swaragini – forgiveness is for mistakes not for betrayal (3)


As sanskaar enteried the room,he saw swara sitting,without tears in her eyes ,a fear came entered into sanskar that swara is becoming stone hearted ,she is becoming hopless with life,no i will not let her desire to live get finished ,as he went near swara,swara saw him and asked sanskar how is ragini? Sanskar is shocked how can she still worry about ragini after what she did?,swara ragini got married to laksh replied sanskar. A tear came out of swara’s eye , sanskar ragini got her love right? Is she happy now we will become swaragini again,she will again become that innoncent ragini,ragini might be worried about me sanskar phone her and tell her that i am alive she will just come runing i am sure and her guilt may get reduced,sanskar got irriated by swara’s so called goodness and foolishness ”stop it swara, how can you still worry about ragini after what she did with you,u do not feel like taking revenge from her,she snatched your love from u ,ur first love is left incomplete because of her, please swara behave like human not godness please do not become great by forgiving her so easily,teach her lesson and ragini if of atall she is worried about she could have not married laksh,she destroyed your life swara”

sanskar took out his frustation, swara’s tears stopped and she spoke”sanskar thank u for helping me,but does not give right to speak about my sister like this, you tell me sanskar u also loved someone right, i do not want to hurt ur feeling but that girl gets enaged u broke ur enagement and again act like getting enagement for sake of her family and abadon u in ur enagement day,saying she loves ur brother,ur brother reprioates her feeling knowing she was ur finacee ,can bear that betrayal , can u sanskaar tell me sanskar tell me and someone brainwashes u there,will u not get brainwashed that situation for ur love? Love is blind sanskar that u can betray anyone for it i know ragini betrayed me but i know her she maybe dying in guilt thinking married,sanskar u know till now respect ragini,u know why what she has done no one can do, u know if u come to know ur widowed father loved a woman and had a illigemate child with her before ur mother, will u accept it sanskar, no one will but ragini accepted me and my mother with all heart,stood against her grandparents for first time,u know she never stood against her grandparents for her father and not for her, can u give the same respect to ur stepmother that u give ur mother, can u no but she not only gave the respect but that position for my mother no our mother,can u trust ur stepsister and share ur deep feeling and secrets with her no but she trusted me blindly against her owngrandmother,she supported me,sanskar u were asked choose between family and love , u choosed love but she choosed her family,u know dadi once asked ragini to choose between our family and laksh and she choosed us over her love,what for once she thought about herself,now only u gave me a great speech not to behave like godness and to be like human even ragini got fed of her selflessness and watching ur love with somelse is painful to an extend not expressable,if ragini is criminal for u ,i am 10 times more criminal infront of ragini ,she betrayed me sanskar i will never forgive her but even i am not forgiveable for my betrayal to ragini sanskar, one time u put urself in her situation u can understand her,but please allege her, i know it hurt her 100 times before damaging me,there are 1000 unseen tears of her which she has hidden after hurting me in her heart,and about ur change and asking ragini to change when ur love is just 1 metre u,it can be just urs will u leave it ,no noone including me will not leave it after playing so much games,comprosing with ur values and goodness decieving ur loved ones , selflessness and sacrifice has limits sanskar,did u thing one time before thinking to snatch ur brother’s love but my sister may thought and cried inside her heart before taking everystep of hurting it,and laksh did not trust me its okay let he do whatever he wants but he cheats or hurts my sister i will not spare him love, i hope laksh gives that love which ragini deserves, i will not let anyone blackmouth or blame ragini understand”as swara stopped speaking sanskar understood that swara and ragini are unbreakable,he have seen ragini just standing like statue or sometimes crying after her plan got sucessfull ,he thought that it was tear of happiness or shock that she is nearing destination her love but maybe he was wrong that was tear of pain for betraying her sister,her best friend. He saw a cockroach there entering there and started to scream , swara was shocked to hear his scream and asked ”sanskaar what happened?” sanskar just stood upon the chair and screamed ”cockroach,help me it will eat me off , i will die,god i do not want to go to heaven so fast”suddendly he heard her laughter and gave a angry look, she saw it and took the cockroach in her hand and came towards sanskar and said sanskar see it is so cute u should become its friend,enemies who turn friends are stronger,it will help u to trap many girls who afraid of it , it will scare them u can save them and some silly girls will really get impressed believe me and started to laugh seeing his childish fear and tell go the cockroach ,sanskar was relieved and said swara how can u do it ? Ur laughing at my helplessness u became friend of my biggest enemy , and friend of that cockroach to impress girls,c’mon swara girls get impressed one look and go flat by my smile,no need of this cockroach. “sanskar maheshwari,the eligble bachleor ,the business who can harm anyone can get scared from one cockroach the top secrect of business world is with me and some stupid girls will just get impressed i swear ,cannot believe sanskaar u are afraid of girl’s stuff and i think i know ur favourite color pink right oh god unbelievable swara jumps on bed and starts laughing,sanskar is amazed to see her like that ,i hope u always be like that swara.

precap:raglak first night and swasan pillow fight

credit to divya

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