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Guys I really wanted to say yesterday due to 3 to 4 girl I really told too much in note, I also don’t know what I wrote because when I was writing part 2 girl message me and really ate my brain because of my ff,
Than my mind really got disturbed, I started thinking about some past commentor,
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Also some bad mouth me
Many bashing and all
I don’t want to say ,I really got annoyed by there comment and message so in anger I anything I also didn’t know and this thing I wrote it is only for 2 to 3 people who ate my brain really.
One more thing in this story from starting to end I got same love and support from you all guys and I am not feeling bad and why I will feel bad because you all guys reading my story from starting till today
So I am happy with response
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If they comment from there heart this is best compliment for writer
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So OK leave it and forget what I told yesterday because everything I wrote in my anger and what I wanted to tell I really couldn’t tell yesterday
leave,read last second episode, I thought to end today but still past became too long so I will end in next ep

Episode starts with ragini telling to sanky that swara is not daughter of shekhar gadodia which shocks sanky .
Sanky ask than who she is.
Ragini – says this story is very long but I will tell you from starting, when swara was born her parents didn’t had money to afford her living, there condition became very critical after she born because at that time Flood came at there place and they didn’t had money to afford it and she was 11 year old at that time so they took her and sent her to orphan house but swara didn’t leaved them, by seeing her condition, they thought to not to leave swara because she is very innocent so they took her with them but as they stepped out of orphan house, swara saw ice cream so she ran towards it but car was about to hit her but her father came to save her, so he throws swara away and he died in car accident, while swara mother couldn’t grasp it and she also died by heart attack leaving swara all alone, swara cried a lot be saying that her mother and father is slept, so they will get up soon, she didn’t allowed to touch anyone to her parents who were lying with pool of blood , orphan house people thought to make her understand so they forcefully allowed police to do last ritual of her parents.
So police also took her with them and swara did the last work of there death.
This incidence captured in swara life, she never forgot the death of her parents, her life became monotonous, I was also there in orphan house because when I ran away from my house, so same orphan people took me, we both mate there, I always tried to make her calm but daily she used to saw very bad night mere but her condition didn’t changed, like this 1 year took, she became little open but still she can’t forget the bitter past, she started trying to live her life with us but again destiny planned something for her,
She was adopted by one richest person, I don’t know much about him, they took her to his house not for making child but to get good free worker in the form of child, that person thought that he will use her when she will become big because she looked to adorable in her past life, so he took her that he will get good amount of money by selling her but he gave her his name that he is her father so that he can do his black work later.
In this time I was also adopted by someone that I will tell you later ,
In swara life again there was one more twist,
That business men was big enemy of shekhar gadodia so he did accident of shekhar car,
Where he lost his one daughter of 13 year and his wife also, he got heartbroken but this news didn’t got to know to other and it kept secretly.
Shekhar decided to make the life of that persom to hell, so he uses cheap tricks and killed that person and brought swara to his home by giving her name of daughter swara because her real name was different, so shkhar named her as daughter because he knows if people will get to know that shekhar gadodia don’t have child than this will create problem in his life and he brought swara for business reason also that mostly in business work family people are given more weightage and other company gives them good money and all, so for profit he thought that she will help him to get profit and also if he will give her pain than he can complete the real revenge of his daughter and wife,
So he got many profits from swara so he never showed her love, he used to keep her isolated place, there are two reason in it because he can’t show swara to other at this time because people will ask him that she is not his real daughter so he told everyone that his daughter went foreign to study, so shekhar used to put her to isolated place so that his heart will have peace but other side swara didn’t understand anything because she also don’t know what is going on her life, she didn’t did anything with anyone but why they are giving her pain, she couldn’t come out of her parents death trauma than again she got trauma given by that person, than third trauma of shekhar uncle, swara condition was deteriorating day by day, her mind only used to think only about her bad life, she didn’t had any love and support in her life, no light full darkness, no ray of happiness were there in her life.
Shekhar had extra marital affair with many other women because his wife was died , so he used to go through all this things which was known by swara , in small age she got to know everything about it,

Like this 3 years completed in swara life in which she didn’t saw sun light also because she was prisoned in shekhar house, now she became of 15 year old,
But shekhar hatterd never changed for her but one day he thought that now I have to take swara educated if he will not do like this than when he will take her to world all will taunt him, so he started her class on home only, teacher used to come and teach her, she was very good in studies so she studied very well, but many times swara helped shekhar when he was in fever, she cared for him as a father, shekhar felt guilt that he did wrong with her so he stopped restriction on swara, and swara started living her life in shekhar house freely but still he couldn’t show love to her because by seeing her, he misses his wife and child, shekhar never showed love but he made her free to do her work in whole house as she wants, so in this small age she mate with you atif and uttera, she always showed to you she was happy but she never told the real reality and black hole inside her heart, so you never got to know she is not happy and she can’t tell to anyone about her reality because if she will tell anyone than shekhar uncle wrong deeds will get to know to whole world so shekhar uncle warned her to not to open her mouth in any case, if she open he will make her life to hell, swara was very scared, there was no love and happy Moments in her life, she was little free but still restricted to many places, but if you think there was not single person for her to show love, only her mind revolves around her bad past, and shekhar also never understood her situation, because he was too busy in making business in the world and having unwanted relation with other women that he never saw her , if he see her he remembers his wife and son, so only hatred was there in his eyes for swara but swara always crave him for love and support of him but never she got,
Ragini continues do you know atif , if by chance there is good memories in swara life, that also are those only days when you, swara and uttera were friends in that small age, she always told this was only one happy thing happened in her life.
But as time passed your friendship grows nicely than I don’t know what happened and you leaved everyone,
Sanky was fully broken to hear swara painful past but sanky in emoionaless voice replies, you know very well I was child of there driver, so shekhar uncle just allowed me and uttera to meet swara, I didn’t know that she was not allowed to go outside, that’s why with us only, she mostly used to meet in her garden or room and whenever we tell to go out she used to say no, only she used to come out for going nearest place and nothing else, but in starting I also noticed her character strange , but she started getting happy with us and that didn’t liked by shekhar uncle, so he warned me to stay away from her, I just thought that he is warning to me because I am poor, so I left that place and went to my relatives place to do work, but I thought I will come after 6 month to my house but in all this things I got to know that uttera was died, I got broken by hearing that word, I also went there but father told me she is no more but he warned me to never come Infront of swara so I never came in front of her but still I don’t know why father warned me to stay away from swara.
Now everyone eye was on ram.

Ram can see question from everyone eyes so he speaks, I did all these things because shekhar did promise with me that if I ever bring atif in front of swara , he will not do any treatment of uttera so I never allowed him to meet her. Because I can’t risk uttera life became she badly needed good treatment as well as she wants safe environment because she saw that person who tried to kill shekhar but in between she saw that person that day so he tried to kill her and that was we know he was dp ji , so I have to do this.
Sanky comes near his father and hugs him.
Ragini sees there pain and continues, so this was reason of your separation but this made hole in swara life again, because she was somewhat trying to come out of trauma of her past life, but again separation of swara with you atif and uttera ,depressed her more.
She started cursing herself that she is not good, everyone leaved her, she started blaming herself of uttera condition as well as her separation from you.
Her life again had love less life, she started growing more ,so she started diverting her mind in studies so that she can forget trauma.
Like this some more year of her life she passed but in this time shekhar fully accepted her as daughter.
He started living little good with her, because mostly he used to get busy in his work so like 1 to 2 day in month she used to get his love, she always used to craved that when he will come to meet her, shekhar also fully freed swara, she can do what she wants, it was on her wish only.
But this little happy life also didn’t had much days,
She mate with lucky in this time, lucky started becoming good friend of her but she was not open with you, am I correct lucky, she ask question to lucky.
Lucky says yes she never became frank with me, I used to meet her but she didn’t became that much frank with me, she tried to keep distance .
Ragini listen it and continues I know lucky every thing and in this time also your engagement got fixed with swara and dp did this engagement for getting good business reputation, in this both shekhar and dp thought there profit
Because dp was going to get most rich person of Mumbai and shekhar got second most rich person of Mumbai, who was one of his big competitor, so both thought that with this marriage both company will become most popular company, she moves her gaze to lucky again and ask am I correct.
Lucky nods yes, ragini says I know I am correct but you didn’t noticed one more profit in it,
In this way shekhar Will get one profit that he has extra marital affair with ap so he can enjoy his affair freely without any problem because now they will meet frequently at any place. So this was most important profit.
Other side dp also got profit that he will able to kill shekhar in very easy manner and also he can get his whole property,
I know lucky toy think that dp know the truth of shekhar and ap after your and swara engagement because you told this thing to me onetime ( guys remember this thing told by lucky to ragini about unwanted relation of ap but I also showed that ragini was thinking that you don’t know reality Lucky)
But reality is that dp knows this thing from few years before you got to know and from that time he was thinking how to kill him. And he got good chance after it.
Than like this life started going on and you got to know about ap and shekhar relation. And that day ap also told you reality that you are not real son of dp and you were adopted by dp but
And that day you got angry on swara when swara throwed dp out of her house when he and you catched shekhar and ap red handed. .
And you went out of house but you don’t know reality what happened inside there, because that day dp was about to kill shekhar and ap so swara saved them and shekhar also warned swara throw him out of house .
Like this small hatred came in your mind towards swara and you also kept distant with her, and after that incidence ap was killed by dp , than dp tried to kill shekhar also in that factory case but he felt shekhar is died but he was badly injured but in that case dp made plan and trapped shekhar uncle so swara again got broken in her life, she took him to foreign to save shekhar but she couldn’t save shekhar and again one more hole of her life came, little bit she was started getting 1% love from shekhar that also she lost, Ram uncle to whom she had good bonding also jailed, you atif already left her and uttera case was also there, but I forgot to tell you onething swara started taking sleeping pills from her 15 year age only because of tortured of shekhar and haunted past memory she can’t able to calm her, she always used to get too much fear in nights because her mind only has haunted past with not single hope of love and from 15 year of age her life completely depend on sleeping pills and slowly slowly as she grown her dependency increased too much and level of her sleeping pills dose also increased so it’s OK leave it but I am continuing story so after all left her she again got alone but still she took one hope in her mind that now at least she will get love when she will be married there was hope inside her that now the problem of her life will be ended, she will live peaceful life with lucky because she really liked your character but destiny again planned something other for her, dp got died, she really felt too bad for you so daily she used to come and meet you.
Lucky comes in between and says now I know remaining story ragini.
Ragini nods yes.
Lucky says when father died I was too broken and I was angry on swara also but I never thought I will ruin her life, I was broken from 2 side one that I got to know dp is not my real father and I hated dp also one side because dp throwed my father ram out of house because he got poor.
Really I hate this things but dp was on last stage of his life so I don’t told him anything and he died, I was all alone, I was cursing one thing that this extra marital affair made my life hell, and that happened.
Ap had extra marital affair to shekhar uncle because dp didn’t had s*x with her in her life and dp
Lied to ap mom before marriage due to society pressure he made ap life hell and she went to extra marital affair with shekhar where shekhar uncle was all alone his wife was died in his younger age so he couldn’t able to get wife love propeerly so he went for extra Marital affair with ap to satisfy each and every one need,
Shekhar was depressed by his wife death so he went for all relation but really he did too wrong .
While other side dp got to know about it and his ego was hurt as well as he felt so much insulted so he tried to kill both of them, in this all are wrong.
Leave that topic.

But after his death I thought to meet my father but he was already in jail, so I went to meet ram papa.
Ram nods in agreement that they mate.
He continues, I mate with father and also told everything that day he pacified me,
Swara used to come daily to forget this all trauma and my little anger towards swara also ended.
So I decided that now we should get married, I wanted to have happy married life with swara because I was totally broken.
So we got married but after our marriage one person started blackmailing me by showing uttera pics that they tied her and will kill her and that person was non other than Mr. Malhotra so what all he told to do me, I did, I really broke swara heart too many times knowingly only because of that person.
I wanted to had happy married life after so much struggle in my life but destiny didn’t planed happiness and I made distance with swara in this 3 years.
Lucky stops and ragini started telling. I know lucky about your condition you didn’t did it intentionally.
But you really don’t know also how much swara had expectation from this marriage, she thought how at least happiness will come on her life, you don’t know how much she was excited on her first day of marriage ( guys if you want to know than again read prologue of this story and episode 1 how she had expectation and broke down )
But every thing in vain, her sleeping problem increased more she started taking high dose of sleeping pill but nothing went in vain because after her marriage her condition became more worst, her s*xual hormones and uncontious mind due to sleeping pills made her more rude and her life became more worst, in anger she used to become like mad because her unconscious mind used to get active when she gets angry and she used to act like mad sometimes, her condition was too worst.
She took hormones suppressing tablets to suppress her desire of s*x and also she herself did some work to decrease her. Desire and high level of sleeping pills but all went in vain, nothing happened.

So after that you atif (sanky) entered in swara life and how you mate her and how you both had extra marital affair that you know very well, I know you told me from before that you love swara unconditionally and you want to make her life beautiful, I saw unconditional for swara in your eyes, I also the pain you everytime felt when you saw swara in this worst stage of life, I have seen you broken by seeing swara in pain so I decided that you are correct person who can help swara so I joined hand with you , than I intentionally came closer to lucky to know real matter behind his act, I didn’t thought about myself, I just wanted anyhow my friend life become good even if for that I have to die or defame myself also because now enough pain swara got in her life, i can’t see her more in pain.
So I made all plan and became lucky good freind and got to know real problem of yours so I got to know you are also helpless, than that blackmailer told to give divorce to swara isn’t it Lucky.
Than I thought to go with this plan and I decided to marry lucky so that swara Can leave lucky and forgot everything and I had full trust that after that sanky will come and rescue her .so I called kavya and made all plan and told her to Tel this thing to sanky.
So that day Kavya also came when me and lucky got married and sanky came than me and kavya did drama to make sanky angry and I know very well, he got angry according to my plan and married in front of us that day, you don’t know how much I was happy that at last my friend got love and support which she craved from her childhood.
But in this time I don’t know from where I and lucky also started loving. This was real past of swara.
All eyes were moist, all sat down with pain in there eyes but no one dared to go, ram knew most of her past from before also.
Lucky brokes the silence and asked what is your real past ragini, how you are connected to swara from this much time and how you know everything about her till now .

Precap – swasan little romance, ragini past, raglak romance.
————[email protected]————–
Guys I know today many will be confused as well as shocked and those who are confused just ask your confusion and you can read previous Part so everyone confusion will be over.
Guys story really becoming too long so couldn’t able to end today but I will surely end in next episode guarantee.
So guys now you understood how much painful past swara had,
Note one thing this thing started from prologue about swara past and in this last episode swara past is shown and I think now swara extra marital affair with sanky was justified,
I know today all will be too shocked by this much
BUT overall all relation are fixing

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