages him and all went outside.sahil holds swarA hand tightly, he scared for the first time yes the great sahil singhania is feared to loss her life|wife.
He even can’t imagine his life without uttu.
Both sanhil are scared, because kavitha sudden death makes them like this,both are very possessive about uttu,she is the only reason of their lives so by uttus fainting they shattered.
Doctor comes and said that ,nothing to worry just a normal weakness because of obnomal food,I prescribed some vitamin tablets give to her she will be OK to morning.
Trio felt relaxed but sahil is very angry on uttu.
Trio goes to see uttu,sanskar warns her to take her food swarA also said that. To give privacy to both swasan went to prepare food.

Satra room:
Sahil is not talking to uttu,he just sit beside her and cutting some fruits for her.in all that time he even not see her this hurts her.uttu calls sahil but he didn’t respond to her.
After cutting fruits he feeds uttu but didn’t talk anything .this is enough for uttu she didn’t open her mouth when he puts the fruits in her mouth. Sahil angrily stares her,on the next moment she open her mouth. Sahil smiles a little but cover up his expressionss.
In kitchen:
In the name of helping swarA ,sanskar is playing in the whole kitchen and cracking some jokes.by seeing all her antics swarA remembers sumi and ragini,tears made their way to come out ,suddenly she cuts her finger,blood is coming continuously.
Swara ignores that and doing her work sanskar sees that and worriedly to her r u out of ur mind.
Ur finger is injured but still u r working.he do first aid to her finger .
Both completes the kitchen work and went satra room.
Sahil feeds uttu ,now also he didn’t talk.(poor uttu)
Sahil ,am leaving swarA will stay here.I will come on morning any emergency call me k.
Sanky vat is the need to go,stay here
Ha sanskar stay Na
No no sahil I will manage by
By swarA take care
Sahillllll,am sorry please forgive me
Doe’s not respond her
Starts crying loudly sahu darlind y r u not listening me ahhhhhh(crying)
Sorry bola Na ,I never repeat this by holding her ears please
Melted by her words hugged her tightly (by that uttu understands how much scared she is) by patting his back .am soooi scared uttu u r opening ur eyes I felt my breath is stopped
Sahu sorry ha please don’t cry,more ever am not going to leave u k.u have to bear me for ur life time.
Sahil smiles they both slept by hugging.

In SS:
Sanskar went to his room ,he sees swarA give towel to him to fresh up he smiles at her but at the next she is not there, he realises that swara is not here.he goes and freshes and go to kitchen to get water.on opening the fridge he headed swarA voice saying that he stolen her chocolates, sanskar explains swarA that he just taking water but swarA doesn’t listen him and start beating him sanskar runs to escape but swarA chases him both laugs but suddenly swarA disappears, reality struck him.
He curses himself for not staying in satra mansion.
Swara also seeing sanskar every where,both are missing soo much

So guys that’s enough

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