Guys this episode is for you all swasan fans who are little disappointed by swasan separation and badly wants swasan scene in serial so I wrote little vulgar swasan romance and this is specially dedicated to ANGEL-16 for her birthday gift, as you all know I always try to fufill birthday wish so she told me to write intense swasan scene and also post today, so today I canceled my plans and I wrote episode for her as well as good romance so happy birthday to you .
One more thing I got to know all you are too much loving new track in swaragini serial it is really good that you are excited and supporting it so keep supporting your favorite actor as well as your favorite serial
So enough of my bak bak today
I also tried my level best to write big episode guys
Episode starts with swara hiding papers and thinks this is reality which I can’t show to anyone.
Swara takes the files and puts it in secret place.
Swara takes other files and gives to sanky.
Sanky while carefully seeing each page of file ask why you took this much times,
Swara- voh I was not getting file that’s why
Sanky- its ok
Sanky calls driver and tells him to give this file to lawyer,
Swara was still sitting in front of him,
Sanky after giving file moves his gaze to swara.
Sanky – so now we have to make dinner,
Swara stands imediately, no I will cook myself for both of us.
Sanky stands and pulls her towards him, says huskily, no never we will both go .
Both swasan in kitchen…
Sanky – so what we should cook.
Swara- I will make chapatti and one dal.
Sanky- so I will cook paneer,
Swara- do you know how to make.
Sanky- yes I only make my own food so I know very well about it.
Both swasan makes food and eats it happily.

In night swara comes in her room and sees her tablets.
Swara- oh hear my tablet is kept.
She takes tablet and water, she was about to take but sanky holds her hand.
Sanky- swara please from now, please don’t take this tablet.
Swara- but sanky you know my condition.
Sanky- I know and for curing your problem we have to do one thing,
Swara- what
Sanky- I know the thing I am asking for is very big but we have gone for it 2 times and I only want you to become good without any problem, I really want to end your addiction,
There is only one way which may decrease your dependency on this thing and that is s*x.
Swara didn’t say anything.
Sanky seats near her, I know swara you will feel little auquard but I know one thing that we are married as well as we understand each other very well, I love you and you cares for me and you have attration towards me as you told so can’t we take our married life with friendship only. I only want that you become good because these medicines are detrioreting your health.
Before sanky could speak anything, swara hugs him tightly says I trust you atif and I really want to make our relation strong, I cant save me last married life but now I cant leave you atif. I want to make our relation strong, I never had attraction with anyone except you atif. I really want to make my life beautiful, I really wants to feel real married life atif.
Sanky cups her face and kisses on her head, but before he could do anything swara runs out of room by seeing rain.
Sanky also comes behind her, both sees falling rain, but small droplets were falling on swara body which was making sanky restless , small droplets on her face were looking like morning flower which had small droplets,

Sanky cant stop his increasing inner desire he starts singing song by seeing swara with desire and lovely eyes.

Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke..
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa..

Sometime, when the clouds rain,
I see you with my eyes full (of water, like clouds),
You look like a wish for the first rain of season..

( sanky sings romantically and comes near swara by saying this words, swara also feels automatic pleasure by hearing sanky singing for her, now he comes back and hugs her tightly while putting his one hand on her naked stomach romantically, swara feels extreme pleasure, closes her eyes)

Tere pehloo mein reh loon..
Main khud ko paagal keh loon..
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan sah loon saathiyaa..

I wish to live in your shadow,
I wish to be called mad (for you),
Whether you give me sadness or joy, I’ll bear, O beloved..

(sanky while singing kisses on her shoulder, nape romantically which makes swara more crave for love making with sanky. But he continues kissing her on her shoulder, he slowly slides her blouse from shouder to give more excess to him to kiss her, but swara closes her eyes due to close proximity of sanky )

Koi nahi, tere siva mera yahaan..
Manzilein, hain meri to sab yahaan..
Mita de sabhi aaja faasle..
Main chahoon mujhe mujhse baant le..
Zara sa mujh mein tu jhaank le..
Main hoon kya..

There is nobody other than you who is mine,
All my destinations are here (in you alone)
Come, end all distances,
I wish you to share me with myself,
Peek into me a little bit..
What I am..

( swara with naughty smirk, goes away from sanky and stand infront of him leaning to wall, sanky can see smirk on jer face, he sings song, decreases steps between them, sanky each step making swara nervous, sanky comes very close to her and puts his hand on both side of her so that she cant move little also, sanky takes his face very close to her, swara understood he is going to kiss her, she closes her eyes, sanky places his rouch lip on her and starts sliding with swara lips as there is smooth surface between them, sanky can’t control his emotions more, he more presses himself on her, now her one lip is between his both lips, sanky kiss each lip one by one passionately, he was sucking each lip by swallowing inside him but swara was feeling immence pleasure, she was just caressing her back and his chest from her hand to feel his delicate touch but sanky was busy in kissing each lips of swara, swara lips became red but he didn’t stoped, but continuesly sucking her taste.)

Pehle kabhi, na tune mujhe gham diya..
Phir mujhe, kyun tanhaa kar diya..
Guzaare the jo lamhe pyaar ke
Hamesha tujhe apna maan ke..
To phir tune badli kyoon adaa,
Ye kyoon kiya..

Earlier, you never gave me any sorrow,
Then why have you made me all lonely..
The moments of love that we passed,
thinking of you as mine,
why have you changed your way,
why did you do this?
(sanky breaks kiss and sees swara with desirefull eyes, swara also had same condition like sanky, she was also staring him, sanky removes hair strain falling on her face and sings song, he sees her face with full desire dor sometimes, takes her in his arms)

Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke..
Tu lage mujhe pahli baarish ki duaa..

Tere pahloo mein rah loon..
Main khud ko pagal kah loon..
Tu gam de ya khushiyaan, saathiyaa..

Sanky lays down swara on bed comes top of her, he was fully out of emotions, sanky gives her open mouth kisses on her nape shoulder, as well as on her face, swara was enjoying s*xy torture of her husband, she unbuten his shirt, starts removing from his body but could’nt, sanky understood so he sits and signals him to remove his shirt, swara unbuten and removes his shirt, but she feels little shyness and she stands up from there,
Sanky takes step behind her, and pins her to wall, he whisper, don’t take tention mrs. Kapoor. I can romance with my wife here also while saying this he burries his head on her blouse , but his other hand works in removing the knot of covering cloth of her upper potion, sanky removes every barrier from upper part of body, swara feels shy but sanky holds her tightly, they share eyelock, sanky without breaking eyelock comes to her upper exposed part sucks it madly, but still he sees into her eyes to let her know how much she wants him, sanky kisses, suckes every part of her upper body and gives her red marks, swara moans in pleasure as well as pain given by her hubby.
Now swasan were fully turned on, both can’t wait for more, sanky again starts kissing her, swara moves her hand on his chest, stomach, digs her nail to give him pain due to which sanky groans and becomes more wild on his act, in teasing sanky, swara hand comes on his jeans, she opens his jeans while sanky understood next step, he helps swara to open his jeans, now he was only in his boxers, sanky also removes his boxer, while swara closes her eyes in shyness, sanky slowly removes all remaining barriers which were stopping for there intimacy, he sits on her knees and sees her beautiful and delicate body. Sanky kisses her lower portion while swara feels extreme pleasure.
After sometimes of kissing and sucking, sanky takes there intimacy to next level,
Both were still standing, sanky pins swara on the wall, he holds her and enters inside her,
Sanky makes her love while pinning her to wall,
After taking blissful ride both climaxed while sweeting and breathing heavily,
Both had very bad condition, sanky takes swara in his arms and lay down her to bad and he kisses her and he made her sleep in his arms.
There was sweet morning both were sleeping in each other embrace,
Swara eyes opens and she sees sanky sleeping besides her, she smiles and blush by thinking about there last night intimacy.
She slowly gets up without effecting his sleep. She baths and changes her cloth, she makes breakfast for both of them.
And keeps one note near to his bad that she will come soon and also puts breakfast there.
She went outside.

Other side, raglak reaches to there home after long journey, both were feeling auquard to talk to each other.
So without telling anything both reaches to there room .
Ragini thinks o god what happened to me today, why I felt so jealous by seeing him with other girl,
She thinks whethere it is love,
Ragini thinks no no ragini It can’t be love but what was that,
But her inner soul says leave it ragini, why to care just take rest.
She goes on bed lays down but again, she can’t take rest properly, only today incidence were coming in her mind , about her jealousy, her different feeling when she is near to lucky.
Ragini turns on her bed here and there, but nothing works,
Ragini angrily says what happening to me why I am so involved in lucky thought,
I think I should check what happenes when love happens,
She searches on google where she found first step of love in jealousy.
Ragini innoscently says no it can’t be love but again she thinks to read other point,
Next point it was written, you always loves to be with that person.
Ragini thinks yes this line is also correct, I always love to be with lucky only but no it can’t be love, please god do something and do remaining line wrong.
Ragini reads third line where it is written that you automatically forgot you feels pain by seeing that person.
Ragini thinks yes she felt pain by seeing lucky in pain.
Ragini in verge of crying after reading this part says hey bhgwan no please remaining lines should be wrong,
Ragini reads other line where it is written that you always gets happy by seeing that person happy .
Ragini thinks how she got happy today by seeing smile on his face .
Ragini gets tensed so she again reads other line, you always wants to do those things which makes your loved one happy.
Ragini thinks how she made breakfast for lucky so that his mood lighten up.
She reads other line hurriedly and her tention was rising, she reads you always show right on that person.
Ragini thinks of today incidence how she was showing her rights on him when he was looking to other girl.
But when ragini reads third line ragini jumps in happiness………..
Other side lucky was standing in window where he can see ragini from away but he cant hear her words.
Lucky thinks I know ragini that you started loving me. But now you are confused about my feeling but I know you will soon accept it.
What you think ragini, I told you to live here as friend awing only but I love you ragini yes I love you, in starting I was thinking it was my attraction, when I saw you first time in magazine and all, I thought is was lust but one day I kissed you patienately, I never thought that I will forgot me sense infront of you but than also I felt it is just attraction,
I don’t know why always sees you blindly than also I didn’t realized my love but that day after our fake marriage you told me that you will leave me, I don’t know how much pain I got in my heart, I didn’t got that much pain when swara leaved me, than I understood that swara lived with me 3 years but I got less pain when she leaved me but when you told that you leave me, It stabbed my heart than I confirmed that I love you ragini.
I really love you so I told you to live with me like friend and now I will try my level best to keep you happy and to accept my untold love ragini.

tujhe dekh dekh sona – 2
seeing u i go to sleep

tujhe dekh kar hain jagna
seeing u ive got to wake up

maine yeh zindagani
ive spent this life

sang tere bitaani
spent this with u

tujhmein basi hain meri jaan haai
in u my heart is dwelling

jiya dhadak dhadak – 3
my heart keeps on beating


( lucky admires ragini, her antiques what she is doing in her room)

tujhe dekh dekh sona
tujhe dekh kar hain jagna
maine yeh zindagani
sang tere bitaani
tujhmein basi hain meri jaan haai
jiya dhadak dhadak – 3

kabse hai dil mein mere armaan kai ankahe – 2
from when in my heart thre are feelings unsaid

inko tu sunle aaja chaahat ke rang chadha jaa – 2
today u hear them and decorate them wid the colors of luv

kehna kabhi to mera maan haai
sometimes u listen to wht i say

jiya dhadak dhadak – 3
– 2

lagta hain yeh kyu mujhe sadiyon se chaahu tujhe – 2
why am i feeling like this tht i love u from centuries

mere sapno mein aake apna mujhko banake – 2
coming in my dreams, makin u mine

mujhpe tu kar ehsaan haai
u do a favour on me

jiya dhadak dhadak – 3
– 2

tujhe dekh dekh sona
tujhe dekh kar hain jagna
maine yeh zindagani
sang tere hain bitani haai
jiya dhadak dhadak – 3
– 2

dhadak jaaye jiya
dhadak jaaye jaaye
jiya dhadak dhadak
jiya dhadak dhadak
dhadak dhadak dhadak jaaye
jiya dhadak dhadak – 3

(lucky thinks how she will understand his love, he remembers there happy days and thinks ragini soon I will make you my love understand to you)

Otherside it is shown that swara is going somewhere place where a person and thinks today I have to talk to him ,
As she reaches to that person, he says uttera………………………..
Episode ends on shocked face of swara
And excited face of ragini

Precap- uttera past, swara new shade, think why ragini got excited

guys i took my too much time and stress to update todays episode
i wrote big episode also
guys think about uttera past

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      Sanskar real name is atif only.
      In childhood his name was atif but after his father jailed than he enterd in bad world so he changed his name to sanskar so that no one can recognize him that he is son of ram kapoor

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