Swaragini- forgiveness (part 1)

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Here is the part…

Episode start with tensed face of shekar after 15min sumi came from washroom and started her work means setting all clothes in warboard etc…shekar is staring her he thinks that when will she notice him but he is wrong (naturally) sumi is not eyeing him after completing her work she sets the bed and went to coach to sleep.
Shekar (thinks)

Oh god vat I did in my anger I pushed maaa how I did that God please save my mom in law,if something happened to her I can’t face sumi(poor soul he even don’t know ki his mom is died because of him he forgot that because of his mom in he got his life means wife)his thinking is disturbed by a phone call it is from ragini.she call to enquire about her sumi moms health shekar says even I also don’t know how is maa now.

Shekar prov:

Ladoo I don’t know how is maa now am feeling very restless like something precious I lost y am feeling like this laddooo my heart says that I lost everything ,yyyy this strange feeling.
Leave all this how is laksh ,and ur mum in laws.u r fyn Na swarA is not troubling u Na and that sanskar didn’t say anything Na.

Ragini prov:
Papa all are fine here but Papa y r u asking about swasan they are not here Na.bade Papa throw them out of mm ,ma know all these things she didn’t tell u.am worried abt swaraa I think they came to our house but by listening u ,I know ki they didn’t come to not here also where they go???
Shekar prov:

Vat??? But I don’t know abt all this laddooo. Ur maa know this how she knows, and beta ur mom is not talking to me even she is not responding to us she didn’t ate anything from morning am worried laddoo .the matter abt swasan dnt bother abt them because they are nothing to us now am worrying abt mum in laws health because of me she is in that position.
Ragini prov:

Don’t worry Papa she will be alright it’s too late go and sleep I will to come to home at morning we will ask maa kkk.
Shekar prov:
K ladoo u too sleep.

Comes to swasan:
They were on the flight .sankar is continuously eyeing swarA kyunki swarA is still crying he felt some pain by seeing his life crying, tears r ready to come out from his eyes but hardly he suppressed his feelings and tries to comfort swarA.
On coach sumi prov:

Fb shows
When she goes to get some water she hears shekar talking ragini that swasan is none to us by listening that she goes from their to coach
Y all this is going in my life vat sin I did in my past am I that much bad ki to bear a lottt.firstly I lost my love my hubby ,I acted strong for my shona even I married shekar for her but but happened now is totally opposite to my think.

At once I lost my husband my laddoo my maaaa even am very farr from my shona.I can forgive shekar for all his deeds but I can’t forgive him for my mom’s death he separated me from my mom and daughter I never spare him.shekar from tomorrow I will do all the things in the home wat a wife has to be done but not a wife to u anywhere.all said that Na house wife so from now am also the of house not as shekar wife anymore by thinking this she slowly went into sleep.

Morning this morning is not like other mornings to GM mansion…. We will see a new side of sumi and ……guesss

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