Swaragini- forgiveness (part 3)


Hey guys here am Ruba,how all are?thank you so much for ur beautiful comments.
Here is the next part.
Laksh ask about sumis behaviour to shekar, ragini tells him wat all happened and started her drama that because of swasan all this happened y this people making my life hell.
Laksh to ragini:
Don’t feel ragini everything will be alright shall we go to mm.
K laksh by Papa by dadi take care.
Finally our love reached their destination London.swasan’s car reached in front of a company and they get down on seeing the company name our swaraa smiles slightly guys u know what is that company ??????
R u eager to know? Exactly right k I will tell u actually it’s a chocos company run by SM (sanskar maheswari).
Actually by landing in London sankar observes swaras face it looks soo pale he thought to cheer he up so he did this he knows that by seeing a choco swarA feels so happy then vat abt seeing a choco company guys she will be immense happy right.
To enlighten the situation sanskar to swarA :
SwarA this is our choco company from last 2months am not getting any profit in this company so think ki u r a best choco killer so please kill some of our company chocos and told me vats fault in that?please…
Our poor swarA didn’t get that sanky is teasing her ,she obediently holds her head in agree and stated to all varaities of chocos in the company ,not fully happy but seeing her like that we can say that she have some peace ,relaxation our sanskar also want that and he got that.
By looking around the company swarA hear the conversation of the employees that in last month this company got huge profits our sanky sir gave huge bonus to us by that bonus I started to build a home.
By listening this swarA understand vat sanky just did with her and a small smiles appear on her face.
Just then sanky comes and both went to their SS mansion.
So ,how is this my buddies my health is not good so adjust with ff by umaaa.

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