Swaragini- forgiveness (part 11)

Sorry sorry sorry to all my cuties and angles ,in my work load I didn’t write my ff
I think all most all forgot me right but here am to remember u all about me,ur Ruba.
Guys I don’t want to waste ur time
So here we go

In London:
One weak ,guys we all very well know that spending time with our loved ones evev for a day we felt that a blessed time then vat about a weak…..

Yes guys ,sanswa and sautt are feeling like this not even they,ramtha and sumi also.
They are enjoying no no not enjoying living each and every moment .
On the whole weak ,the bond between sumi and sahil,suji and swarA,RP and sanutt bondede sooo tightly.
In mm:
DP is shattered even more,he thinks that he will find ramtha and agree them to come to mm but he is not even able to trace their address, he felt sooo helplesss.
On that day onwards DP ji never talks to me and ragini.
He is not eating properly, am worry about him.

Oh god ,vats happening I think swarA left my life means a lots of happiness comes in my life but here I got laksh love but not his true love.
I lost my child ,now I understand y sumi maa is not forgiving me.a mother can forgive any one but not the murderer of her child.
I think paying for my deeds.
And ragini opened a dairy try to confess her feelings on that,in the middle of that laksh called her to get a coffee.
Ragini forget about her dairy and went to kitchen, laksh came to room and saw the dairy.
But he ignored that and doing his work.ragini came with coffee by mistakenly raginis dairy falls behind the cot.
Raglak after finishing cofee talks about random stuff,and lastly laksh cries for his helpless Ness for not finding his chachi and cha-cha.

Laksh to rags,:
Ragini,it’s true that suji chachi loves me more than sanskar, she is the only one who pampers me always, she always supported me in return vat I gave to her.I kept calm when my mom and my wife are insulting her.I don’t know vat happens to me on that time.
Leave about me ragini,how can u ragini?
U always thinks before talk to someone right then y u slipped ur tongue about my chachji.
Ragini is stunned to listen that “how can u ragini”
Laksh ….
Vat laksh ragini,u know that u fixed a camera on kitchen then y can’t u checked first.without seeing vedio how can u blame my chachi.u r the reason of my dad sadnesss get out of my sight ragini.
But laksh
Cutted by laksh please leave for God sake.
Ragini left the room and she saw ap.
She told everything to ap and said that ramtha are becoming hers curse.
Listening that ap shouts at her that dare to say that again, u will see my worst,laksh is right if u have that vedio,vat is the need to create a scene.because of u I lost ramtha,RP always think me as his mother but I said to him under the influence of isssss..chi
Stay away from me ragini
Hmmmmm vat can I say about GM.
Silence pindrop of silence. That much of silence ki even silence also shivers seeing that.
Shekar is still thinking that where sumi gone?it’s nearly one weak he didn’t get any message or call from sumi .he is feeling so and so rejected.
Dadi thi dadi hai ,she didn’t miss a single chance to fill against sumi to shekar.
But shekar is least interested on that stuff.

Ramthasu is coming baccck with sautt.

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