Swaragini- forgiveness (part 2)

So guys how all are ?u know am feeling sooo bad because missing someone sooo badly but he is not aware of that thing how pity am Na leave about me let’s start our story.

A broken relation ,seeing from distance we assume that they are happy couple but it isn’t the real thing wat we assume here also same thing is happening, sumi and shekhar broken relationship let’s see vats happen to their relationship.

A new morning in GM mansion,it looks like there is no one in the house but actually they are.shekhar got from sleep and search abt sumi in their room but sumi is not there.
Shekar prov:
She must be in wash room or in kitchen by thinking like that he went to ready.after getting ready he came to dinning table to his bf .
By coming down he sees ragini coming he felt soooo happy to see her he gave a warm hug to her and wish her a nice day.at the same time parvati also comes and hugs her ladoo.now trio sees for sumi.

At that time a lady came from kitchen and said sir ,mam can I serve u,the trio were shocked to see her as they don’t know her who is this lady?

Lady prov:
Y these three are seeing me like a devil am I looking that much horror god knows what in their mind.to shekhar sir am care taker of sumi mam done by sanskar sir and sir mam told me to serve bf to u all because she went to her mom’s home it takes an hour or 2 so can I serve.
Shekhar prov:
Wat the hell is going without my permission how can sanskar allot a maid to my wife and how sumi allowed this?
Parvathi prov:
Beta we can’t leave this thing,vat sumi thinks about her firstly she allowed the caretaker done by sanskar and secondly she went to her mom’s home without informing us chiiii
Ragini prov:
Dadi don’t say like that her mom’s health is not good Na that’s y she went,and about this maid we will fire her.
Shekar prov:
Firstly all done our bf then we go to see ma.to caretaker serve the food, the taste of the food and items seems sumi done all for them all are their fav items.shekar and ragini thinks sumi will definitely forgive USS.

After finishing their trio go to maa home ,by entering the home main door in front of their seen almost shatters them the peace meeting of maa is going there all their relatives came their and sumi is sitting Like a stone there.

Shekar lost his voice for the first time he felt guilty for his deed and ragini is crying parvathi stands like ntng happened or we can say that incident have not affected her.
Sumi sees them and her face expressionss changed now she take her mobile and gave a message to someone after 5min sumis care take came there and said u shekar that sir u all are not allowed here so please go,shekhar sees sumi it doesn’t affect her .

Shekar dnt know vat to do his anger costs sumi moms life he can’t stand properly ragini supports him .trio silently went to GM.they sit silently it’s noon now caretaker came and asks can I serve lunch no reply from them she went.

It’s nearly night sumi came to home,she went to his room directly and refreshed herself and came to hall to talk with caretaker. Trio looks at sumi no one has that much guts to talk with her even shekar also feared .sumi says something to caretaker she straightly goes to sumi and shekar room and brings luggage with her and place that luggage in a guest room.by seeing this shekar feels so restless.
Sumi prov to caretaker:

Am going to sleep by serving dinner to them eat ur dinner and clean all the utensils and go to sleep k.
Caretaker prov:
Mam from morning onwards u didn’t eat anything yesterday also u didn’t eat please mam take something atleast milk.
I told u Na I dnt want anything y r u forcing me do wat I say kk not more than else.
Maaa please eat something for my….
Cuts by sumi
I know wat to do wat not to do take ur dinner and ha it is tooo late that’s y I informed laksh to take u .if u wish u can sleep here otherwise u can.
Sumi please eat Na for my sake.
Who the hell are u to me shekhar ji?
Shekar :
Shekhar ji?yvr u calling me as ji?
Dnt u know shekar ji we have to respect outsiders,because u r nothing to me .our relation ends on the day u didn’t trust me nothing is left between us now so please dnt expect anything from me.
Just then laksh comes .sumi orders caretaker to serve dinner to all and she also goes to help her…..

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    hurrayy Sumiii! Ruba, they were talking each other or just in POV ?

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