guys many were dissapointed by yeasterday precap but i only wants to say that in next episode swara will do her second try to do s*x woth her husband ] guys those who want to read story in details so i am giving link of all episodes here so you can go through

LINK OF intro, prologue, episode 1 of this story is Here
and link of episode 2 to till now all episode is Here

guys as per the demand of one reader i am giving summary of this story, but the realy you will love story when you will read its all episode summary is just like

little bit information about this story so guys i am not good in writing story

swara is a girl who have black past in her life, she had haunted past in her life and she is craving for love, her father died before some moths only, her father was

too busy in making business that he did not care about his daughter, swara life was like black only, her marriage with lucky is just business deal she wanted to have

love marriage but also she was happy by thinking that her husband will love her, she was very happy in her first night of life and she had many dreams of her with her

husband and for her suhagrat night,
after this story takes 3 yrear leap
after 3 year leap it is showed that swara was in hospital and talking with ehr doctor, her doctor says if you will take more slipping pills than you will be died soon

and you should go for s*x with your husband because that will help you to get sleep peacefully and will help you to come out of your blakc past in your life but swara

knows that her husband can’t do s*x with her because lucky told her to that he had lied to her, so she told doctor to give sleeping pills of high voltage, doctor says

that you are taking highest dose of pills and it is just like slow poison for you and you may die within some years swara replied she don’t care about it and she wants

to die because she don’t have any hope of living her life, she goes to her home, she sees lucky came to room and ask him for having s*x with her but lucky refuses that

he can’t do s*x with her because he have problem in erection but swara gives him other option but he refuses that he will not go for any docotor therapy to cure his

disease and he will also not go for test tube baby to have kids and the lasy hope of living of swara was also not there she wanted atleast by test tube baby she will

have kids and may be her life become colourfull but god did not had mercy on her, she goes in her room and tries to sleep by taking pills but she never get sleep in

her life her night are sleepless only, next day there was karwachod and they had party in there home so she kept fast for her husband other side sanskar and ragini are

good freind and sanky says ragini to become girlfreind of lucky and ragini nods for this work becuase she is model and her career is going down and her popularity was

down so she wants to increase her popularity and fame and made her career in right place so she agrees in sanky plan while sanky had other plan for it, he got to know

that party is going on in swara house so he uses some tricks and enters in swara house where he sees swara dancing he attracted towards her both had some cute talks

beween them (first meeting) and that day also lcuky did not come for breafing her karwachod fast other people taunts her that she may have any problem that’s why her

husband don’t love her, while sanky takes his way and enterns in her house and sees some important files unknown to us after reading files when sanky was going out of

her house neha (she is third rich girl of mumbai and she married to old man because of his money but she is unsatisfied woman with her husband in terms of s*x, because

her old husband can’t give her pleasure )sees sanky and threatens him that she will expose him infront of swara so sanky agreed to have s*x with her, they both rich

farm house and sanky kisses her and when he was about to do s*x he ask neha to sign paper of gadodia factory (factory of swara father) who is closed and present in

indore and in the desire of doing s*x with lucky neha signs on the paper and both consumate the whole night, sanky gets happy that he got gadodia deal,
one day neha takes swara to s*x club that she should go for s*x but swara refused for doing s*x she don’t want to complete her desire in wrong way and she went to her

house angrily
one day sanky gots call from police station so he wents there he meets his father and it is revealed that sanky father ram is in jail and he is in jail on murder case

of swara father, sanky wants his father to come out of jail because he was not real culprit and it is revealed that sanky real name is atif he changed the name to not

to reveal his identity infront of people, and he is also fully broken from inside but he has mask of cleverness on his face but he is also craving for love in his life

his father was driver in gadodia menssion but he worked hard and became popular bussiness and both father son had emotional talk and he went from there now he goes to

swara company where swara taunts him of taking gadodia factory deal by tricks but in there conversion she falls on ground due to sudden stroke in her head due to

sleeping pills, where sanky takes her in his arms towards hospital he takes her to same doctor of her phsychiatrist and doctor missunderstood him as her husband and

she scolds his for not doing s*x with ehr wife and for her worst condition now sanky got to know weak point of swara and he thinks to use it, after someday sanky meets

her and ask her for having s*x with him but swara refuses for it but in party he lured swara for having s*x by touching her bare waist, she got affected by his touch
and sanky meets with lucky and tells him he will go to indore for gadodia deal which shocks swara and she wants to reach indore before sanky reaches
now see guys how love will blossom between swasan and all will come later

as you all know about ragini character, one day ragini goes to s*x club to meet lucky because she knows lucky usually comes to s*x club where they both meet and had

some office talk that she wants to become embasseder of his comapny and both dances on romantic song
other day ragini comes for shooting where they have passionat kiss between them
and that day he tells about hus life some secrets that he wants to take revenge from swara and he has strong reason for it that will be revealed later,
he also tellls that his real father is not durgaprassad, his real father is father of sanky that is ram but dp adopted him because dp had hormonal problem and he can’t

do s*x with her wife and ram wife and dp wife both were sister so they gave him to dp and dp went to mumbai leaving ram in indore and ram was very poor and he left

with his two child one atif (sanky real name) and other is uttra (will be revealed later) ragini feels pity on him but lucky don’t know sanky is his brother
that day ragini consoles him and both goes to party where they both dances romantically and lucky took care of her with other bed rich people……
thinks guys how love will blossom betweeen them

guys on request of one person i had to write summary till now of episode 6 and for knowing remaining part keep reading my story
and guys if you have time than read each and every episode you will love it

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