Swaragini ( forever mine ) episode 3


Hey guys I am back with the ff …hope u like it and plz comment …

@hospital ..
Aarav : thanks a lot namish ….
(Yes the one saved Shona is namish )
Namish : its OK sir …I have to leave now …
Aarav : sure …take care ..
Namish : haan ,.OK sir bye ..
Namish leaves …
Meeta : can I meet my daughter now ….
Nurse : sure but she is unconscious now …so
Meeta : OK I will see -.
Meeta enters and sees Shona lying on the bed covered with blanket and her forehead is plastered …
Meeta cries ..
Meeta sits beside Shona ,she takes her hand and kisses it ..
Meeta : what happened to u child ….today was ur first day to collage and u r in this manner …..
Why u r in a hurry to leave ur mom ..like this …..
Who is that Laksh ..is he really that much important ..let me know it ,…..we would happily accept ..it ,,,,,,plz come back to me (meeta doesn’t remember about Laksh )
Shona opens her eyes ..
Shona : ma……
Meeta : Shona ….she kisses her forehead ,….
R u OK deer ..how r u feeling .

Shona : I am OK mom …but my head is paining …..
Meeta : OK OK u don’t take stress …take rest ..
Aarav comes .
Aarav hugs Shona ..
Aarav : Shona u scared me …how could u …
Shona : I am alright now dad …
Meeta : I am warning u ..do not take scooty …
Shona : mom but …
Aarav : no but …no means no that’s final ..
Shona : OK ….by the way who took me here ..
Meeta : namish ur senior ..
Shona gets shocked hearing namish name ….
Shona : what he …..he is the one ………….she stops saying it
Aarav : what he …he is the who saved u …
Shona : oh I will say thanks to him ….
Meeta : OK come …doctor said we can take u to home ..
Shona gets up slowly and they leave to home …
@taneja mansion
Priya : where were u namish
Namish : do I really need to answer ur stupid question …
(I said vanam don’t respect their parents )
Priya : OK …..u may go (angrily)
Namish : I don’t need ur permission …so just stay away …
He leaves ..
Priya : spoiled brat ..

@vanam room
Varun was with a girl in bed (lol)(his mother don’t know)
Namish : aarey bro …..sanaya y u came here what if that so called mom sees ,……
Varun was kissing sanaya neck ..
Varun : I don’t care OK …..
Sanaya : he only forced me ..so I came …
Namish : OK OK finish it fast and leave …..
Namish leaves to washroom from saying this ….

After some time sanaya leaves
Namish : bro wear ur shirt first …
Varun : oh OK ….by the way where were u …
Namish : hospital ..y ..
Varun : seriously some pregnant issue ..which girl .
Namish : array not pregenent matter …….today one girl slapped u na ….
Varun gets angry : Shona ….
Namish : haan …she got accident and I saved her to hospital
Varun : why did u ….
Namish : then only we can enjoy by teasing her ..but bro she is the daughter of chairman ..
Varun : what chairman ….seriously ..
Namish : huh …I saw them there in hospital ….even meeta mam …
Varun : we need to be bit careful regarding her matter
Namish : yes ..OK leave that I ordered pizza ..it will coming …
Varun : u r a life saver man …..they hug ..

@morning ….
Vanam was sitting near the tree with their gang ….
Shona enters with plastered on her forehead …
She was wearing red shirt and black skirt …made her hair free ..
She was looking really gorgeous …
Tejaswi : hey Shona …what is this in ur head …
Shona : small accident ..
Tajaswi (tensedly) : did seniors did ..
Shona : no ..instead they r the one who saved me ..
Tejaswi : saved ..
Shona : haan ..that namish -…..
Tejaswi : oh OK Come…let’s ho to class ..
While going ….
Namish : she is here bro
Varun : good and even that behanji …
Varun loudly : u know what ..yesterday for messing with us god has given punishment …..
Namish and varun give HiFi ….
Shona ignores it ….
Namish : oh oh …but by mistake god made me go there and help her ….but god see she is not even saying sorry ..
Varun laughs ..

Shona comes near namish. ..
Shona : thanks for saving me .Mr namish taneja
Namish : welcome miss Shona kapoor ….
Shona gives looks to varunnp and leaves …
After the class …its break …
Tejaswi : I will go wash from and come ..u go to canteen ..OK
Shona : OK I am waiting ….
Shona leaves .
Tejaswi enters washroom ..
She is shocked seeing varun and a girl kissing and the girl topless ..,,
Tejaswi hides near a wall ..
Tejaswi : this varun is so stupid ..wait I can help Shona ….
She takes her phone and takes a video ..
Her phone rings at that time ..
Tejaswi gets scared ..
Varun notices this …but he couldn’t see tejaswi …as her hair covered her face
Varun wears his shirt
Varun : hey u ….he shouts ..
Tejaswi runs and sits in canteen with Shona ..
Varun comes running ….but couldn’t find who is she …
Varun : damm it ……he hits his fist in the wall …
Shona : why r u taking deep breaths .,,
Tejaswi : nothing , nothing
Shona : OK here u have this toast …..
Tejaswi : thanks ….
She eats the toast seeing varun …..

After collage …
Shona : OK bye tejaswi ….meet u tomorrow OK ..
Tejaswi : OK be careful ….
Shona leaves ….
Tejaswi was walking in the road no one was there …
Namish comes and holds her hand ….
Varun covers her nose with hanky …..she faints ..
Varun carries tejaswi in his arms …he feels something…….
They take her to taneja mansion ..

@taneja mansion .
Varun takes tejaswi to room
No one noticed as he came from back door ..
Varun made tejaswi lay on The bed
Namish : so bro here is the camera ..I am fixing here ,,,..enjoy
Namish leaves ..
Varun removes his shirt
He kisses tejaswi’s neck ….here and there …
He gets uncontrol
He sucks her lips harder and harder ..its starts to bleed ..but he don’t care ….
He removed her dress …..making her naked ,,,,,,
He started kissing all over her body ..everywhere ….passionately
He started making love …..
Tejaswi lost her virginity to varun

Precap : tejaswi breaks down ………Shona to rescue ……….Shona gets a glimpse of her past

How was it guys ..plz comment and support ….

Credit to: Dolly

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  1. Oh my god serously varun
    Will he change or not .
    Wat abt tejaswii

    1. Thanks for ur comment …don’t worry …there is gonna be a big twist which most of u would not have imagined ….just see it …..

      1. In that case i love u wait for you ff
        If possible make it today

  2. its nice but what is varun up to i mean so ………i don’t understand please reveal the past soon

  3. varun n namish are disgusting….!!!!!

  4. plz post another part

  5. Omg he is mad or what what the hell he is doing yaar sooo cheap

  6. what a worst part this & varun oh cnt imagine how disgusting.. wat this brothers both r u upto atleast namish better think of varun but I want to get a clarity of is this about love story r some other.. really true love gets the chance of next life also means this varun can’t behaved with her like that.. if he cnt feel her presence then atleast he should b feel her touch with love not in this type.. here I cnt see any love more over in future part if u show also it wnt do any good & may b atleast we could seen in shona namish cnt in varini coz ur spoiled them..

    1. Sorry for hunting u rasha ..I am sorry ..but next episode u will see a major twist .which u would have not imagined keep reading

  7. Hey shit part ..im sorry i cant control my angry .i like tejaswi.how could you write ff like this .you can write but not like this way .soo cheap and bad .
    I hate this ff

    1. Sorry nanthini for hurting u ……u will see a major twist next episode ..which u would not expected …..I make sure u will love the next part

    2. I too hate this ur ff.. season 1 was fine good but this very cheap..

  8. Hows this even good it is disgusting you should literally stop writting the ff.

    1. Sorry asmitha ..I know I have hurted u ..there is a big twist coming

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    Dont show Varun so disgusting because it will only hurt us. We love him a lot.
    I know its an ff but still dont show so cheap things

  10. OMG waiting for the next one eagerly

  11. guys chill . dolly is trying something new . let her try . the persons who read saba’s” swasan path to hate to love” can accept this story coz in tht also he will be like a animal. and this is a story so lets see what is her twist .

    1. I agree with you. She said na that she will be bringing abig twist. Plzz don’t bash her

  12. Dear continue….but please don’t make my Varun’s character like this..i mean..he is so good…i can’t see someone doing this to his character..change it..or u will lose your readers for sure cause we r diehard VK fans…

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