swaragini – forgiveness is for mistakes not for betrayal


I will start the story from ragini and laksh marriage.

ragini’s thoughts
i am here today why dream has come truth, i am marrying him my love but i have no happiness in my heart? Am i guilty , no why should i ? Everthying is fair in love and war right? This was war for my love which i won,but killing urself my inner soul said,no i did not kill myself , no u killed ur half ur soul urself said my soul,no i defened i just killed my sister for my love, just then my thougt went to swara is she alive,no she is not but somewhere deep in my heart i hope swara is alive,why am i worrying about her when she did not think about me before saying yes to marry laksh ,but you were the one who conviced her my inner soul fought with me, a tear just came out of eyes thinking about swara, i hope u forgive me swara for this mistake ,as ragini comes out of her thought her marriage got completed,laksh is hers her mind said but her heart just wanted to run and search swara and ask forgiveness from her,her mind however controls her heart for sometime , but for how much time will ur mind control ur heart and soul? Fought her inner soul back.

swara’s thought
i lay in this hospital bed dr treating with nurses and telling she will be recovered soon,i still could not understand how can deadth person recover, no i am not a ghost i am human without soul ,she just killed me,the person whom i loved more than anyone killed my soul,for whom i just ignored my feeling for laksh just killed me for him,then why was that drama of poision done,just to kill me,just once she could have said that she still loved laksh i could just broken the marriage day even it meant to cause damage to my character,but i to betray her,before pushing her,her hands did not shiver one time,was our realtionship so weak,my mind wants revenge but my heart want ur apology,ur answers for betrayal.love is blind but is it that much blind to decieve ur most closest person,is love for one person so blind u forget ur own sister’s love. We were swaragini right,we are incomplete without each other,we joined the melody of realtionships but joining other realtionship did we forget to keep alive the melody of our realtionship,which is connected by music of heart,are u happy ragini,u could have got what u want?,i cannot forgive u ragini mistakes can be forgiven but not betrayal,ur betrayal just broke me into pieces.

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credit to divya

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