Swaragini- forgiveness (part 12)

Hill to all,and thank you so much for ur lovely comments.it’s me ur Ruba.
Here we go.

One week is gone,time to go to India.
Ramtha and sumi are packing their luggage’s.
Sahil came to sumi and hugged her.
Sahil to sumi:
Maa plzzz dnt go.I can’t leave. I don’t want to lost my mother love please stay with us no need to go India.on that place no one cares u then y r u going .
To ramtha:
Y u both are going ?y u trio are?

Ur kids are here then y u r going India leaving them alone here.
Both agree with sahil.
Papa please don’t go

Ramtha and sumi:
Y can’t u all come with us.
At first we are not with u that’s y u all came u London but now u have us .then y u r staying here.
Look each other and smriks.

And both accepted to come back to India.
To RP,dad now only sahil and uttu will come with u all .I have a lot of work here and there to open a company on india sahil will manage .
Me and swarA will come to India after finishing work.

OK beta,but y swarA she will felt bore u must be busy in work swarA also came with us ,u just complete ur work and back fastly.
Sanskar sees like a listen baby
Sees that sahil and uttara giggles.

And sahil sayss :
Ha sanskar Papa is right we will take swarA,after finishing ur work u came to India by saying this he winks to sanky.
Sanky gives dealth glares to him.

Listening to sahil ,swarA immediately says no
All looks at her,she stammers
Oh ….ooo….ha sanky can’t be responsible ,if I not here Na he will skip his meals soo I can’t come with ,she said soo cutely.
And sanskar also agrees with her saying that ki he can’t leave alone in this big house mom u know am afraid of ghost vat if a ghost comes and eats me…

All sees Sanskar like it’s over
Sanskar stops his overactions and says honestly that I don’t want swarA to go India without me am ..am.. Scared.
Sanskar am also there to protect swarA,she is my doll.
Don’t u have trust on me.

I trust u sahil,but I don’t trust my fate.it always dicthes me.that’s y please.
Sanky thinks:
Sorry sahil,I don’t want that maheswaris and godadias saw swarA and humiliates her and hurts her.am scared to lost her.
OK don’t think more,whispers on his ears in these try to convey ur feelings to her.
Sanskar smiles.

Now packing section is going on full swing swarA watches them teary eyes and went to garden.
Sanskar sees that and follows her.
Before Sankar talks to her sahil goes to Herr and says doll.
Swara looks at him,at once she runs and hugs him Bhai I miss u so much.
Swara is crying like hell,sahil can’t bear that and says that doll dnt cry I can’t see ur tears.
Sanky thinks saale these are my words)

Doll,look at me u can’t cry like this.
U know we both are in one team and we always made sanutt crazy with our doings.we both are like devil’s.am big devil and u r my little devil.

(Sanky 100% right)
So stop crying it just one month u will be with us soooo please bear my mad sale sab for one month. Swara slightly kicks him
OK OK ur majnu.

Vat happened doll am saying right
Swara smiles.

Doll,from kavitha dead I didn’t saw sanskars smile,u know he forgot that there is a thing like smile at that time u came in his life it just looks like ki he started to live his life.
He got back his smile.
Thank u doll thank you sooo much for my sanskar smile.

Doll,I know u both are best friends but I think now u both are not I friendship it’s more than that.
Try to understand ur feelings about sanskar in these days ,I know vat ur heart want from onwards u will also known that.
Take care of u both.
Swara sit like that ki don’t know how to respond.

(Sanky ,sahil vat u did)
On airport:
All are leaving, swarA is totally confused by sahil words.
All bids bye to sanswa,atlast sahil said to swarA
Swara think about vat I told u by.
All hugs sanswa and left to India.
Sanswa comes to SS mansion.
In India:
Laksh is checking some files,one of his file get called down when he bends down to get the file someone picks the file to him ,it’s nono other than parvathi.
At that time she saw the dairy thinks that is lakshs,she gave that dairy to him.
And immediately goes to handle some work.

Laksh sees the dairy and thinks this is raginis ,she had the habbit to write. But y she throws it ,may be mistakenly it called.
He kept the dairy on table and turn to go but it again falls and some pages are opened he clearly that ki on that page am sorry swarA is written on that.
Laksh takes that dairy and thinks to read the whole dairy.

Flash flash flash newsssssss

Hey guys thanks for ur comments ,please guts bear me.
U know my love is on air,yes am not single .am in a relationship and I learned a lot .my soulmate is awesome. He understands me sooo well like u all .OK by I will come back soon with a new one by guys.

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