Swaragini- forgiveness (part 4)


Hi to alll ,sorry for late update guys.I already told u that am I’ll that’s y I didn’t post my ff once again sorry.sooo here is the story.

MM mansion:
All r so worried by the incidents that happen randomly,the death of one person who related to their family it can’t digest by them.
That day not is not a normal day to them ,on the other side sujatha is worry for swasan, she only knows that where swasan are and vat sanskar iss?
Days are going like this
In London:
One day is swarA doing her households and humming a song ,sanskar listens this and thinks something in his mind .he hurriedly went out saying that having a urgent work by.
By seeing the way sannkar moves swara thinks
Fb shows:
After visiting choco company swasan goes to SM mansion.by stepping of the car swara was shocked to see such a big palace .
SwarA to sanskar
Sanskar vat am seeing is dream or its real,seeing her antics sanskar pinches her and says ahhhh.vat is this sanskar?hello madam I think u got the pain means it’s not a dream it’s true.
Sanskar to swarA:
U know swarA this is my dream house I always dream to live a happy life with my family in my house after my marriage with kavitha and I will convince all our elders to live here,I think badepapa is giving by best gift my life as my wife kavitha even she is from middle class family soo I thought ki to give him a surprise I hidden my identity my status sanskar maheswari the billionaire, a great business tycoon in London but by killing kavitha badepapa gave a big shock to me.soo my is secret is with me only ma knows about my success not more than one.
My dreams are shattered swara ,I betrayed by my own people I dnt know vat to do at that time am living as a dead man.
One day I met sahil ,brother of kavitha he told me that he will take revenge on badepapa and he also provoked me to do that on that I agreed with him and vat alll happen u know that.
Kkk leaveleave
All come swara.
Swara eyes with teary and sankar says don’t cry swarA I promised maaa that’s tears can’t shown on ur eyes please.
Swara wipes her tears.and both enters into the home at that time someone stops them at the door guess who is that???
Iths none other than our uttara ,she stops them and do their aarti and introduces herself as sister of sanskar and wife if sahil.
Both enters in the house and after some chitchatting they find sahil at the entrance with some guilt in his eyes.
Sahil to sanskar:
Sanskar am really sorry because of me u did a lot of mistakes in our life ,because of me u literally made ur life hell ,if u can please forgive me and starts crying.
Sanskar to sahil:
Don’t say like that sahil u and uttara are the ones for whom am living .u both give strength to me to accept the truth and live once again thank you sahil and choti….uttara hugs him.
Sahil to swarA:
Swara I know u r the prey of our game sorry doll(sahil calls kavitha as doll) ,he unintentionally spell that word both santhara are shocked to listen that because sahil can’t call doll to anyone except his kavi,by recognising vat he said he apologies to swarA that by seeing u I feel u as my kavi and again ask for forgiveness.
Swara to sanskar:
Kk I will forgive u but I have 2conditions
Am ready to fullfill
First thing is u have to tie a rakhi by me every year means am ur sister and ur my sweet brother kk
With tears in his yes he moves his head in agree.
Sanskar says vat is the second one .
Swara simultaneously says that she want a big chocolate from him on every day
With smiling pakka.
Sahswa hugs and santhara hugs
That’s it lovely readers am sooo tied because am not fully recovered so please don’t I love ur comments more than my ff by lots of to all
Ur Ruba.

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