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i am overwhelmed to see 90+ comment in yeasterday episode including mine
pairs are swasan and raglak guys so no need of taking tention
note must read everyone guys i have sen many comments yeaterday i found that i wrote swalak romance so people started saying that we will not read this ff, so tell me

guys i already told you that pairs are swasan and raglak only, so what is the need of tention, one more thing i felt that people will bash me when i showed sanky and

neha s*x scene but no one bashed all accepted that thing, but i just wrote romance and till now it was not confirmed that in which condition they will have romance

than all people without reading next episode starts criticising, i am happy that you criticised me because you showed your right on me but guys why you hate if i write

swalak romance it means that swara fans are hatting lucky more than a negative character of story and same with lucky fans they are hatting swara more than a negative

character but guys i will ask you one question just tell me lucky is her husband in her ff, and i am showing there romance so guys it is needed to show husband and

wife romance but you all are happy that she will romance with a person who is not her husband why it is only because of pairs but please think beyond the pairs

something like reality not about pairs, and my stories are more based on reality than love stories, guys i really thinks about each and every readers feeling if you

saw that shrinjal she is silent reader of my ff and first time she commented that she want summary, for her request i took my precious 3 hours and wrote summanry and

one thing it was not needed because story only completed 6 episode only than also i gave i would had told her to read story by seeing this links but no i took her

words seroius because i really dont want my one reader also feel bed that i did not respected her commented, so for her i wrote full summary and guys i am only saying

to you just please trust on me if you will trust me than only you will able to love story

episode starts with swara was standing near balcony, today also she was looking same family people, today she again saw how those people were happily playing game with

there children, now her thought went to party where all men and women were busy on luring each other where it is married or unmarried but all were busy in completing

there lust, how much difference in the game of our and these poor people but in my life, unknown tears escapes from her eyes, she takes some breath again her mind

thinks my life had become a game of destiny i never wanted to have s*x with multiple partner but the desire increasin in my body is going out of control, i always

wants to control my s*x desire but it is incresing day by day, today party also my unknown pleasure increased due to that blo*dy sanskar kapoor, he is busy in luring

the girls only, now he is also behind me, how cheap can a man have is correct example of sanskar kapoor, he don’t have humanity his only mind works on s*x s*x s*x but

today also i think there may be no aunt on my waist he intentionaly had touched my body to increase me s*xual desire but no no next time i will have to control my

self, his hot body his curves of each part of body is easily seen from his shirt, the way he wears his shirt his whole body part cuts are seen his abs and his

powerfull muscle,, his fair colour hazel eyes always increases my hormones, this is reason he always wears this type of clothes, whenever he comes closer to me his

light rosy fregnance of body always makes me crazy about s*x, i know i should not think like that about any other man but what to do i am hungry pleasure and desire of

body automaticaly attracts me towards him, i always wants to get away from me but he always comes more close to me, this is worst feeling comes in my body, my body

starts shivering like hell, my incomplete lust increases which makes me more restless, today also i hurriedly came to my room due to increase of my incomplete hormones

things of my room i started giving pain to myself because i will not give physical pain to me my s*x hormones will not leave me like this, after givng pain to myself

than alss i could not control my hormones i started fingering and gave pleasure to my own by myself but now a days this thing also do not work in my life this also

become used to, i don’t know how i will leave my remaining life like this but sometime my heart says sankar kapoor is also not that bed person the way he took me to

hospital yeasterday feels thst he may be not much good but her mind overpowers her no swara he is very clever may be it will be his trickes to become good infront of

me or whatever it is but i prey god please make lucky normal, for me it is very difficult to control my s*x desire now a days it is incresing most
her thought process was desturbed by phone call
girl- i love you
boy- i love you too
girl- how much you love me
boy- jitna tum mujhse pyar karti ho me tumse utna hi pyar kar rha hu
girl-kaminey tu bhi meri tarah time pass hi kar rha hai

caller- helo
swara- ya kavya
her thought process was broken by a phone call
caller- helo swara i am kavya
swara- hi kavya
kavya- swara i messaged you two website
swara confusingly which type
kavya- dating website
swara shockingly what
kavya- yes these are two website you see good looking boy and can call him for s*x
swara frustated kavya i everytime tried to wxplai y9k9 /n you please i dont want to have s*x with other partner
kavya- i know swara you just see that website for me and watch its content
swara angrily cuts her call
she thinks how the hell everyone is behind s*x, this kavya and that neha took me to club and this kavya gave me website, how i explain them my values dont allow me to

do this
her other mind says till when swara you will thinks of values
first mind says no swara value is most impotant than s*x
other mind swara living life like hell is better to have s*x
first mind no swara never think of this thing value and our self respect in most important in our life
other mind what is the need of that self respect due to which you are suffering this much in your life
first mind swara you are indian women for you the most important is self respect
other mind for whome you will keep this self respect when you are going to die, better do s*x make your life good
now swara was pissed of her two mind fight she shouts stop it
this sound was heard by lucky he sees her crying and feels bed for her he immediately goes towards her and he pats her shoulder
swara hugs him by seeing him lucky also consoles her, his revenge mind was stoped working by seeing her in this condition he was feeling pity for her so he receprocate

the hug
lucky calming down swara are you ok
than he feels went on his shoulder
lucky breks hug and cups her face swara what happened please don’t cry why are you doing like this
swara while crying lucky please one time can you try for s*x with me
lucky was shocked by her confession lucky could not understand anything
swara- please you atleast try if your erection problem can be cured
lucky- swara try to understand
today swara was not mood of understanding she says lucky please for me please try for having s*x please lucky
lucky- ok i will try
swara hugs him thank you laksh for understanding my problem,
lucky- ok swara now you go and wear good clothes and i am coming
swara holds his hand like small child and ask where are you going please dont go today
lucky- i am not going any where i am going to bring viagra tablet
swara- which type of teblet it is
lucky- this tablet mainly male partner uses when they have problem of erection, or id they are normal also they uses this type of tablet to make good s*x relation and

give more to partner and to increase timing of doing s*x
swara- innoscently so by this your erection problem will be cured
lucky smiles sadly (acting) – my problem is different but pray to god may god help me for curing erection problem
swara innoscently holds his hand ok i will pray god that you will get ride of erection problem
lucky gives her assuring smile and tells her to go and change good clothes
swara happily goes to washroom to change clothes
while lucky goes out and calls his secretary to bring xyz tablet
joke time
Ek mahila train se utri,
usne Sardar se puchha: yeh kaun sa station hai?

Sardar hasaa, ? ?

zor se hasaa,
zor zor se hasaa,
haste haste lot pot ho gaya..

aur badi mushkil se sambhalte huye bola:

Ye Railway station hai…!
his secretary brings that tablet and thinks i am sorry swara i have to do this to you these tablets are hormone suppressing tablet which will not allow my peniis

(mainhood) to erect
he takes it and goes towards his room he sees swara standing starring at window whose face was happy today, as she turns towards him lucky was lost in her beauty he

never thought that swara would look this much beautifull in her life,now swara comes closer to him, she sees her husband with desire of s*x with him, she was feeling

immence happiness inside her today she had happiness in her life, she touches his face romantically and his neck, lucky was just standing and smiling on her the lust

of having s*x with her was increasing in his mind but he was stoped by his revenge, is this mean time swara hugged him she was feeling immence happiness by seing her

husband this much closer she was sensually moving her hand on his back lucky was also doing same, lucky whisper swara i am not able to aroused, swara feels immence

pain in her body that he is not able to arrouesed but this time swara very adamed to have s*x with her husband she again lure him but in 30 minutes of her luring lucky

did not aroused. he lastly says one word i am sorry swara i am not able to aroused and left while swara’s increased hormones were felt killing of herself, her

depression increased more……………………………………

EPISODE ends on depressed face of swalak
PRECAP- swara life become more painfull, raglak special episode they went to dubai
guys i want to ask one question what lucky will do to complete his incomplete desire, and what step swara will take to decrese her incomplete desire because today her

condition had become worst


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  1. boring if you want to show only swara than plzz inform bcoz in your ff only swalak or swasan no raglak not any important scene of rag why we read and waste or time

    1. Pathan

      Hey Nikki I think you did not read note which I gave or precap in which clearly written that next episode is raglak special and one more thing till now it is not needed to show more raglak scene in this story because it may look like I an writing unnecessary because I wanted only to show first swara and lucky break down than raglak love because it is needed and next episode will be raglak special only so enjoy it and only for you I am giving raglak special episode and I understand feeling of readers so sorry for inconvenience happened to you till now

    2. Hey Nikki can’t you read that Irfan wRote he will write raglak special episode do please stop bashing him so he has written he will give special episode so why to bash him and one more thing you a are not writer you don’t know about story so he knows how to take story and when raglak scene needed so please supporte him

      1. Pathan

        Hey samu I am really happy that you supported me

    3. Pathan

      Hey Nikki don’t feel bed for samu comment

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

      1. AMkideewani


  2. Soujanya


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      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

  3. Nice one… Feeling bad for swara…. Update soon dear

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  4. nice….u r writting is awesome..dont worry abt bashing..

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    2. Pathan

      How is your studies going on

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    Awesome bro… Really feeling very bad for swara

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  10. Sumeeta

    nice. incase of laksh revenge overpower him.
    next epi will on raglak na.
    i am feeling so pity sad on swara nd her condition.

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story and she will be alright soon

  11. I’m depressed again, no raglak scenes!

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      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and raglqk scene in next episode

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    Nice…the way of showing swara’s emotions is really nice…. Jokes are really funny…..

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  13. Hi bro…. awesome part dr….
    Feeling bad for swara…
    The way u explained her sorrow was awesome dr…..
    Waiting fr next part dr…

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      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

  15. Shruthis

    pathan bro …don’t give justification to anyone ..you already made it clear that you will show both pairs …readers need to understand that ..you just tell them you will show and ask them to comment…story needs swalak and swasan part for now i understand that i’m with you 🙂
    waiting for raglak scenes too 🙂

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur immense support shruthis and support me and liking my story as well as understanding my feelings keep commenting and liking story

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    awesome update, laksh is really unbelievable

    1. Pathan

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    Feeling bad for Swara
    Waiting for the next one……….

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      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  18. Till now i was a silent reader of this ff … Your story is something unique & based on reality .. But it is only my personal opinion please dont use matured contents so freely because many readers are here school going & i guess below 13 also are here .. Am a school teacher by profession so i was little worried about this but i understand for a writer its necessary to express things but be careful i just wanna say this ..

    1. Pathan

      I will keep this thing in my mind while writing story and I am happy that you are liking my story and I respect to your words

  19. awsm..really feel bad for swara..nd i dnt want raglak..i gonna skip nxt chappy..srry….
    want swasan scenes..miss sanmy in dis chappy….

    1. Pathan

      No problem you can skip part and thanks for liking my story

  20. dnt give explanation to these type of ragini fans.they are soo sensitive.they want their soo called ragini to mahan everywhere..btw your episd ws awesome feeling bad for swara..and whats problem with lucky..and why ragini drooling over lucky. as she already knows he is married to swara.how cheapsorry i didn’t read any raglak parts..soo forgive me if i said anything wrong

    1. Pathan

      You will get to know soon and I am happy that you are regularly supporting me and keep liking my story I will keep your suggestion in my mind

      1. Pavani

        Yep I know bro but u know as a fan we were expecting her role nd tnk u for understanding us

    2. Pavani

      Hey nusz u can’t say like that about rag fans they were not bashing him they were just asking him to give equal importance to both pairs which he told he will give thay were not forcing him too they were just expressing their feeling that they were not happy as they didn’t see a proper charecter of rag till now .nd they were not begging to write rag the mahan charecter but they want a clear clarification that weather it is only swara based or rag have an equal role too soo first try to understand wt they want to say do say anything bad about others

      1. Pathan

        Ya pavani Di you are totally correct and I know many of are really feeling that I did not gave good character to ragini and till now it was not needed but in next episode you will see black past of ragini life and this is reason I added raglak special episode for all my raglak readers but really I was not getting good plot of ragini but now I really got very nice plot of her so di from now ragini will also have good Role

      2. Hey Pavani di leave this type of cheap people…..Dont get angry on this type of people…They haven’t any work rather than bashing our sweet cute lovely beautiful angel Ragini…..Such a stupid people they are…

    3. Hey Nusz why u bashes Ragini everywhere???? In the written episode u bashed Ragini nd here also…. U don’t have any other work rather than bashing Ragini…. I think u don’t have any work… Nd yeah everywhere u Swasan fans wants ur so called Swara to become mahan…. Not the Raglak fans… Nd even they don’t beg about Ragini’s role….So at first try to understand that what they want to say…..

      1. Pathan

        Guys I understand your point of view and I will take it out in consideration and please don’t feel bad from her comment all have different point of view but I will give good plot for raglak also guys

    4. Pathan

      Hey nusz sorry for inconvenience caused due to raglak fans and they are just taking there frustration out
      I understand there feeling as they are raglak fans because they are not getting good plot and whenever if you feel to say anything you can say I will not feel bed guys and keep liking story and I will also take your suggestion in consideration and once again sorry for inconvenience caused due to raglak fans

  21. Niku


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      1. Fine and how are you . I think your results is on the way ALL THE BEST for that . TAKE CARE of yourself and keep smiling.

    2. Pathan

      Thanks for your wish and I am totally fine and ya my results are coming soon

  27. Mica

    omg, it’s bout maturity problem, huhuhuhu
    pathan..you should stick on your fabulous idea, don’t let anyone ruining it..
    as reader maybe we can just skip if there is any chapter we didn’t like..
    luv it pathan, but please put less vulgar content, ty

    1. Pathan

      I will keep your suggestion in my mind and I also felt that I unnecessary used many vulgar words but next time I will keep in my mind and thank for supporting me I am glad to see that and again thanks for liking my concept of story

  28. Shrinjal_and_Halima

    Nice episode and will you read my ff?

    1. Pathan

      Big sorry from my side I never read any ff here but if you will write any os i will surely read because I don’t get time and sorry for saying no but thanks for ur beautiful reply and liking story

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