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guys now today i will say why i came across this tellyupdates, my sister came to my house from in laws house, and she had plan to live for 1 month so she asked me to

give good idea because she wanted to write story so i gave her idea and she started writing story, she always gives gives me story for rechecking and she used to write

and i helped her in ideas but after completing 5 episodes of my story my sister had to go her inlaws house emergency so she went and emotionally black mailed me to

write this story i also thought that we should not play the feeling of readers, and i already had interest in story so for my sister i started writing story on this

tellyupdates, i thought many time to stop writing the story but by seeing readers comment i did not stop and when i started writing i found that it helped me too much

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to know because i dont get time and i really dont have any interest in reading story. and if you want to ask something more about me you can ask
sorry for borring you
EPISODE STARTS WITH a person is saying to sanky YOU CAME ATIF
sanky sees him and hugs him (that person is in jail so he is hugging him on the jail bars) he cries, ya sanskar kapoor who is well known for his strongness, his

intelligence and clever ness is crying here, the person who never accept his defeat, the person to whome no one can defeat is crieng infront of person who is in jail
person- beta please don’t cry
sanky while still hugging PAPA I AM VERY BED SON WHO CAN’T SAVE HIS FATHER
person- no my atif beta you are very good boy please beta don’t cry
sanky removes hug his eyes still were red tears were escaping from his eyes from his helplessness of not able to save his father, there was trance of guilt as well as

fear was there
ram (sanky father name)- he cups his face beta you are very good boy, please don’t cry see your father is strong
sanky eyes again filled with tears he again hugs him and cries bitterly papa i am not strong like you papa please i am all alone, i feel like killing myself papa, i

can’t live without you, i don’t have anyone in this world my mother also left me only you are there papa while hugging and still crieng
ram eyes were also filled by tears seeing his son broken, he breks the hug both cries while seeing each other eyes and sits on the floor with thud, while still sanky

hoding his father hand like small son can’t leave his father
ram while becoming strong beta please don’t cry you have to fight for me you have to prove that i am not culprit
sanky while crying yes papa i will prove that you are not culprit of SHEKHAR GADODIA MURDER CASE (father of swara), i will give a good lesson to murderer
rAM- yes beta you are my strong beta
sanky- sees down and says till when i have to be in mask of sanskar kapoor papa i want everybody should know me my real identity
ram- in determined tone beta never do this mistake of revealing your identity that you are atif, this will cause huge loss in your bussiness and people will taunt you

and they will not make you live happily and many bussiness reveal may kill you also because all thinks i killed shekhar gadodia so they will try to harm you
his eyes filled with tears beta please promise me you will never reveal your identity i can not loose you you are my life beta and he hugs him tightly thinking about

separation both eyes were moist but both were helpless by there destiny both wants to do many thing in there life but can not do
sanky brokes hug he wipes his tear and says papa now our bed days are going to end papa
ram questioningly ask how
sanky- papa i got that factory paper and now i will find clues to go to real murderer of shekhar kapoor, he angrily says IT IS PAYBACK TIME i will not leave all those

people due to them my father had to be in jail
ram doubtfully so did you went to maheshwari mension
sanky- yes
ram beta do you have anything in your mind rather than saving me from maheshwari mention
sanky gets shocked with sudden question of his father, he took some breath and repied no papa i don’t have any other profit from there i only want to save you
ram- ok beta but in strict tone he says beta never do anything which makes your life more complicated and which makes my head down
sanky thinks i am sorry papa i can’t tell you one more reasin of going to maheshwari mention i know you will never allow me to do that work, his thought trance was

broken by his father beta are you listening what i told
sanky- yes papa i will never do anything which will make your head down i promise you he repies in determinating tone by seeing into his father eyes
ram smiles ok beta i am happy
sanky gives him satisfactory smile
ram- beta how is swara, his father died and now how is her life with lucky
sanky – papa she is fine and happy in her married life
constable comes and says your time is over
sanky stands and again tears appear on his eyes
ram sees him and says i am proud of you beta i did not know that my beta will become bussiness men, a son of DRIVER IS VERY GOOD BUSSINESSMEN
sanky again holds his hand and says papa our life when you were driven and when we were poor was good and my this life don’t have any love, her love is very far away i

am living like alive deadbody papa, no one is there to love me to take care of me, here all people are very bed papa he tells while crieng as a small children is

complaining to his father when teacher beats him he continues father all people are very bed they are just behing money and beauty, here no one has heart all thinks of

profit this life is like hell for me, i am just smiling in front of people to not let them know about my weak point, i am clever in front of every one i am happy but

no one knows from inside i am empty i am equal to dead body, many things i like money i like to do tricks but no one knows i hate richness, i hate to do tricks, i

never want to do tricks anyone, whenever i ditch anyone, the pain which i get is more than him but i have to be strong, only there is one reason of my existence is to

give good punishment to real culprit who framed story and made you behind the bars
ram sees his son broken beta please don’t think much
sanky yes papa i want to ask you one thing
ram- yes
sanky while small child pleading papa we will go far away from this world when you will come out of this jail i don’t want to live like this, we will live our own life
ram assures his yes beta now please go
sanky last sees his father with teary eyes and went
aftr going of sanky ram breaks out of tears all tears which he hold in front of sanky were flowing from his eyes, he was only praying hey bhgwan please give strrength

to my sanky, he is totally broken he needs a person to love him to help him, he has seen too much pain in his small life, he had to bear too much please now give him

love which he is craving from life
in last part you saw neha leaved him
budha while standing thinks no neha you can’t leave me like this i will show you how much i love you (see budha love)
budha goes runs and kisses her on her lips, neha was hell shocked she pushed him and budha fall down, his waist was paining like hell now he can’t stand up
neha- how useless test you have of your lips, your test is like rotten eggs
budha innoscently but your test is like strawbery
some other person also comes and ask neha what happened
neha- see this old men is kissing me
peoples comes and beats him with sandels and chappal and says your age is to play with your grand children but you are kissing the girl
another people chhi is admi ne to sare budhe logo ko hi badnam kar diya, apni beti jsi umar ki ladaki ke sath asa karta he
another people hey tharaki budha
budha thinks no it is not my tharakapan it is my love, and my love is increasing more and more as the pain is increasing due to beating of this people i will prove my

love my sweatheart
neha sees people beating and says please dont beat its ok bg music koi patthar se na mare mere diwane ko……………
and poor budha is overwhelmed by her support he was cloud nine
precap- budha second attempt of his love
on the otherside raglak were standing on there office
lucky – i am sorry for kiss
ragini- its ok
lucky hm
ragini- can i ask you onething as i know that you never love to your wife why and till now you did not had physical relation with your wife
lucky by hearing swara name gets little shocked his eyes were showing anger towards swara for him
ragini sees her anger and gulps in fear
lucky takes deep breath, made her seat on chair and replies yes i never had physical relation with her
ragini but why with questioning look
lucky- i told her i have hormonal problem
ragini- its ok but
lucky- while closing his eyes in anger it is because I WANT TO TAKE REVENGE FROM SWARA
ragini shockingly stands but why
lucky- gives her water and made her seat he again sees towards window replies calmely because of her father i had lost my mother
ragini confusingly but how
lucky- do you remember RAM KAPOOR (father of sanky)
ragini- yes she replies in confused way
RAGINI- again stands from her place says are you mad
lucky give her water and places warm and painfull smile on his face
ragini can see trance of emotion on his face, she drinks water and places her hand on his hand and gives him assuring smile which makes lucky calm down
lucky again see towards door and continues, yes my real father and mother is ram kapoor and sujata kapoor
ragini raises her head and ask softly than how you are son of durga prasad
lucky moves towards window and says my father had hormonal problem he could not do s*x with my mother so they did not had any child otherside ram and sujata ma had

three children i was eldest than atif than uttera, but my annapurna ma did not had child because my father was infertile so they decided to adopt me and ram uncle were
loosing his business and at that time he came on road and my father (dp) took me with me and i went with them but my dp father never cared about my ram father he was

very poor than also dp did not cared and he took me to mumbai from INDORE and my ram father and my bro and sister were left there only to live or death
ragini sees tears in lucky eyes she goes near him and consoles him by caressing her back cheeks and neck she sees he is now comfertable she again ask but why you hate

lucky- there is also big reason for it he replied in breaking tone
before he could say anything his pa comes and tell sir client came he removes his tears and goes towards outside
while ragini seats there
on the other side swara dials number
swara- is work going on properly
person- yes
swara- ok cool now we trapped them
person- yes swara
swara- now they are doing there work in our plan
person- yes mam
sanky hears this talk from back and shouts in shock SWARA
swara turns back and episode ends on shocked face of sanky as well as swara

precap- swasan hot romance, swalak divorce
guys enjoy freindship day spread love between freind and try to make good and intense freind not like name sake make 3 freinds but they must be like if we ask for

kidney they will happily give try to make relation as much as best with your freinds
here you all are my freinds who are supporting me so for you all this episode was dedicated happy freindship day to all my readers including silent readers and

commenters you all people are amazing the way you are showing love towards me is just amazing and the way you accepted me as a writer it is biggest reward given by you

people towards me, I am glad of it so HAPPY FREINDSHIP DAY
guys one more thing it is good it is day but keep one thing in mind that if we are freinds than it must be life time and whole year not for single day that weare

remembering them in freindship day for name sake and other day we forget so keep loving me and thanks for listening my LECTURE
guys are you liking neha and budha comedy series if you are not liking than say i will not write that funny series i will search good joke from internet

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