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Guys listen one thing
This is last second episode of this story and I mate many girl here on this ff because many people read my ff and also on this journey really I got one bad point in few girl (only very few girl I am telling)
I really don’t like one thing that if they don’t like the track then what they will do, they will stop commenting but why can’t you say that if we are not liking this track so you should tell that Irfan it’d not good track or you should change it but no one will say like this why I don’t know, one more thing guys I am writer not god who will know that I am writing good or bad, I write what I feel so you guys have to tell that Irfan you are not on track or anything like that, I never feel bad but I accept their comments, this problem I didn’t faces in this story.
In this story maximum are reading till now but in my last story I felt like that so before going from here I just thought to tell this point
One more thing I really felt here, if by chance I argue with anyone or I couldn’t reply to there comment or I couldnt took there comment seriously or forgot to complete there wish then what you will do, just stop commenting because girlish ego will be hurt isn’t it, that’s why I just think too much before commenting here because I know girl character they don’t say anything and will just feel bad and stop commenting but if you want real solution than you must tell that Irfan we told this and you didn’t do or you can say you are hurt from my comment or my any act or I replied your comment rudely, I will really ask sorry for it rather than vanishing because if you vanish how I will know my mistake.
One more thing to some commwntors Mt comment was rude but really guys as a writer first we took too much stress to write ff then we gets criticising comment of fandom everyday but also I try to make myself calm but also by chance sometime in replying to any comments I really gets rude so your girlish ego will hurt but rather than hurting girlish ego if you feel me as friend you must tell your problem
I know many will hurt but really I want you guys be frank.
Guys I am again telling sorry if I hurt you, but I am just telling for your future.
Guys I have seen this thing in my freind and real life also because I have seen many friends and girl get angry but we never know what is reason so please try to be little open in the thing if you don’t like anything, you should tell because this thing will help in decreasing distance and misunderstanding which sometimes created without telling your heart out
Here on tellyupdates also I got these type of character so I just thought to tell you
If you felt bad I am again saying.
I know sometimes some had did little kidding with me but I took seriously here, to them really I am asking sorry, I know they must be reading also so I am telling sorry to them, that people got hurt but guys really here in replying comment I really don’t think much and just reply normally and may be without thinking I replied to there comment so they must had felt bad but guys my mind don’t work , so sometimes I reply in bad way
So sorry but if you have any problem with me to any people so big sorry from my side because story will end in next episode so I thought to tell
So guys sorry for such long bak bak
If you have any problem so please tell me openly without hesitation

Episode starts with person is lying on Sanky lap,
Sanky shouts lucky bro.
Lucky says in my life I can’t show brotherly love to you but.
Sanky cries says no bro you will be fully fine please don’t loose hope.
Just than police arrived and catches to every criminal, and ambulance also comes and they take him to hospital.
In hospital.
Ragini and swara sitting just than doctor comes and tell that operation is successful any she is fully fine now.
Swaragini gets happy, just about to enter in room than they see sanky coming while taking person in his hand,
Sanky runs towards operation theater, swaragini sees it and also runs to see what happened.
Sanky lie lucky on bad.
Swara cries while seeing his condition.
Swara ask what happened to lucky.
Sanky while crying says bro is shot by bullet.
But other side ragini condition was worst, she can’t speak word out, her mouth was sealed, her thinking ability also stopped.
She was seeing lifeless lucky, her heart starts sobbing out, tears were escaping from her eyes without any emotions.
Just than doctor comes and tells them to come out.
But ragini doesn’t move.
Jise zindagi dhoondh rahi hai
Kya ye woh makaam mera hai
Yahaan chain se bas ruk jaaun Kyu
dil ye mujhe kehta hai
The one which my life is searching Is this that destination?
Why does my heart say to Just stop here?

( sanky sees ragini condition, he comes near her and takes her out of room but ragini only cries she don’t know what’s happening to her)

Jazbaat naye se mile hain Jaane kya asar
ye hua hai Ik aas mili photo mujhko
Jo qubool kisi ne kiya hai
I have got new emotions
I don’t know what effect is this
I got a ray of hope again
When somebody accepted me

( ragini sits on ground while leaning to door, she don’t know what’s happening to her but she can’t bear separation from lucky, her hope of happy life was going from her)

Haan Kisi shaayar ki ghazal
Jo de rooh ko sukoon
ke pal Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjaare ko ghar
Like a ghazal bya poet
Which brings peace to the soul
I have found somebody as if A gypsy has found a home
Naye mausam ki sehar
Ya sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar
Like a morning of a new season
Or afternoon of winter I have found somebody
as if A gypsy has found a home
Jaise koi kinaara Deta ho sahaara
Mujhe wo mila kisi mod par
Like a corner gives support
I found him/her at a turn

( ragini thinks that how he showed care and love towards her, her heart starts feeling with happiness but again this separation came, her ray of making happy married life came after seeing him)

Koi raat ka taara Karta ho
ujaala Raise hi roshan kare
woh shehar
The way a star lightens up the sky,
She/he lightens up the city

Dard mere woh bhula hi gaya
Kuchh aisa asar hua Jeena mujhe
woh phir se woh sikha raha
I forgot all my pain Such was the effect She/he taught me live again

( ragini thinks how he told her to live her life happily, how he supported her when she was going to give him divorce and gave her name of him )

Jaise baarish kar de tar
Ya marham dard par Koi
mujhko yun mila hai Jaise banjare ko ghar
It’s as if rain Or a medicine for pain I have found somebody as if A gypsy has found a home

Naye mausam ki sehar
Ya sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjaare ko ghar
Muskaata yeh chehra Deta
hai jo pehraa Jaane chhupata
kya dil ka samandar
Auron ko toh har dam saaya
deta hai Woh dhoop mein hai khada khud magar The smiling face is keeping watch I have no idea what is hidden in his/her heart
He/she gives shade to all the whole time
But is in sunlight himself/herself

( arginine cried bitterly says no I wanted to become your shade, i can’t leave without you lucky I can’t live, my soul will die once again, you are my hope please come back please)

Chot lagi hai usey
phir kyun Mehsoos mujhe
ho raha hai Dil tu bata de
kya hai iraada tera
Why am I feeling the pain
When he/she is wounded Heart,
tell me what are your intentions?

Main parinda besabar
Tha uda jo darbadar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjarey ko ghar
I was like a impatient bird
That flew here and there
I have found somebody as if
A gypsy has found a home
Naye mausam ki sehar
Ya sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjarey ko ghar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar
Jaise banjare ko ghar
Jaise banjare ko ghar
Jaise banjare ko ghar

( ragini also think how much pain she is beating now, she whispers I LOVE YOU LUCKY, I LOVE YOU,
I never realised in time but now I realised I will tell you when you will be fine.
While other side SWASAN were crying and thinking about there past incidence with lucky.
Sanky stands up and think no he can’t be week, he says today my sister and my brother needs me.
I have to see both of them.
Sanky removes his tears moves to uttera room with heavy heart.
As he enters in room, sanky sees uttera seeing him with teary eyes,
He goes and hugs her so that she can’t see his tears.
Uttera also receprocats hug and tells bro don’t hide your tears, I know lucky bro is shot by gun.
Sanky sees her in shocked face.
Uttera – I got to lno everything please don’t cry.
Both brother sister cry while thinking about there changed life.
Time goes like that only lucky condition starts becoming good because he was not injured badly.
doctor comes out of room and says thank god lucky got conscious and he is fully fine now and everyone can meet.
Ragini got too much happy to know that which is noticed by swara, sanky was about to go but swara stops him as tells ragini to go and meet him .
Swara comes closer to ragini whisper it’s nice time to tell your feeling also.
Ragini nods, enter in room.
As ragini enters both raglak sees each other With lovely eyes, the spark of love was clearly visible in there eyes after tragedy.
Ragini sits near him and starts caressing his hairs while lucky feel her touch and smiles seeing her ,
Ragini Says do you know lucky when you injured, you don’t know I have gone made by seeing it than I realised one thing lucky, I know it’s not correct time and I also know may be you don’t have feelings but today I am very scared by seeing you in this condition so I can’t wait for other days,
Lucky I love you, I love you lucky.
Now there was deep silence between them.
Lucky got happy as well as shocked by seeing her confession.
Lucky just see her lovingly
Ragini thinks he must be angry she about to say but lucky pulls her and kisses on her lips.
Ragini got shocked but after sometime she also respond to his kiss with same passion, after kiss both parts away, ragini feels little shy but lucky whisper I love you too ragini, I loved you when I saw you but I realise very late but thank god to gun shooter because of him you realized you love ,
Ragini angrily – never says this word again in your life I will die .
Lucky – OK I will never.
Just than they hear voice from behind, if your love is over than we are also there to whom you can love.
Ragini turns and see SWASAN standing behind time while sanky was smiling naughtily.
Ragini feels embarrassed and went out while all three laugh by seeing her antiques.
Sanky sits near to lucky says bro you don’t know how much we got afraid but happy that you are fully fine but I am sorry bro because of me you.
Lucky @ stop here only sanky you are my brother and I can give my life for you please don’t ask sorry, I will feel bad z
Sanky – OK never ever.
Lucky – how is uttera is she fine.
Sanky – bro don’t take tension she is fine but in 2 to 3 days she and you both will be freed from here.
In 3 days uttera got fine, and lucky also they all happily went to maheshwari mansion
Police comes.

Swara sees it and ask what happened.
Police – we came here to meet uttera about that death case of factory, because we want to confirm that Mr. Malhotra is real culprit or not.
Just than they hear voice behind them it was uttera, she says yes Mr. Malhotra was also there in murder case but real master mind was Mr. Durga Prasad.
Lucky shouts no utttera you are wrong, he can’t be.
Uttera – yes bro real culprit is him only, I know you must have seen him lying on bad lifelessly at the end of life stage as he is going to die but reality is that when dp got to know that shekhar have unwanted relation with ap aunty from that day he decides to kill them because he can’t accept the society taunts so he killed ap aunty and no one knows about it but I saw him killing her so he tried to kill me also, and he shot gun on me and ran from there but after that I don’t know.

Swara speaks I know what happened after that, me and ram uncle came and saw uttera lying lifeless so we took her to hospital but they told to take her to Switzerland than from that day she is treated and now she got fine.
Police – but where is dp Now.
Lucky – he is died on his normal death only after factory case.
Swara – yes dp is died but he was acting to be going to die before and doing all cheap tricks to kill my father.
Sanky speaks and at last in that case he killed your father and trapped my father .
Police hear there point and also Mr. Malhotra accepted his crime, that he did with dp.
At last police frees ram uncle.
Now all got too much happy in there life.
Ram accepted swaragini as his daughter in law.
While they had happy family,
Swara -i can’t believe that we got our all happiness back.
Ram – yes beta, but I couldn’t prove myself good father because of me my both son have to face so much problem and also my daughter.

Sanlak comes and hug him, no dad never say li that you are best and now we don’t want any bad thing to happen in our life.
Now we will have happy life.
Ram – yes beta. He caresses lucky hair says I didn’t able to love you, I missed big part of your life beta, I am sorry.
Lucky @ no dad please don’t think now we are happy, we should forget our past.
Sanky says now I am bringing papers to merge our every propety.
As he goes to bring paper he found same file which swara didn’t shows to anyone.
Sanky sees that file while thinking
That is May be of someone.
As he opens it sanky got shocked by seeing it files.
There was medical report of shekhar after that factory case that mean he was alive after that case.
In this clearly written he died because of his daughter carelessness because she didn’t gave him her bone marrow transplant
What swara did that he died , sanky gets confused by this.
He immediately rushes towards swara and ask, swara why you didn’t told that your father is not died that day.
Swara didn’t say anything she was about to move but sanky hold her and ask that why you didn’t tried to check your bone marrow to your father bone marrow when doctor asked to do that,
Swara was numb by his words , tears were flowing from her eyes but she don’t tell anything.
Sanky again ask tell me reality swara what you are hiding it.
Everyone comes and ask what happened.
Sanky tells everything ragini and ram gets shocked that he got to know everything
Sanky tells swara please tell reality I want to know
But only tears were escaping from swara eyes, she can’t take anything anymore so she runs from there leaving sanky shocked.
Sanky shouts what happened to her I will ask her reason, sanky started going towards swara but ragini shouts he hears voice from back.
sanky legs stopped moving he got shock by her words sanky turn and sees ragini who is standing, she continues yes I told correct she is not daughter of shekhar gadodia but today you gave her pain to think about her past life…………….
Sanky still shock, than who is she………………..
Episode end on shocked face of sanky and angry face of ragini

Precap – swaragini real past, swara painful life, sanky ask forgiveness from swara romantic way , last episode.
Guys again I am telling sorry from my side if I am wrong
And if anyone has problem with me tell openly because I don’t want to go from tellyupdates world with heavy heart.
One more thing you don’t know guys I never thought that these much people will read this ff
This ff when I started I felt that no one will read but I never thought this much people love it
But one-thing I want to say you all guys are too too good.
It’s like blessing like me person who just came in tellyupdates newly only and got this much popularity and love and also like me person who is not good writer just time pass writer I am but you gave me too much love.
I do too much mistake in writing than also you guys read my ff with so much difficulty and also never complain.
I really love that you all guys are too understanding.
But sorry from my side if I did some mistakes guys.
I know somewhere I may not go to your expectations for that big sorry guys
Don’t take tension last episode of this ff will be updated soon as possible
And anything you want to ask you can ask
Keep smiling always
Stay blessed

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      I revealed who blackmailed lucky and that was mr. Malhotra

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    But wow raglak scenes were awesome… And the song on situation was like cherry on for my emotion it was just too hard to read in one go….

    And then swara’s past no guessing just waiting for next

    And about your note on ‘girlish ego’
    To be frank and straight forward I think it was a lil much….its OK if they don’t say anything but its a prob when you say something coz their words are only for you…but your words are for all of your reader..and you know almost everyone is here are girls the word ‘girlish ego’ was a lil rude…coz for girls its not ego its their way to show u are wrong… U know as it is said”not to speak anything is also a way to tell that you did wrong”…and how can we forget”silent screams cause more destruction”…. So its not ego Mr.irfan pathan…you better got that….

    Stay blessed

    1. Pathan

      I am not telling about those people but I am telling for few
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      I only point on those girl who went in my nerves,
      I am too much tired first because of useless some girls who proposed me and just used some cheap things.
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      So after that quarrel I started writing note and in angry tone I just told too much so for it big sorry from my side miss. Haya malik.
      One more thing I just saw plenty of cheap comments also here who just badly badmouth me many times.
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      1. Pathan

        Sorry before waiting this part two girl quarrel with me and I got very disturbed and all past thing and bashing came in my mind and in fully angry and disturber mind I wrote anything may be it is too much so for it sorry

  21. Irfan I had another doubt swara was a little girl when uttera was shoted and ram was a poor man then how could they admitted uttera at swizerland….and after tht accident also shekar was alive only so she might be helped the ram with that medical’s report then y she didn’t help him…..y ram didn’t say anything abt uttera to his own son atif who is crying for his sister’s death…..y he didn’t say anything to atif that swara is meeting him……and y he didn’t say anything abt atif to swara……

    1. Pathan

      Yes I got your point and it’s answer I gave in next episode please read it
      Really thanks for commenting and liking story
      As well as asking doubt
      Keep smiling always
      If you have more doubt you can ask me without hesitation

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    Nd to da point u said right only about our ego coz i hav also experienced in my life..nd ha some girls r not frank, thy r shy nd often we get hurt nd took simple thngs seriously..well m nt dat bro..m mch frank nd i always try to undrstnd da situation nd points..nd frankly m tlng u dat watevr i flt by rdng ur ff i cmmntd whole heartedly.even of ne othr writer i want to b frank in cmmntng…nd dnt misunderstud me m nt tkng ur tlk on me..i just said it nrmally..i dnt want to hurt u..u r really a good writer nd i appreciate ur writng..well enough of my bak bak..c nw i ws tlng u abt big lecture but i gave sch a big one??

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    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting here
      I am happy to read your point of view
      You are really good person
      And you are fully correct at your point
      Please don’t feel I will get hurt
      You are good person keep smiling always

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    1. Pathan

      OK sister your anger accepted
      So from next time I will never do this type of big mistake.
      I will keep this thing in my mind sister
      So from next time I will not use this type of words
      Happy that you supported me unconditionally
      You are fully correct at your point and sorry for dissapointing you
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      But happy you commented and don’t take tension Di whenever you get free
      Tell me I will give you link of previous parts

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    1. Pathan

      Oo Sakshi please correct
      Here I got worst character of girl.
      I never thought any girl will use cheap cheap words to say anything to boy.
      I never thought in my dreams also the person to whom I don’t know.
      I became there enemy really this is very immature mentality I found in few girls.
      One more thing if we are arguing than second day they will stop commenting
      One more thing keeping silent is not solution if you have problem than you must tell frankly only
      Keep it.
      But I never found in anyone .
      Here if by chance I forget to reply comments to any commentor than they will stop commenting because there ego hurt.
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      But happy you liked my story as well as concept so keep smiling always

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    1. Pathan

      First of all I have many readers in my ff so I never feel bad
      But about my thinking I am telling that really this tellyupdates girl suck my mind.
      The immaturity they showed really too much many times I saw this think in my ff

      I never had any feeling about girl like this but I pointed on few girl if you point out.
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      I know it’s base is good and happy you loved it
      Keep smiling always

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    1. Pathan

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    1. Pathan

      OK OK calm down calm down
      From next time I will not do this type of mistake
      So don’t take tension
      Keep smiling always

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    1. Pathan

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    1. Pathan

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  35. Kakali

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    n our clz authority informed us yesterday.. it’s like a mini bomb for us..in this one week we need to prepare our whole course.. huhhh !!!! so couldn’t comment…

    Coming to today’s part..
    u said something like”u r not a good writer rit?” hmmm !!!
    bdw why u think so?
    n about girly ego.. i accapt dat .. sometimes happen all this.. but not with mee..*Take a chill pill.. ;0

    Uhhhh !!! toady episode even has some suspense.. baapreee..
    love it love it…
    DP is d real culprit.. waaaa !!! u killed me.. soooo amazing Irfan…
    Raglak confession is nice..live it..

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    Thnk u soo much for this wonderful story.. will miss it n u tooo..
    God bless u..

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