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guys this is raglak special episode and i know i will get less comment because raglak fans are less in this ff but for me if you 5 to 7 raglak fans likes story is

enough it is only for you guys who waited too much to get good plot for raglak and i never bother about comment for me it is only important that i satified to my

readers and those swasan fans who can read also read it if you feel because it will show black past of ragini and secon thing i request to you all guys that please

have faith on me of you can’t show faith on me it really feels bed, you all readers must have faith i will not able to you guys to feel bed and till now raglak were

really not needed if i would had given special episode of raglak before it would surely spoil story, there psrt from before i decided to give after swalak s*x trial

tha’t why i was always saying you to have faith on me, because this story i can’t spoil on fans fight and demands because that slums is spoilt because i went according

to readers so just have faith on me i know each and every thing, how to make fans happy, where to give swasan and where to give raglak scene so guys enjoy story
EPISDE STARTS WITH lucky was too much restless due to his hormonal imbalance, he was pacying here and there calls club lady to arrange a girl for him, he quickly takes

medicines went to club
there was fine morning lucky stands from bed, wears clothes and wnets to his office
lucky enters in his office with his bossy way
he enters in his cabin and dials number
lucky- hlo with wide smile
other side- hi how are you
lucky- so ragini ready for going to dubai for shooting of new ad and you just come to airport our flight in 2 hour
ragini- yes i am just coming in few minutes
ragini takes her bag and goes towards airport
other side lucky calls his pa and says he will not be available for 4 days and also tell to swara madam
his pa- yes sir
lucky smiles and went towards airport
lucky sees ragini, he could not move his gaze on her she wore simple gown of white colour in which she was looking like princess, he aimlessly coming towards her he

came in senses when his leg colides with big stone, “ahh” only this sound comes from his mouth, ragini comes towards him sees her leg and feels bed by seeing her

condition, she scold him that he is so careless, are you blind where were you looking, lucky without thinking replies TO YOU, ragini was shocked by his words she

feels embrassed, moves her gaze here and there and this was same condition with lucky he was highly embrassedd be his words to come out of this embrassement, he ask

when flight will come
ragini still seeing other side after 1 hour so we should quickly go
now both starts going towards airport lucky thinks oh yar what is happening to me i don’t know why i am falling for her, that day also i did most embrassed work of

kissing her, but i know i am lust for her, i want to sleep with her but there is something more than this happening to me, please god just save me from all this things
lucky ask now are you comfertable ragini
ragini- yeah with small smile on her face
lucky- hm by seeing towards other side
ragini while moving her gaze on him so these 4 days you are in dubai that what about swara
lucky with smile and sees into her eyes replies she is going to indore to enquire about gadodia murder case
ragini with shocked face gadodia murder case
lucky playfully removes sweat on her face replies why are you shocked as you killed him
ragini fumbles voh nothing like that and gives him a fake and satisfactory smile
lucky- ok
ragini sees down the seat while smilimg
one more question poped in lucky mind, ragini if you don’t mind can i ask you one question
ragini yes sure
lucky- do you have parents
ragini- becomes emotional replies no
lucky- i am sorry for this
ragini it’s ok but my father killed my mother
lucky shockingly sees into her eyes who has pain anger and guilt he could not understand her feeling he questioned are in sense ragini
ragini without romving her gaze she replies yea i am in my senses, and yes this is correct that my father killed my mother due to me
lucky- but why
ragini’s eyes filled with tears she replies it is because my mother gave birth to me
lucky got again one more shock he was thinking the girl who always have proud smile on her face has black past but he could not digest one thing that how her father

killed her mother because of her, lucky eyes were showing mixed emotion of eagerness to know more and unbelievable expression that she said correct or not
this was easily tranced by ragini, she got to know her unblievable expression she continues her remaining part in painfull voice i was living in small village where

there was no education all were living in one assumption that girls are cursed to parents, this assumption was also there in minds of my father and his family, mu

mother had very happy life in her in laws house, she was living happily but her happiness were increased more when my mother was pregnant my father and in laws people

all were loving and caring her as they are the best in laws of this world, but daily there was fight between my mother and father that father always wants to have boy

as child but my mother did not had any problem in boys and girls, but also there life was going smooth till 8 month of pregnancy, in this 8 months she got to know one

thing that her all family memebers only want boy as a child, they all told that they don’t want to have girl child as first baby because they are curse of there house,
this thought was giving too much stress to my mother she was very scared of this thing and in this 8th month she got accident from car, nearby people takes her to

delievery lady (used to have in village), she sees her in bed condition and premature delievery happens but after delievery all women gets unconsious but my mother

asked that whether baby is boy or girl, delievery lady you delivered baby girl, which made her shock, she was happy to have daughter but was thinking of bed

consequenses which will happen in her in laws house, her all happiness were shattered by thinking consequenses of it, she can’t take risk on her daughter so she

requested lady to not to say to other people that she delievered girl
lady- but of you will hid this thing but one day all will know about it
mother- no they will not know i make her boy
lady- are you mad how can you do this
mother- i have to do this i don’t have any other option than this, i can’t leave my in laws house, if i leave them people will taunt me and will make life of my

parents like hell, me small sister who is unmarried will not be able to marry because of me, you know our village rules if a daughter of any parents does any wrong

work, all relatives break the relation from that family and they are thrown out of society, people made black colour face of there parents, i can’t become selfish i

can’t risk my sister life, who will marrry to my sister if i will run all will think that what i did same my sister will do, i only have one option is to live with

them if i will take my daughter to my inlaws house they will kill her and i can’t see my daughter killing, in determination says i have to make her boy
lady with teary eyes i can understnd your problem now tell me what should i do
mother- you only say one thing to they that this child is boy
JUST that she hears a sound of a person JANKI (name of mother of ragini)
ragini mother sees that person who was standing in front of him she gets shocked by seeing him, because he was her husband VEER………………….

precap- ragini’s remaining past, swasan in indore (pakka tomorrow swasan scene will be there)

guys did you liked ragini painful past, so i think you all got good plot of ragini, i was thinking from many days but now i got good plot for her
guys take care
good night


  1. nikky

    no raglak fans are also there and you always give swasan scene try to give equally space bcoz your comment is only swalak not swasan

    • Riya

      Hey Nikky what’s ur problem????? U always says this kinds of things to Irfan… U don’t have any other work???? This episode is Raglak special…. Specially Ragini… Then also u r telling like this….. Why u always bashes Irfan….I can’t understand it…Nd he thought that there r very less Raglak fans that’s why he said this…. So why get angry???? Nd he gives this Raglak special episode for Raglak fans only…. If don’t want to give equal importance then why did he give this special episode???? U tell me…So stop saying like this….

      • Pathan



        You are correct riya and thanks for your immense support towards my ff as you always support me even if rqglak fan so keep supporting and liking my story keep smiling always

    • Pathan



      I didn’t understand your last sentence of comment and I will give good plot for raglak at I told before also so keep liking story

    • Shruti

      Hey Nikky I think u r in dilemma ryt thts y u r telling lyk dis…..N if u want 2 judge Irfan then first of all think n judge his concepts…He always gives new new concepts…..But some people can’t able 2 understand it lyk u…..Stupid girl….Keep shut ur useless dumbo mouth…First try 2 understand d concept.. Dumbo girl…

      • Pathan



        Thanks for ur immense support and again thanks yoy everytime fighting for me and supporting me and again thanks for liking concept of story keep smiling always and stay blessed

      • mahi

        girls first chill yaar …you both are right it was a nice concept but some people cant understand it so please girls u dont take tension about it . if they dont like the story then let it be na . Girls i think u both r a big fan of irfan right because i saw your comments in every epis of this ff even i saw your fights also!!! . and girls please dont care about them

  2. Rasha


    |Registered Member

    Happy independence day to u..
    Bro am rag fan & ready to wait for ur later works but I had some doubt.. 1st u told mrs.ragini means who is her husband, if ram is laksh y cnt he find dp coz ram maybe middle class r lower class but dp is great business man na, atleast now after sanskar development & achievement ram would have told sanskar about his bro to try for search, about last past was so hurtful for me, about swara her every pov I respect but kavya & neha this kind of people coz already our society is getting spoil still only few r in thr respect but this type of people spoil others life & our society too, about sanskar starting I was little bit disgusted with his thought but later I liked him but still some thing ur hiding in sanskar intension coz he may b say that it’s for ram but not only that out of it something else, like wise with laksh not only for property something else but whatever he was doing is bad.. whoever enemy still fight with the braveness to stab in heart but not betraying of stabbing in back.. entirely I liked..

    • Pathan



      Same to you rasha and after many days I saw your comment and I am happy that you commented and biggest thing you waited this much time to get raglak scene and never complained about it I feel very good by seeing this
      About your confusion ragini is not married and sanky have some other reason as you and you will get to know soon and about dp and ram so ram is father of lucky and there is very big secret remaining about the past of sanlak which will come soon and everything of this story is relates to gadidia murder case
      And you will get to know soon each qnd every thing

  3. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    first happy independence day you too. i am ragini’s fan and i am happy that you gave us raglak episode. update is awesome as always.

  4. Mahjabeen

    Nice dear..waitng fr swasan part..nd sry i culdnt cooment ur last few parts coz i ws busy in my studies….post nxt part soon..

  5. Vidhi

    Hey I m a swasan fan… Bt I liked the episode… Soo sad of ragini that she has to suffer a lot in her past… Wish she will get all happiness…. Update soon… 😘😍😘😘😍n Ha next time pakka swasan…. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜lots n lots of love from me…..

  6. Riya

    Yeah really very painful past of Ragini….Really feeling very bad for her….This society is really very harsh…Waiting for the next episode…… Nd yeah Happy Independence Day to u too Bengali Baba…. Nd no need to give thanks… U too keep smiling Bengali Babaβ˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜†

  7. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
    Loved Ragini’s past and feeling sad for Ragini
    After a long wait
    Loved the epi
    Thanks for giving such a plot for Ragini
    Waiting for the next one…………….

  8. Shruti

    Hey plz dont say thnx 2 me again n again… Rather we readers hv 2 thanks u 4 giving us such an unique concept… Jst lvdddddddddddddddddddddd this ep….

  9. Anjali

    Sorry for late reply I’m sorry. And happy independent day. Update soon and I even agree with everyone feeling bad for ragini 😍😍😍

  10. diksha

    its really beautiful epi u have write every emotion very deeply its actually shows the harsh yet true face of our society thanx for writing a ff like this which shows the reality of our society

  11. mahi

    hi irfan and i want say this to u that even i m also a swasan fan but u know one thing i like rags character in ur ff . This part it is really nice and loves rags past

    • Pathan



      Wow cool keep liking ragini in this ff and she will have many more past in her life and swasan will also have good past you will get to know soon

    • Riya

      Happy Independence Day to u too Mahi…. Nd yes I am a big fan of Irfan nd what fight u r talking about?????

    • Shruti

      Hey Mahi Happy Independence Day…N u know I know Irfan from his first ff…N I don’t kr bout ny1 but I can’t tolerate ny type of bashing…N u know I n Riya r 2in sisters…

      • mahi

        i know that sruti and i am talking about that fight u did with one girl who bashes irfan in previous epis and girls what r u doing ????


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