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Guys as many of you know very well that this story is going to end very soon because I don’t write big big stories , you don’t know I decided to end this ff in 25th episode but there was too much matter to show in this ff so I couldn’t end this ff soon so I thought to end it as soon as possible but I think this story may end within 3 to 5 episodes
But if you want to ask reality, I never thought that these many people will love this ff because when I started this ff, I was sure that only 3 to 4 readers will read it because many will not like concept and many will bash me but everything happened opposite and your love, support towards my ff made me to write more and more but we know very well everything has its end so this story will also have end soon which I have to do so guys keep smiling always

Episode starts with swara coming to person to meet him.
Person – beta where is uttera.
Swara comes near person and says ram uncle she is fine (yes swara came to police station to meet ram)
Swara – but uncle why you lied to me, why you didn’t told truth.
Ram – beta I wanted to tell truth to you but atif told me to not to tell anyone about his reality because he don’t want anyone to know about it.
Ram continues, swara I know you are married to atif, and you also got to know his truth,
Swara shocking how you know.
Ram – beta swara atif daily comes to meet me, he daily narrates about his life.
So he also told me how you got married and how you got to know truth.
Swara with tears in her eyes atif daily used to come here, I know my old atif is not changed. He is same, he really loved everyone.
Ram – yes beta he loves everyone as well as you swara but now you have to support him, he suffered too much in his life.
Swara – yes uncle I will support him. But I want to tell truth to atif about uttera.
Ram – no beta till uttera don’t get fine we can’t tell him truth.
Swara – uncle from many years uttera is in coma, think if because of atif, she may come out of coma .
Ram – but if the criminal will know about her
Swara – no uncle, I will tell him on my way because there is not other hope of it, uncle I got to know that uttera started responding little bit so if atif will meet her than she will become fine soon.
Ram – how you will take atif to Switzerland.
Swara – it’s my work I will do it.
Ram – yes beta I pray everything gets fine but beta please don’t let anyone to know about that file.
Swara assures him. And says yes uncle I will keep that file secretly.
Swara takes blessing, goes outside the police station.
And goes to sanky house.
Swara enters inside house, but he hears a voice so ready for punishment.
Swara moves her gaze towards the person and sees sanky sitting on sofa only in his shots.
Swara – sanky what are you doing now, you didn’t took bath till now.
Sanky – makes faces, says, my wife went outside leaving me that is also morning.
Swara – but I think today you have to go office.
Sanky stands and comes towards her, I think you have short term memory loss , madam today is Sunday,
Swara – did you did your breakfast.
Sanky nods no
Swara but why
Sanky voh due to night tiredness I got up now only just, I brushed her replies naughtily.
Swara – oh god now go and bath.
Sanky – hugs swara from back whisper, today you will also bath with me.
Swara – have you gone mad, I bath already
Sanky – so you will not hear what I am saying.
Swara – yes.
Sanky – so get ready ,
Swara what.
Sanky holds swara tightly starts kissing on her neck seducely.
Swara feels tickling inside her body because of pressing of sanky naked body on her. But she manages to talk, says sanky please leave me please.
Sanky bites her skin says if you will speak more than you have to bear my s*xy tortures so just enjoy.
Swara don’t say anything.
Sanky busy in kissing her, his hands fall on blouse, swara resist but he opens her upper potion,
Swara runs away from him,
Sanky I will not leave you now.
Sanky runs behind her grabs her in his embrace, ,
Now SWASAN were seeing each other.
Sanky gives open mouth kisses on her face,
Swara feels extreme pleasure,
Both kisses each other passionately.
Sanky after breaking kisses says, now I think you need bath,
Sanky takes her I’m his arms.
Enters inside bathroom
Now her turns on shower, water starts flowing to there body which makes there body more hot.
Sanky don’t leave opportunity, he starts drinking water flowing from her rosy lips, to her each body parts, swara was breathing heavily.
After kissing and romance both SWASAN bath while romancing.
In room.
Sanky – wow swara I want this type of shower everyday.
Swara – why your mind always revolves around one thing , now stop your drama and eat breakfast.
Sanky eats whole breakfast.

Other side ragini stands up happily, jumps and about that she don’t love lucky, she don’t love lucky.
Because in point it was written you extremely feel pain when that person go away from you but till now she knows that she didn’t felt bad when lucky is away from her.
She says I am happy that this point doesn’t match so I don’t love him.
I am glad to know that.

Other side sanky eats breakfast says wow what a nice breakfast you made.
Swara – thanks but I want to tell you something.
Sanky – yes.
Swara – can we go to Switzerland.
Sanky – but why.
Swara – just for fun.
Sanky – but swara first I want to find proof to save my father.
Swara – I know but I have little work there so please please
Sanky IN stern voice no swara I decided only one thing that after freeing my father I will go for it .
Swara little dissapointed says OK I can understand.
Sanky sees her little dissapointed so he feels bad by seeing her in this condition. So he comes closer to her. Takes her IN his embrace.
Swara also hugs him.
Sanky breaks hug, sits on couch while he pulls swara in his lap while placing his both hands on her waist and pulling her towards him, his chin was on her shoulder. Now sanky whisper, swara I am really sorry but after our work I will go with you any place where you want to go swara. But now I can’t go.
Please don’t angry on me.
Swara understand his situation gives him smile.
Sanky naughtily kisses on her cheeks, sure you are happy now.
Swara – yes
Sanky – so I decided one thing today we will go to beach .
Swara – OK we will but now I have little work so I am going out again.
Sanky – I will also come with you.
Swara – never I will come soon.
Sanky hugs her tightly, here husband is at home for his wife and his wife is not giving attention to him.
Swara- don’t become this much big drama king I will come soon just wait.
Sanky but I will come.
Swara says OK come
Sanky happily kisses on her cheeks so I am getting ready.
Swara little tensed message person but couldn’t message it. Swara thinks oh god what to do.

Other side ragini says lucky that she is going somewhere out.
Lucky – but where.
Ragini – voh to meet my friend.
Lucky – OK today I am free I will also come with you.
Ragini hessitately no I can go myself.
Lucky but I will come with you.
Ragini – please.
Lucky – OK
Ragini goes very quickly but she forgets her mobile.
Lucky sees her mobile and think oh she forgot it.
I have to go to give her.
He immediately take his car and goes behind ragini car bug he receives one message.
He gets shocked it was swara message where it was written ragini please don’t come directly to me in xyz restaurant because sanky is also coming with me.
Lucky got shocked by seeing her message so he thinks to spy on ragini.
At xyz place both SWASAN reached.
Sanky ask so your friend wanted to meet you in this restaurant.
Swara hesitately yes.
Sanky says OK just get inside I am coming.
Swara nods yes just than ragini sees her and hugs, swara how are you.
Swara gets shocked that she messaged her but she didn’t listen.
Swara quickly asked did you brought your mobile.
Ragini sees her bag says no I didn’t brought.
Swara – quickly says ragini sanky also came with me so he went for ordering so come with me I want to tell you something.
Swaragini runs outside the restaurant but swara mobile falls on ground while lucky was spying on them goes and picks Swara mobile and thinks what’s going on here
While other side sanky searches swara here and there but he didn’t find her, as he come out he found lucky quickly going somewhere and he has swara mobile, sanky notices it, catches lucky.
Sanky – immediately takes swara mobile and ask where is swara.
Lucky I don’t know
Sanky – angrily I am again asking where is swara,
Lucky – I don’t know I found her mobile on floor.
Sanky gets angry and starts beating him, I know you have kidnapped swara but now I will not leave you .
Both sanlak starts beating each other just than swaragini comes, both gets shocked to see scenario.
Swaragini goes to respective partners to calm them.
But sanky shouts this person gave you too much pain but today I will not leave him.
Swara – please sanky leave him.
Sanky says never.
Both sanlak were stubbern both fights.
Swara didn’t had option she shouts, SANKY HE WAS BLACKMAILED
But both don’t listen her words than ragini shouts in loud voice.
as ragini says both sanlak gets shocked by her words, both hands stopped automatically.
Other side person thinks I know lucky that you know very well I am real culprit but you don’t know that you are very big fool, I am blackmailing you unnecessarily by taking your name

Precap – sanky – swara what is reality tell me why you are hiding to me

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  1. Ashnoor

    Now I think sanskar and laksh will come to know that they are brothers .
    Ragini is super mischievous and naughty too .
    What an idea ????
    She didn’t feel sad when laksh go away from her .
    Bechara laksh πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

    • Pathan


      Yes she didn’t felt bed when lucky was going away from her
      But don’t take tension soon she will feel bad
      By the way I am really happy to see your comment and thanks for commenting here

  2. Vidhi

    Omg….shocking one…. 😱😱😱😱I just loved today’s episode…. 😍😘😘😍😘😘😍update soon dear

  3. Malika

    |Registered Member

    First thing thank you soo much for writing this ep today. You made my day again. Yes one day this ff has to end but I will feel very bad. …. Coming to this ep suspense again. Wow…. Uttara is in coma how come. And sanlak are brothers it’s amazing yr. Swasan bath romance was omg. Love it. Ragini hahaahhhh what to say… You are cute.. And yes really this ep is really fantastic. Truly speaking you ate an fabulous writer. Who wrote his ff very beautifully and amazingly. You always rock and today you made me happy. Ooooh my brother never dare to say sorry and thanks to me. It’s a warning as I hate formalities. Your dialogue . Hahahhhh .Swara and ram scene was too good. I hope uttara come out from coma. One more thing at the end i didn’t understand what you we’re trying to say. ???????? Well I’m sorry for troubling you a lot today. I was very nervous don’t know with whom to say. And yes you are ending this ff soon. But please come back again. I’m very happy that yesterday you read my comments twice. And thank you soon much well I’m not that good writer. Yes you are correct I will write my ff so as to improve my writing skill. I didn’t read this ff from first ep. As I was a silent reader that time. Sorry if I bored you through this comment but one thing from heart I want to tell you I don’t have any siblings. When i enter in tu I got many sisters and brothers. And yes I always get confused that who was atif . But after reading this ep I understand that It was sanskar. I really want to see sanlak scene with uttara. Update soon my brother.

    • Malika

      |Registered Member

      I mean you are a fabulous writer. You don’t know but through your writing skill we all can say . And I also mean to say what you were saying a the end. ??

    • Pathan


      I am glad to know that you loved story
      Yes sanlak scene with uttera will come soon on ff
      Yes I am sorry I have to end I know you loves my ff unconditionally
      About writing new ff I will think about it
      I never gets bored by your comment but I always gets happy to see your amazing comment towards my ff
      Don’t take tension I will update soon
      But happy to see your beautiful comment
      Take care and I messaged you please check it

  4. Haya malik

    |Registered Member

    It was as awesome as always dude…
    But the way sanky reacted it was just a little odd…I mean saying you kidnapped Swara…little bit awkward….Otherwise everything was just so perfect and of course swasan romance and our desprate sanskar…
    Poor ragini still thinks she is not in love…but i know she will soon find out she has fallen in love…
    Stay blessed pathan

  5. Angel-16

    again an awesome chappy Bhai….. swasan romance was oh my God!!! very good…. my sanky is really very naughty…. n utara is in coma??? dying to know why…. n at last laksh n sanky got to know the truth… eagerly waiting to see the consequences…. n yes u r correct everything has its end… but I was deeply attached to ur ff so feeling verrrrry sad that soon it’s going to end…. but seriously this ff will always remain in my heart…. coz of this ff today we are connected with each other…. n one more thing due to this ff only I got my sweet Bhai…. so plz do come with a new story Bhai…. its a request from my side… n post the next part soon…

    • Pathan


      Really glad to see your amazing comment IN my ff
      Yes sanky is very naughty
      Consequences will be very good so don’t take tension
      Yes you are correct and I also got like you sister

  6. xavia

    It wz amazing bhai….sry cdn’t cmnt on prvs epi….actually wz bzy in family function….now only i got tym……uh r one of d writers i really appreciate …d way uh potray evry prson’s emotions feeling antics z just fab…..today’s epi wz full of shocks….loved it…..i know uh r gonna end it soon vl miss ds ff n uh…..vl uh write another story if yes dn plz do tell me…cz i dun want to miss…..n plzzzzz try to write if possible i know uh hv tight schedule bt pijjjjjjj its a request frm ua sissy…..uh r taking ua precious tym to write fo us dat means a lot ….love uh loads bahi……take care….

    • Pathan


      Don’t ask sorry for not able to reply in last episode
      But I am really glad to see your beautiful comment in my ff
      I know you loves my writing unconditionally.
      But till now i didn’t decided to write any ff but whenever I will
      Than I will surely tell you guys so keep supporting me like this
      I’m will think about your request sister

  7. Kakali

    |Registered Member

    Beautiful chappy Irfan … love it ..

    SWASAN romance was soo cutee n adorable …
    finally all d knots r disclosing slowly slowly … n it’s become more interesting.. suspense,, drama,,raaz,,romance,,reality,,peace,,love,,enjoyment,,aggration,,possessiveness,, funn,,joke,, nokk jhokk,,big jhatkas,, huffffff all contentments are here in ur FF.. i m finding words to define it more correctly … buttt words r not enough i guess…

    love it enjoyed it …
    Thnk u Irfan..
    stay bleesed..

    • Pathan


      Oh again I got your amazing and lovely comment
      I am glad to see your beautiful comment.
      I am happy that you are liking story as it is proceeding keep supporting me like this

  8. Shruti

    What to say??? I hvn’t any words to say..Let me think first…

    Yes I find words to say…Awsm as always…. Obviously I like today’s ep..Not only today’s ep I can challenge tht I will like the future eps also of this ff…I was jst laughing to think about Ragini’s condition…How cute she is and her thoughts…. N about Swasan part then I can say only one thing and tht is what Sanskar told to Swara “YOU HAVE SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS”…Your dialogue.. I was jst laughing… This was the best in today’s Swasan part… N Sanskar n Laksh r brothers…Hey bhagwan…N how Swara knows tht Laksh was blackmailed by someone… N Swara used to meet with rp for sometimes.. Oh my god…Too much shocks u gave today..Can’t take it anymore…N Uttara is in coma..Vry bad😱😱….N Swaragini is meeting with each other..This is also a vry big shock…Hey can u tell me tht how many shocks u will give in future eps…I m jst thinking..

    OK enough of my lectures n bak bak…Now how r u?? I know fine..Then also I m asking….N take kr of urself at first OK..Dont pressurized urself for ryting eps…Never do this..Stay blessed n keep smiling always😊☺

  9. Riya

    Oh god really awesome marvellous outstanding episode is this…I am totally spellbound… No words to describe… Just totally amazing episode… I am really very happy that now all the knots are disclosing…

    And Uttara is in coma… Oh god what a shock!!! And I guessed that Ragini realized her love towards Lucky that’s why she is jumping on bed…But I was wrong😩😩😩…She is jumping because she thinks that she don’t loves Laksh…Very sad😒😒😒…And Swasan romance part was also awesome…Really it was too good…But Sanky’s that dialogue “I think you have short term memory loss” is best…Its your dialogue and now Sanky also saying this thingπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€…Awesome!!!And Swaragini meets with each other…Its totally a very big shock…Feeling bad for Uttara…Now I am thinking that what Sanlak will do now???Now they knows that they are brothers…I am thinking…And one more thing Swara use to meet with Rp….Really you gave a lot of shocks today…And you aksed that we liked today’s part or not…Such an useless question…Definitely I liked it a lot…I don’t know about others but I liked it…And I am sure that they will also like it a lot like me except some useless readers…Not only this episode I liked all the previous episodes which you wrotewrote in this ff till now…And I will also like future episodes of this ff too…And not only this ff I liked each and every episodes of love me and slums…Sorry not liked I loved…And thanks for updating the episodes quickly…It really means a lot to me…Stay happy and blessed…

  10. richa

    superb chappy…swasan romance ws awsome…still blushing*…..
    and i alrdy thought sanky and lucky as bro..and itz comes true . hehe
    every story have an end..so i didnt say u to conyinue or drag the story..but plz come with a new story…plzzzzzz

  11. Maha016

    |Registered Member

    awesome irfan sanky’s dialogue was awesome really it was out of the world and ya i cant understand the end part sorry for that and thank u for this epi…..


  13. Mahjabeen

    |Registered Member

    Outstanding chappy bro…loved swasan moment vry mch…excited to rd da nxt part.omg.wat will b sanlaks reaction??
    post soon

    Nd sry fr cmmntng late ws busy in my studies…nd rlly i ws too mch attached wth dis ff…i used to wait fr its update nd nw its gng to b end..rllly will miss u nd ur ff soo mch..
    Keep smiling

    • Pathan


      I can understand you must be busy but I am glad to see your amazing and beautiful comment in my ff
      Keep supporting me like this
      Next episode is already updated sister just see in swaragini page
      Really it’s very good thing for me that you love my ff unconditionally

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