Swaragini! For You(Prologue)


Hey Guys! Hope you all know me!! I had said that I will soon be back with a new ff and I am here!!
For You( Based on friendship and love)
Friends are that person without whom our life seems meaningless and impossible. Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another-“What you too? I thought no one but me.” Friendship is the only ship that doesn’t sink.
They four were best friends. They were each other’s family. Each of them was fighting with their own demons from the past. Destiny bumps them together. They get to know about each other, develop feelings for each other but an unfortunate incident strike that change everyone’s life. They were best friends who would do crazy things together, tussle for the last slice of pizza and not even leave one chance to pull each other’s leg. They were ready to sacrifice anything for each other. Really life us very strange as it took just one night to grow their friendship. They were happy but one incident scattered everything.
There are certain incidents in your life that shape you as a person and decide what course you would take in life. That incident was one of them. Life is like a road full of twists and turns and all you have to do is to ride in such a way that your closed ones r safe.
At times of need they stood with each other. After all friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness. In happiness they demand parties (Like u Tanya :P)
Swara, a bold n carefree girl who believes that life is to be enjoyed to its fullest extent. She was free spirited. She was a kind of spoilt brat of her parents. In her view life is to be lived today as there can be no tomorrow. She loved parties.
Ragini is an extreme feminist who believes that all boys are equal. She believes that they r cheaters. She hated being surrounded by boys. She was a strong girl building a firm of foundation with the bricks being thrown at her. Dreams meant world to her.
Sanskar was full of life and passion. He was a bit sloppy. He likes to lead a life full of reckless fun. He was a part freak.
Laksh was cautious and reserved. He was a smart and witty boy. He had a extreme good sense of humor. He was always surrounded by girls but he wants true love in his life. He too loved to party.
Swara,Ragini,Sanskar and Laksh were soul mates. Soul mates are not only the person who are in romantic relationship, but also the person who love each other.

It is rightly said- If you never had friends,you’ve never really lived.
Every one of them had different motives in their lives. Each one is different from the other. But one thing was common in them and that was the want for freedom. All four get along like a house on fire.
How did four of them meet? How did their friendship developed into love? What was the incident which changed their lives?
Stay tunes to know more! πŸ˜€
Hey everyone! I have decided the pairs but there would be scenes between every couple. But at d end we will get two couples. And Please I have already decided the pairs n its story, don’t request me any specific pairs! Go for the story not pairs! Cuz story matters! Hope anyone is not hurt! πŸ˜‰
Happy birthday my Big ears! Yes Tanya this prologue is a surprise for you. You always understood me in every situation and you were there for me when I needed you. Met u on TU and never thought of finding a soul connection with a complete stranger. I have very few people i blindly trust for not leaving me even if i want to. One of those very few is my babe, you.
Smile a bit more, it can make hearts go hmmmm hmmm hmmm
Moreover, I never seen a girl stronger than you. I love you muaaahhhhhh…!! This is especially for uh!!
Happy wala birthday!
Love you all forever! πŸ˜‰

Credit to: JYOTII

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  1. superb intro

    four different individual
    but strong friendship
    i really dont care who are the pairs
    but if its possible do disclose about the pairs lol
    true friendship is imp in life

    1. Thanks!
      Pair does never matter!

  2. When will u start jyotii?

    1. Tomorrow

  3. I haven’t read ur previous fanfic but I am going to read this one for sure! And the prvs one too when I get time.

    And I lso think pairs dont matter and its just the story. And this story has a lovely beginning. Looking forward to the story ahead ??

    Love you ❀

    1. Thank uh Anu!
      This will start from tomorrow!
      Love uh more!?

  4. Awesome πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks

  5. Superb. Loved d prologue. Fantastic.
    Eagerly waiting for it.???

    1. Tysm Priyanka!
      Love uh!?

  6. Well happy wala birthday Tanya πŸ™‚ n jyotii looking forward to friendly bond. I also believe if u don’t have friends u r not living ur life. AL d best πŸ™‚ tc.

    1. Thanks Dhara didi?

    2. Tysm Dhara dii!
      This will start frm tmrw

  7. Wow. A friendship based ff. Eager to read it???

    1. Thank uh very much!

    1. Ty dear

  8. Love d title-For You!!??
    I guess Ragini’s character is strong.??
    Post d first chappy soon.

    1. Yes Ragu’s character is very strong!

  9. Splendid.
    One question for u- how u came with a friendship+love genre ff?

    1. Thank uh!
      I will answer ur question in next chappy!

  10. This is like fabulous. I have no words. This intro is jhakash types!!!???

    1. Thanks Swasan!
      Jhakash?? Lol??

  11. awsm di!
    super se upar..!!!!!
    u knw how greedy i am!
    hhaha *evil laugh* so post soon
    n ha!!!!!!
    happy bdae big ears

    1. Yes I knw u r very greedy for ffs!!???
      Lalchi ladki!!??
      Lalach buri baat hoti hai

  12. Woah!!
    New ff!!
    I will not miss this.
    It seems quite interesting.
    Post next soon

    1. Ty!
      I will post it by tmrw!!

  13. Awesome

    1. Thanks!

  14. Superb….i just loved it..yeah its true that friendship is d only ship which will not sink…friends are everything…..i love to read ff based on friendship…..tysm for this ff…i am 100% sure its going to be rock…

    1. Yes!
      Friendship is d most imp element of our life!
      Donno weather it will rock or not!!

  15. You always come up with different concept. Love this..

    1. Hehe!!??

  16. I have never thought that ew ll post it today. Thank ew Noddy. Love u a lot. Yes our souls r connected. Babyy????
    My writer!❀
    I will always be with ew!!??
    This is like a wow!! When I saw d name for you, I was shell shocked!!
    Goshhh!! My noddy have uploaded it!!??
    Ew knw my thanks is nothing in front of this.
    I was so excited for this ff.
    Post d first epi sooonn.
    Bin padhe raha na jaye???

    1. Afterall a birthday treat from me!!
      Hehe! Enjoy ur day!!
      But I need a big wala gift from uh on my birthday!!??

  17. I had said that ur previous ff is d best but m taking back my words bcz this is d bst!!!
    You are getting better day by day
    Post next quickly.??

    1. Thanks!!
      Tum logo ke bina main kuch bhi toh nahi hun! You all mean the world to me.??

  18. Jyo! Loved it very much!!
    Its also a different ff!
    Excited to read it??

    1. Meher! Hold ur breath till tmrw!????

  19. You nailed me. Waiting for next.

    1. Tysm Mani!???

  20. Truly fabulous dii. Everyone is party freak except Ragini. Wahh!!
    Hope she will also be like them in few days. I think Ragini have some past.
    Jaldi post karo next.

    1. Yes Ragu ll also be like them!
      Yes Ragu have a dark past??

  21. I lovee everyone’s intro. Eagerly waiting to see how their bonding developed into love.???

    1. Ur wait will be soon over!

  22. Blockbuster prologue.

  23. Interesting prologue
    Looking forward for ur story

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