Swaragini Forced Marrige (Part-2)


Part Two

As soon as Sanskar enter in his home his mother hugged him and starts showring love on him. But from back his father interrupt moment and speak

SF : I need a favour from you yooung man, rather to say I’ve two options for you, you’ve to select one and deal with it.

But before he can give options to Sanskar SM speak

SM : You are the only one who have spoiled him with options and deals and all. Can’t you just give him responsibilities??? If you won’t give responsibilities to him now then when will he understand??? (In love filled angry tone)

SF: Ohh so that’s me who spoiled him??? Then what are you doing at door step to your loving son??? (In love filled teasing tone)

Sanskar : Dad are you jealous???

SF : Why not my son?? Since you come in our my importance in her life jus fadded and (In childlike complaining tone)

But before he can continue further SM cut him in between and speak

SM : Shut up. And deal with your son according to hos decision we’ve to adjust our plan.

SF : Ohh yeah, listen Sanskar we’ve conference meeting at Canada so either you’ve to go there and attend meeting.

Sanskar: Dad what if I don’t want to go there???

SF: In that case me and yout mom will go there but on that day we’ve invitation to attend marriage of Shekhar Godadia’s daughter so you’ve to go there.?

Sanskar: Oh no I’ll go Canda both of you enjoy that stupid marrige here.

Before conversation can continue further Sanskar phone beeped and he receive call and talk to the caller.

And after disconnect ing call he told his father

Sanskar: Dad I’ve to settle some unfinished business here so I’ll stay in India so you and Mom have to go to Canada.(with evil smirk on his face)


Same day at some hotel

Kavita take her seat on a table booked in corner and waiting for some one to come after few minutes a boy in his early twenties come and sit in front of her and speak

Boy : Kavita Sheth you can’t even do a simple task of stopping him in bad then in which of my task you’ll be beneficial???

Kavita: I tried but he ent form there as soon as he receive call from his mother.

Boy: Ohhh by the way don’t you think today is right time to meet your would be mother in law after half hour with your pregnancy report which showing that you are with Sanskar Maheswari’s child???

Kavita: What really??? (Half amused and half shocked)

So this is secind part let me know your views. BDW I didn’t cross read so forgive my typing mistake. So what do yoi think that caller told to Sanskar so he changed his plan?? And who is that boy with Kavita???

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