Swaragini- forgiveness (part 10)

Hi to all,and am very thankful to u all for ur lovely comments.sry from now I will post my ff regularly it’s a promise from me to u all.
Here the next part

DP: thinks he lost his brother forever.he maximum tried to find out the whereabouts of rasu but unfortunately he didn’t.
New morning:
At the dining table ap and ragini waiting for all to serve bf.
All came to bf except DP.
He came to dinning area then goes to out.
Ap is deeply hurted she thinks that may be I did wrong by not trusting suji.she feels guilty for her behaviour.
She knows that suji loves laksh more than sanskar ,she really don’t know how she says that big words to rasu.
This is the first time ragini is annoying with her so she is not bearing that pain.
Sumi started to London on night .
In morning caretaker gave tea to dadi and shekar saying that sumi went for some work that too one week,as usual dadi scold sumi.
Shekar thinks where sumi gone???
GM is totally silent without any smiles.
Shekar thinks that without sumi house I looking like a hunted house.
In London:

Here rasumi reached London, sanskar received them in airport.
By seeing sanskar RP runs like a kid and hugs his son . they all started to SM,saut is also in SM waiting for them.
The car stops in front of the mansion uttu and swarA runs to them.
Swara take blessing from rasu and hugs her mother.
Seeing that suji says this is not fair swarA u didn’t hug me ,do u think me a typical mil not fair has.
Swara :
Not like that maa saying this she hugs sumi.
In some distance uttu is seeing them with teary eyes.
Rasu saw uttu and tears made their way to see her daughter a long time.
RP hugs uttu says bujji excuse ur father one last time please
Baba…cries I miss u so much
Smiles..miss u too bujji
See my fate my son and daughter are both on their fathers side then who is on my side
We are here on ur side mom and our team is so strong saying that both winks at sanutt.
Seeing her daughter family so happy sumi is beyond happy.
Swara introduces sahil to sumi and she accepts him as his elder son.
Sumi very much bonded with sahil.
Sahil says to sanskar that because of him he got a sister and mother thanks for giving such a lovely family to me.
To sahil thanks for being always on my side.
From back all said in unison that no thanks and no sorry in a friendship.
Sansha smiles listening them and say k.
RP feeds all the children(swasan,saut,suji,sumi)
He thinks suji is his first baby and sumi is small sister that’s y called them children.
All are so happy after a long time.swara went to room to get her phone just then sanskar comes to her and says swarA I know that I can’t say thanks to u that’s y am not saying to u,even thanks is also a small word.
My life changed totally by coming u in my life.
Swara baba ka love is my dream now it happened .baba loves me lot .u r my lucky charm januuu.
Blushes, sans y r u calling me januu
Don’t u like that januuu,if u don’t like then I will cutted by swarA
Sanskar u can call me with any name as ur wish am OK with that.
Sanskar y baba calls u Babu hahahaha laughs
Swara ,wat is funny in that y r u laughing and ha don’t dare to call me by that name
Oh really baaaaabuuuu
Swara u gone,I will not leave u
Sanskar chases swarA on the whole room they both sliped on bed unfortunately the bed breaks which shocks them.came into senses and bursts out into laughing .
By seeing sanskar laugh swarA lost in his laugh.
Staring sanky swarA says always smile like this please ur smile matters me a lot.sanky stops laughing and says if u r on my life I will smile always just stay on side forever. They both lost in their eyes
The whole incident is recorded by sahil on his mobile he just want to surprise them.
Uttu comes to call swarA ,they both came to senses and swarA runs from there.
Sahil cursed uttu to spoil their romance. Poor uttu dnt know ki y sahill scolded her she thinks he got mad.

So guys that’s it for today,feeling sleepy gudnyt,sweet dreams haaa

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  1. Uuuuaaaaa *child cry* helly is coming to Devanshi which means a new lead against helly which means helly + that new lead ffs which means swasan fandoms decrease which means my lifes end.. uuuuuaaaaa *child cry* ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Mica

      nooooo.. ugh, let’s cry together……. Helly and Arjit Taneja!!!!! huaaaaa….

      1. Omg no, i just searched on google for Arjit Taneja (bcoz i dont know him) and there was news that he turned down the offer for the lead which means someone else will be approched for the role which means there are chances for Varun to be the lead?❤ but there are also chances for another lead? but if devanshi wants more TRP then they should bring Varun as Hellys pair and we will be happy with the pair and they’ll be happy with their high TRP but they’ll bring Varun only if they have brain and if they are smart or else if they are as dumb as Colorstv (who shut down SR) theyll bring another lead and get less TRP.. now its their choice… hope they are smart and have a good working brain…

    2. Is it true? Who is the opposite cast?

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  3. thank u it is Super epi

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    waaa….. waiting the romance scene of my Swasan next part….

  5. awesome dear. plz post on regularly dear.

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    the fanfic is superb please update soon .swasan is a sweet couple.make sanskar to punish maheswari ahd sheker,dadi.

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