swaragini – forgiveness is for mistakes not for betrayal (2)


Laksh pov
life was heaven for me every day i just wanted more but today i feel like dying i do not want to live, betrayal by the two important people of life,my love and my brother has just broken me inside,marriage a sacred relation has become fun of my life ,destiny’s biggest frank,mostly in movies it happens if one sister runs other sister has to marry the groom but today i am getting married to best friend but maybe i will never love her , i can give her my body not my soul,swara where u? Please come back and stop me from commiting this mistake of life,please swara as a friend atleast come here,all are happy here especially maa,she thinks the best for me but papa has other thinking that i will regret this decision,yes maybe i will regret this decision but i cannot lose ragini now,she is the only person i can trust,the other two persons made fun of my trust starting with swara , my love who can not fall love with her,she is inpendent,can change anyone even she changed papa , i could not believe agreed for mine and swara’s marriage,it took just some time for me realise that i flirt laksh maheshwari is kneels down love with this bubbly,beautiful innoncent swara who loves her family can betray me in such an extend that pain cannot be expressed,my brother how can i forget him my brother,my best friend just tried to harm me and he accepted his crime,is he the same brother who was ready to fight against the world for me,for whom i played with ragini’s feeling and atlast betrayed her on enagement but today i could understand her pain , but i am not great as ragini to forgive sanskaar and swara as she forgived me, as i come out of my thoughts i saw a tear coming out of ragini’s eyes maybe she is not able to come out of shock of betrayal and suddendly my marriage decision which she accepted without hestation,because not to reject me like swara rejected and left me for her so called freedom,but somewhere in my heart my inner soul said you will regret your decision,she trusted you when evidence was against u and stood against ur family to prove u innoncent even ur father did not trust u that time,u loved her but maybe u love her now also but trust her u did not do it,my mind overpowered my heart and said u are now married to ragini with full concious,she ur wife u should not betray and show swara what she missed in her life by leaving me ,as my thoughts came out pandit announced this marriage got over.

sanskaar pov
seeing her like this is killing me inside more,she is same swara right who used fight and never accept defeat ,she is the one who bought me from the way of revenge and drakness to light but know she is only heading towards it but no i will not let her to expierence that darkness which i experienced 4years ,darkness desrve her,she is meant to lighten life , i can understand state as i have went through it but the difference is no one was there support me but i am there support her to make her the talktative, bubbly swara ,i cannot vanish her pain, but reduce it,she deserves only happiness,just then i get message laksh and ragini got married,oh god how can this ragini not have guilt,is there any word called guilt in her dictionery,even i could not have left lucky dying like this and celebrated,but somewhere i thank ragini for saving swara’s life from ruin,she does deserve laksh,especially when he cannot trust her and wait for her , love is all about trust,realtions can learn without love but not trust,even if swara gets married to laksh today and ragini contines her plotting to win laksh even after marriage ,swara could be more worser case than today,because what laksh do today proves that he does not trust swara and swara deserves a person who equally trust her and love her,realtionship with one sided trust cannot run,i still remember how swara stood against her family and bade papa and trusted laksh then why cannot laksh do the same thing? By the way let laksh go to hell, i should concentre and try to console her , when i am heading to swara’s room to see her condition,the nurse came with papers to be signed if i am swara’s realtive if not i cannot sign it,i just replied i am her husband and while signing the paper asked me what happened to my wife? I just replied she fell down while doing some pooja near bridge,the nurse adviced me to take care of her and left. When did get married to her sanskaar? As i turned to reply it was mom , mom what are doing here i asked her, i came to see u and why did u lie to the nurse, did u really get married to her,i got irrated by mom’s usually ramayan mom stop it , we did get married, i lied because of the hospital’s rules that they will not treat the patient without realtive’s sign and before u ask me my nest question why i did not call her parents and realtives?because first only she having emotional stress,if i call her realtives and parents,they will create one big scene here and do not want any more emotional stress for her,she has suffered a lot and please leave now,please i beg u,okay sanskaar i am leaving happy she said and left, i know my mom she will create big scene in front of the family and bring them there someone, i will just shift swara from here before that and heads to swara to console her.

precap:sanskar consoling swara by crazy antics

credit to divya

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