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One more thing many of you had doubt about raglak part so I only wanted to tell you that I didn’t showed anything new in raglak part. Something you can note that ragini has butter past, her father tried to kill her because she was girl so she ran away from her house ,other side lucky mother had unwanted relation with swara father shekhar, so he was highly depressed by this thing.

I know many are reading this ff and few has stopped reading it because of there busy schedule and personal problem.
One more thing I just saw swaragini serial 2 episode so it’s review I will tell tomorrow.

Episode starts with ragsan were sitting on couch.
Sanky speaks, ragini I am really sorry.
Ragini – for what.
Sanky – first because you helped me in uniting swara than also I thought you are wrong.
Ragini – it’s OK sanky, don’t ask sorry because in friendship no sorry and no thanks.
Sanky – yes but still I have guilt, you sacrificed your life for us and I accuses you.
Ragini – please sanky everything is not in our hand..
Sanky – but.
Ragini- no but and stop thinking all this.
Sanky – OK but may I ask you one thing.
Ragini – yes

Sanky – are you happy in this relationship.
Ragini – yes I am happy, we both are friends and nothing else.
Sanky – I am happy you both are friends but try to become more of him.
Ragini – means.
Sanky – I know you don’t want to make relationship with lucky but I am just telling try to make your relationship more than friend.

Ragini – no sanky you know very well I never wanted all these.
Sanky – I know you never wanted to get married, you told many times but now you got married ragini so please try to make your life more beautiful and happy.
Ragini – yes I will think.
Sanky – think fast, don’t take much time because time never waits for anyone , I think lucky bro is good person so please try to make good relation .
Ragini nods in agreement.
Just than swara comes.

Sanky sees her and stands so took all your needy items.
Swara – yes I took.
Sanky – so let’s go
Lucky comes from behind say, so today night we will go to Swiss.
SWASAN nods.
Lucky – but I think we should find culprit first.
Sanky – but we don’t know who is it.
Lucky – I know who is it and that person is Mr. Malhotra.

SWASAN shockingly – neha husband.
Lucky – yes
Swara – no it can’t happened you are wrong.
Just than they hear voice behind them, yes he is real culprit.
All turns and see Neha.
Swara -neha.
Neha comes closer, says yes Mr malhotra is real culprit and his true face I got to know yesterday only.
Swara what.
Neha – yes swara yesterday he got to know that you all patched up so he hurriedly ran to secret place.
And I heard him talking that he is going to his old place because you all got to know his truth.
All got shocked by listening Mr. Malhotra is real culprit.
Sanky angrily says now I will not leave that person, he made my life hell today we will search him at any cost than only we will go to uttera place.
He comes near to lucky and ask why bro you didn’t told me about him before.
Lucky thinks for sometime says no we will bring our sister back from Switzerland to India.
Sanky but bro here .

Lucky – yes sanky if she will live with us, she will respond to treatment faster because here everyone will care about her and this will help her very much.
Sanky – yew bro you are Correct we will bring our sister at our house and also doctors
Lucky – yes
Sanky – now I can’t wait for night, we will take fastest connecting flight.
All nods.

all 4 reached Switzerland.
Swara – I want that you both should go to uttera first.
All agrees.
swara was leading to both brothers in walking.
Both sanlak were happy as well as emotional that they will be meeting there sister after long time.
Swara takes them to secret routs in secret room.
Where sanlak can see there sister lying on bad lifelessly, she only can more her hand.
As both brother sees, there eye filled with tears by seeing her.
While uttera condition was also not good, she sees her two brother after so many years of separation.
Her eyes were filled with tears of happiness.
She just show her finger in direction of calling them.
Both brother sees it and hugs her, while still she was lying.
All three were crying to see them after long time.
Swaragini also hugs each other with happiness that they all mate.
Doctor sees both brother and ask swara, who are these Mrs. Maheshwari (guys doctor don’t know her title is changed)

Swara- both are. Her brothers.
Doctor- it’s good. News now she will respond more quickly.

Both sanlak Broke hug, sees her teary eyes.
Sanky takes her palm in his hand, he speaks teary eyes, uttera you don’t know how much I missed you
In my life, I thought you were died , but you don’t know how much happy today I am.
I cursed myself that I couldn’t save me sister but now I will make you fully fine,
Lucky sees sanky condition says sanky please calm down, I am happy we got our sister, I couldn’t enjoy my childhood with me brother and sister but now I will not let me sister and bro away from me.
Sanky – yes bro now everything will be alright.

Uttera was seeing both of them with teary eyes, she couldn’t speak anything but her eyes were telling every thing which she feels. After long time she got little happiness.
Sanky sees her teary eyes and wipes her tears, uttera now it is not time to cry, its time to happy.
After some of there emotional conversation.
Lucky stands and ask doctor to take her with them.
Doctor – it’s very good news, if she will be with you, she will recover more fast, and only due to Mrs. Maheshwari uttera condition became this much good, she really cared for her.
Sanky objects say I am sorry doctor she is not Mrs. Maheshwari, she is Mrs. Kapoor.
Doctor – what.
Sanky comes closer to swara, he side hugs her, she is my wife Mrs. Kapoor.
Doctor – OK
NOW THEY TAKE UTTERA TO INDIA WHERE ALL 4 CARED FOR HER AND THEY WERE STILL FINDING MALHOTRA, IN THIS 20 DAYS OF CONTINUES treatment uttera operated where sanky resisted for operation but doctor and swara agreed to him for operation that she will become normal again because her mind started working properly so only little work they have to do.
In operation theater day.
Sanlak were too worried for uttera.
Ragini comes to sanlak says please just faith on god please don’t take tension your old uttera will be back.
Lucky – if something happens to her.
Ragini – don’t take tension everything will be fully fine.
Than lucky hears ringing sound of his mobile.

Ragini tells him to pick up but lucky didn’t felt to pick.
Ragini forcefully takes mobile from his pocket and tells him to talk.
Lucky got shocked by conversation of person from call.
Lucky hurriedly says sanky Mr. Malhotra place is identified, now we have to go to see him.
Sanky says bro you go I will not come.
Lucky – yes sanky you be here only.
Ragini – no you both should go because there is serious matter so please you both go with police.

Sanky – but here.
Ragini – please don’t take tension of here, me and swara is there so please you both go ,
Sanlak understand ragini point and rushes to find Mr. Malhotra.
Sanky calls police to come to xyz place.
Now sanlak reached to factory

While other side swara ask ragini where they went.
Ragini – they went to xyz factory and you please don’t take tension, everything will be fine soon.
Swara – yes I pray, everything will be fine.
Other side.
Sanlak reaches to place but before they could think anything all goons trap them.
Some goons hold lucky, but sanky beats them now both brother starts beating goons while sanky shouts where you went Mr. Malhotra I will not leave you.
Mr. Malhotra – I am here mister but first save yourself before killing me.
While fighting, goons holds both the brothers.
Sanky shouts leave me, I will kill this person.
Mr. Malhotra coms near them says I am not real culprit, I am just helper but real culprit is someone other.
Lucky – don’t make me fool. I know you are real person who killed shekhar uncle.
Mr. Malhotra – don’t listen to me but when you will know reality you will be shocked.
Sanky thinks to kill him, he gets idea and applied full force and free himself,
He takes one iron stick, shouts today I will kill you. Starts running towards person.
But before he rich towards him but he hears gun sound which is coming towards him, he closes his eyes in fear that he will die but he don’t feel anything on him, but as he opens his eyes he sees someone lying on floor whose eyes are about to close,
Sanky shouts no and he runs fast while tears were flowing from his eyes and he takes that person I’m his lap cries no you can’t leave me no.
Person says – our relation was for this much only sanky, JUST LET ME LEAVE FROM THIS WORLD HAPPILy, JUST GIVE ME YOUR SMILE LAST TIME FOR ME
precap -uttera. Gets fine, uttera cries and shouts the real murderer of all death is not Mr. Malhotra,

Sanky cries bitterly by hugging uttera, uttera consoles please bro don’t……………
May be next episode is last episode
I know many of you will guess correct also who will die.
I know you got too many shocks today .
Guys I am again telling if you are on watt pad you can search my ID in it because my watt pad I’d is “ippu882”

Just search it there you can personally talk to me and also follow me because this story will air on watt pad after ending here. So you can vote there and also can read to refresh it.

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