Swaragini- forgiveness (intro)


Hi guys myself Ruba actually my name is rupa I slightly changed my name as Ruba.here am going to make my fanfictin on my fav couple sanswa.
I would to like write this from the episode of DP sending swasan out of the mansion.

And season also went so and so far from maheswari mansion.
So guys be ready how they become friends to lovers to couples.
So be ready for my fiction actually am new to this so please guys tolerate me and stay with me.
I hope u all will enjoy my fanfictin.

Here we go guys.

Guys I think u all remember that DP send swasan out of the mansion right.that swasan went to a hotel.that day passed as sad.
The very next day swarA get a call and the very next moment both swasan left the hotel with a tensed face.within an hour they reached a hospital they went into the hospital and ask the whereabouts on reception and they straighten to ICU.confront of ICU they saw sumi crying vigorously. Swasan went to sumi and ask vat happened. Sumi says because of me all is going wrong and again crys aa lit.listening this swasan is so tensed.
At that time doctor came from icu and said it’s out of our u can go and talk to her last time.by listening this sumi is totally shattered and crys I can’t be happened.they all went to ICU and the person revealed is sumi mom.yes sumi mom is in her last breath.
Swasan went close to her.she ask swasan that fullfill my last wish shona.please fullfill it.season move their heads in agree.she ask that swasan never departs live together lifetime plzzz.shona sanskar is perfect to u he will give u all the happiness in the world to u I have faith on him.I saw his dedication on u shona plzz dnt leave him.sankar beta my shona is sooo innocent please take care of him beta .can u please do my last rituals beta .ha ma I will do .and one more thing beta stay away from mm they never made u happy go far from them and lead a happy life.sumi I dnt say anything to u .do ur wify right very well .and slowly she closes her eyes sumi sits there with thud.

All the rituals were done by sankar.they all went to hotel where swasan got a room,swasan were still in a shock what happens just now is not imagined.swara calls sumi and asks y all this happened. Sumi says after coming from mm maaa comforts shekar on that argument shekar loses his control and pushes maa in anger maa slips and falls from stairs and again crys. Shona I lost my maa just in fraction of seconds I dnt even wat did and crys vigorously. By seeing her mom swarA shattered. Sanskar comes forward and says maa plzzz dnt cry and u r not going to GM also u r coming with us.sumi said no beta am not able to come because maa told me to fullfill my wify duties I follow wat she said as it is her last wish u both go but contact in with me k.sankar k ma but please take good care of u we will start at tomorrow. Sumi says k beta but where u r going? Sanskar says ma we r going to London I already had a company on their but dad dnt know about my business so we r shifting there I completed all the work maa.k beta take care of my shona.

Next day morning swasan are going to fly swarA hugs sumi and crys sankar felt ssso bad seeing them like that,mainly he can’t bear tears in swaras eyes after bidding bye to sumi they took their flight.

Sumi back to GM mansion parvathi comforts her for not coming whole night to home but sumi ignores her and goes to her room by seeing sumi shekar eagerly ask how is maaa now listening maa word sumi tears are ready to come but sumi manages herself and went to washroom to take bath.shekar stands their tensedly,,,

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    Nyc..interesting..continue soon. .

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    Rubaa!!!! i love this concept dear ! continue soon please!
    btw, can you please give punctuation mark for the conversations or their words ? it will easy to read.. sorry if my comment hurt you.. ty

    1. It’s k I will try my level best

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    It’s awesome

  7. Awesome dear… loved it… thnk u.

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