Swaragini- forgiveness (part 5)


Hi to all,have a great day to all.today am going to show u all the new ram Prasad soo ru eager to see ……k let’s start.
Fn ends
On that day onwards I never felt alone because the trio are always around me especially sanskar and sahil for them am their life.
Once on day am thinking very blessed to have ragini but now am really blessed to have sahil as my brother, but sometimes I feared of losing him also ,bappa please don’t do that to me.
Back to mm:
All members in the mm totally forgot our swasan and all of them leads a happy life except one member it’s none other than our sujatha maaa,the day swasan left the mm,sujatha also left her smile,from that onwards she didn’t talk to anyone in the mm.
She stopped her food also ,we can say that she is a living dead body.
In the centre of hall ,laksh calls everyone and informs that ragini is expecting,by listening this all are very happy but pari seems sad
U all know that pari can’t be conceived. A big party is going on mm for that happiness.
GM mansion:
No one is happy in this house ,sumi is not talking to any one if she want to say anything she can told them by her maid but one thing is clear ki she never stops her duties .she always done vat a can do to her husband ,to her mother in law,father in law and her daughter but in all her deeds there no love just responsibility.
Shekar tries a lot to pacify her but she never gives a chance to him.she maintained distance from him.
Phone is continuously ringging ,shekar lifts the phone by attending the call he smiles and asked all to come to the hall and gives the news about ragini.dadi feels so happy but sumi looks neutral.
She immediately calls the maid and ask her to distribute sweets all along the baadi
Sumi went to her room and cries my laddoo is becoming maaa ,bhagawan please bless her.
Mm mansion:
Party is going on ,godadias also come their.ap invites them and tries to talk with sumi .sumi ignores her and goes to ragini to do some rituals but she didn’t talk to her.ragini felt bad for her cold behaviour but she is the main reason of all these happenings si she can’t say a word to her mother.
By completing rituals sumi directly went to sujatha and pacifies her ,after soo many years they all saw sujatha talking to someone. Sumi made sujatha talk with swasan. Sumi feel sooo happy all are wondered that y sujatha is happy,what ever may be the reason all are very happy for her smile.especially RP.
In that function someone put finger on pari that she can’t conceive and indirectly tunts her ,ever dadi also do the same but ap didn’t stop them ,this hurts the pari sooo much.
Sujatha prov:
To herself)
Bhagawan aaj meine meri chore se bath kari(today I talked with my son and my baby)
Am soo happy.
Just then RP comes and asks about her happiness.
Y should I tell u?more ever u even didn’t care about my happiness Na then y this sudden question.
Suji,y r u talking all this.I never consider ur happiness??
I know I didn’t say anything on the day swasan left our home ,I didn’t mean ki am not worrying about them.am suji
No ji u didn’t worried about them u just worried abt ur bhaisa,that’s all.
Don’t say like that suji ,I love my son soo much .
No ji u didn’t, if u love ur son will smoothen his pain instead of increasing
Where u goes when ur bhaisa send him to board school at 8,where u goes when he sent to abroad ,he is not allowed to live in this house for just a day ,he felt sooo alone in hostle ,sometimes he cries a lot .u know ji he is a big business man in London even he behaves as a normal child to his family he thinks he will surprise u vat u all?
Y can’t u ask ur bhaisa ki y he killed kavitha?
Y he makes ur son life hell?yyyyy???crying continuously
Suji…..RP breaks down in suji hands,I know I didn’t support my son in all situations. I didn’t give my love to him but the truth is I love him a lot and I always trusted him
Then y didn’t u support our son?
Suji ,sanskar is my son but bhaisa he is father, how can I oppose him.he made me grown.he takes well care of me that’s y I didn’t do against him.
Am not saying to go against him,can’t u say one word ki my sanskar can’t do like that,there must be a misunderstanding.
Ha I can do that suji but don’t know swasan are leaving the house am in utter shock I dnt know vat to do. In fraction of seconds my love my son went sooo far to me.suji please forgive me talk to me.I already lost my son and am not ready to lost my life u,am dying to see u like this.
I have faith on swarA she will make our sankar life heaven,she will take care of him please suji
Agrees,they. Both hug and slept
Someone is looking so happy?
Ha swarA am soo happy to talk with maaaa
U know swarA,from my childhood I only have maa to share all my feelings I dnt know about father’s love,he always maintained distance with me.ekk maa hi this mere liya,
Don’t worry sanskar ,all should be OK.to enlighten the moment swarA ask sanskar vat work do u have in tha ngt yesterday where u went suddenly?
Can’t u open second wife etc…
Sanskar with wide mouth:u r impossible swarA?
Swara: y sanskar?
Sanky:nothing I went to the best music college in the London to get an seat for u.
Swara: for me?vat is the need sanskar?
Sahil:there is the need doll.
Swara: Bhai…
Tum bi.
Sahil:ha swarA ,we know ur passion about music doll,I want to saw my doll always smiling. Music will do that
Swara(with tears)
Y Bhai y u love me that much?
I dnt know about that butt the whole credit goes to sanskar, he planned every thing doll.
Sanskar: now stop crying swarA u have to meet uttara go and get ready,by going swarA slips at that moment sanskar got her they both had a eyelock at that moment sahil clicks a pic and eyes them lovely

That’s it darlings,ur Ruba

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      Dnt worry,raginis happinesr does nt be long,her pregnancy will create a lot of problems and reveals her truth also

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