Swaragini- forgiveness (part 13) Ruba is back again

  • 3Hi buddies,here am after a long time .am so sorry because of my life up and downs I didn’t concentrate on my fan fiction .so here we go.
  • In us :
  • Swara and sanskar are feeling so bad for not going with their family. Especially swara the day day she came to US she habited to pampered by sahil and uttara a lot.
  • Now she is missing her brother si much but on the other side she is so happy to spent time with sanskar.

Sanskar having a very tough time, he has to wrap up the whole business in just one month and on the other side Swara he can’t ignore her.

He understand that swara is his life.he

Already planned to propose her before

Going to India.

In India:

All reached to India,now the problem is

residence where should they live.firstly

They think to live in SM mansion which is

On renovation now so they can’t go there

Now where.

Sumi told them to live on dida home

All agreed with her but sahil is

Adamant that sumi also has to

Leave with them,after a lot of arguments

Sahil finally agreed to stay sumi in GM.

On one condition, sumi has to visit him

at least once in a day,sumi happily agrees

With him.

In mm:

There is a lot of silence ,because raginis

Truth is out by Laksh .

All are not able to accept this that ragini is the one behind all the happening things in mm.

They trust ragini blindly, they even distrust sanskar saying him as brag.

But now all the proofs are in front of them.no one has the dare to say something to her because they know that we can’t clap without joining two hands .ragini fooled them because they trusted her .

Wrong is on both sides Laksh is having mixed emotions what he did with swara is coming in front of his eyes He don’t know how to react

He disrespected swara love by doubting her  Character her love .

He thinks if swara is able to forgive him for this sin ,no never she can’t forgive him How can he face her now


Ragini you did a big sin


Ragini y did you do this?


Yyyyyy ragini yyy me?

Because I trusted you right .


No Laksh because I love you


Then vat about my love ragini you don’t have any respect to my love.

You take my love and superbly acted that you gave your love to me right


Laksh no I really love you.

My live isn’t acting.


Then vat all this rubbish ragini you played with my emotions


No Laksh its not like that

Then vat all this is ragini,vat all are saying about you is right: a voice came from behind her

Ragini turn and shocked to see shekar and dadi standing there with emotion less face…

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