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Guys I am glad to see your amazing comment IN last part of my ff
I got to know from one reader that in swaragini separation track is going on so you all are happy but little hurt and dissapointed that SWASAN and raglak cute scene will not there.
But it will be really good track for you all guys so I just want to tell just accept this track because everything is in the hand of writer of swaragini so we can’t blame anyone. Because if they are showing separation so it will totally indicate there must be some misunderstanding or may be small mistake of both couple may lead to separation or may be there ego so for it anyone from both couple or both couple have to do mistake so here there is no point of bashing and angry on any of character, they do what producers says them to do
One more thing swara sanky are human being so they can’t mahan all time they also can do mistake so if you are accepting your character in mahan form so you have to accept it’s bad role also because if we love someone or like someone.
We should not love or like that person just by seeing it’s good habit, we have to accept good as well as bad habit or work of person than only you can say I purely like or love this character and if you are not accepting this thing than you are not true fan of any of character.
Guys this rule is applied to home or in our real life also, remember this thing in mind everyone.
Accept your any friend brother or relative with his or her bad and good deed because this we only says perfect relation.
So guys 2-3 girls told me that here bashing going on so I thought to keep my point of view.
I don’t know about whole matter much but I only know little bit what sanky did and swara did so leave all this things. Because if we compare to other serial sanky shown one of the most mature character or role as well as swara ( but girls are always good in all serial it’s OK)
One more thing I just wanted to tell one thing what I Never thought in my dreams that SWASAN will separate in this way because the way they showed unconditional true mature and understanding love between SWASAN which I think not other serial would had showed it ( I don’t know about other serial but as much I know about Hindi serial I feel sanky was one of the most strongest role in them as well as SWASAN love )
This thing I never thought that SWASAN will separate in this way , but one thing is clear it they are separated so there is too too much pain will be there inside there heart, because there love was unconditional and pure, and also guys just wait for this track to come before blaming anyone because you all know very well swaragini serial is known for its suspense so just wait and watch what happen and tell me details if you guys feel to do so
About raglak I also wish best of luck for them to see there cute and romantic love story of shy ragini and naughty lucky, I also want to tell raglak fans to keep patience you guys also
Just enjoy track rather than proving who is wrong and write ( applied to all swaragini and sanlak fans)
I wish lucky again come back in serial with new look to lure his shy ragini
I also heard that now your sanky looking too hot so enjoy it, it is good thing for you because first time his costume changed and also swaragini looking too good so love all of them and enjoy it .
One more thing for getting good track and good thing SWASAN had to do mistake so it is also not there mistake because they want to give good plot for fans so that fans can enjoy the track with new love story and new look of both characters.
Guys for giving good track of you guys CVS had to do it so they are also helpless at there point so it’s your work to support them and not to fight on matter who is wrong and who is correct

I think enough of my bak bak remaining tomorrow.

Episode starts with SWASAN were hugging each other.
Sanky with naughty smile says do you want to live here only in my embrace or we should go to home.
Swara breaks hug in little shyness .
Swara still looking down so let’s go.
Sanky – oh my swara is feeling shy.
Swara moves her gaze away voh no it’s not like that.
Sanky comes near her while giving intense eyes, says , so what. And stands in front of her.
Swara – sees something and smiles, says that’s it mister.
As she completes this word sanky feels his shoes is not moving while swara laugh whole heatedly
This made sanky to forget his issue and he madly stars swara because first time he is seeing her laughing after there marriage,
While laughing swara notices intense gaze of sanky on her.
She feels uncomfortable, and she stops laughing while looking at him.
Sanky whisper beautiful,
Swara feels uneasy, she says with smirk so come towards me
Sanky – with naughty smile oh
Sanky tries to come towards her but his shoes were not moving inch also,
Sanky annoyingly sees her, says oh god what happened here.
Swara sees here and there says , nothing just your shoes Is stick to ground due to fevicol,
Sanky – what
Swara with cute smile yes mister.
Sanky – now I will not leave you, it’s my favorite shoes,
Swara – this is my favorite job to annoy you atif isn’t it.
Sanky thinks of there past time and shouts no swara I will kill you, you again started your secret prank,
Swara folds her hand, hey mister you were only annoying me by saying that you will live in my embrace only so I thought to give you good lesson so I secretly flowed bottle of fevicol on ground and you came in my shying trap and came towards me this thing happened.
Sanky fake angry swara I will not leave you,
Swara – before leaving me first save yourself.
Poor sanky starts removing shoes but before he could remove his shoes he feels his body full wet.
So he moves his gaze who pure water on him, saw swara standing in from of him holding mug of water.
Sanky – Now you crossed the limit, now it’s my chance.
Swara – so catch me and she ran away.
Sanky immediately removes shoes and runs behind her to catch her.
While swara was in garden .
Sanky while running behind her, says run run I will not leave you now. But his legs slipped in garden and he falls with Thud sound.
Swara shouts atif….
Swara gets tensed by seeing him, she takes her step towards him quickly,
Swara sees sanky lying on sand, she immediately takes his head IN her lap, shakes his hand.
Sanky opens his eyes, oh god don’t shout like this yar I will die by your voice only.
Swara fake anger slaps him, you made me tensed. You are very bad.
Sanky – sees her naughtily in her eyes, says so you started loving me. While Forces swara to sees in his eyes where they both share intense eyelock.
Sanky – huskily, if you want to eat me , you can eat, I am ready to become your pray.
Swara hits on his chest you are shameless sanky.
Sanky moans in pain, oh god swara please.
Swara – narrows her eyes, so you are injured.
Sanky – voh voh…..
Swara – it means you have some injury on your body and you are not telling to me.
Sanky – it’s not big injury yar.
Swara – but it is injury.
Swara stands and drags him to room.
Swara make him stand in front of him .goes to drawer search first add, while searching she commands sanky to remove his shirt, but sanky don’t listen her because there was something going in his mind.
In this time swara comes towards him with first add box, sees him that he didn’t removed his shirt.
She also didn’t cared starts searching tube again says I told you remove your shirt but this time sanky holds her hand, swara also moves her gaze on him fully, sanky whisper Now it’s confirmed that you love me because you want different different reason to See Me shirtless.
Swara annoyed by his words, atif I am serious here but you are doing fun.
Sanky childish I am also serious that you love me and I know your intentions are not good towards me. But I am good boy , you can’t play with my dignity.
Swara got really annoyed, she forcefully takes step towards him. And starts unbuttoning his shirt.
Sanky does acting to stop her, please yar don’t be this much curious for me. I know I am hot boy but control your emotions swara.
Swara removes his shirt fully without giving reply to his words.
She sees his chest got little injury, swara puts her palm on his chest, sanky closes his eyes wow swara what a feeling I am getting.
Swara sees his closed eyes and smirk, she pinches near injured area, says now which type of feeling you got mister.
Poor sanky jumps due to pain, swara what are you doing yar.
Swara – it’s your punishment of your deeds.
Sanky – what I did, I was just making environment romantic.
Swara – atif Now stop it. Now I am seriously telling just sit here.
Sanky sits on chair by swara command.
Sanky – Now do what you want to do, he says little fake serious.
Swara takes tube on her fingers and rubs it on Sanky chest sanky feels pleasure.
Chahe kuchh na kehnaa
Bhaley chup too rehnaa
Mujhe hai pataa, tere pyaar ka
Khaamosh chehra, aankhon pe pehra
Khud hai gawah, tere pyaar ka

Don’t say anything if you don’t want to
Even be silent, if you want to be
I know your love
The silent face and your patrol on my eyes
are the witnesses of your love on their own

( sanky sees swara taking care of him, she was desperately cleaning his wound on chest and bandaging it, he thinks I know you loves me, you are telling it’s attraction but I know you loved me from childhood)

Teri jhuki najar, teri har adaa
Mujhhe keh rahi hai yeh daastaan
Koi shakhs hai, joh ki in dino
Tere zehen-o-dil pe hai cha gayaa
Teri jhuki najar, teri har adaa
Mujhe keh rahi hai yeh dastaan

Your leaned eyes, your every style
are telling me this story
There is someone who now a days
has spread over your mind and heart
Your leaned eyes, your every style
are telling me this story

( swara sees sanky intense gaze towards her, she leaned her eyes down and does her work, she again sees him from corner of her eye but removes her gaze everytime where sanky understand her restlessness but he secretly enjoys it)

Teri zulf jab bhee bikhar jati hai
Ae haseen too haseen aur ho jati hai
Jo kitabon mein padhhte rahe aaj tak
Wo pari hamko tujhme nazar aati hai

Whenever your swirls fall
Oh beautiful, you started looking more beautiful
The fairy about which we kept on studying in books till today
is seen in you by us

( cold breezes was flowing inside room, her face covered by her some hair, sanky takes his hand and removes hair from her face, and swara completes her work. She was about to turn her face and some fear of there separation comes in his mind,)

Teri hi baaho me, panahon me
Rehna mujhe hardam sadaa
Teri hi yaado me, nigaho me
Rehna mujhe har dam sada
Teri hi baaho me, panahon me
Rehna mujhe hardam sadaa
Hardam sadaa

I want to live always
in your arms only and in your shelters
I want to live always
in your memories and in your eyes
I want to live always
in your arms only and in your shelters

Chaahe kuch na kehna..
Teri jhuki nazar, teri har

( sanky pulls swara towards him and gives her tight hug, sanky started saying please don’t go away from me again. Swara thinks what happened to him)
Swara removes hug and ask what happened sanky.
Sanky comes out of sense, says I got bad dream, swara comes closer to his face assures him, I will never leave you atif.
Sanky nods.
Swara – now wear your shirt.
Sanky wears his shirt and both moves towards sanky house.
At SWASAN house.
Both comes and sits on couch.
Swara – Now please don’t take tension sanky it was just small dream.
Sanky -yew swara I am unnecessary taking tension I should not take it.
Swara gives him water glass and signs him to drink it.
Sanky drinks water, says now swara we have to fight to know real culprit of your father death as well as uttera.
Swara – yes sanky.
Sanky says first I have to find culprit of uttera also.
Swara yes sanky.
Sanky signs swara to come behind him where she sees pics of every important person of sanky life, he takes swara in front of uttera pic.
Sanky while seeing uttera pics says do you remember swara how much naughty swara was there in childhood.
Swara – yes sanky I remember those days when uttera used to play with us, and do you remember sanky we always got bored when uttera didn’t played with us, she was like soul .
Sanky – yes swara but those blo*dy people separated me from my beloved sister,
He takes garland and was about to wear on uttera pic but swara immediately stopped him.
Swara – what are you doing sanky.
Sanky – swara I am garlanding uttera pic.
Swara – OK
Sanky – but I saw her death body from my eyes swara.
Swara sees breakdown sanky and she hugs him.
Swara I know uttera is not there in this world but please don’t break down because she will not like her breakdown brother. Please don’t cry.
Sanky – what to do swara my all relation are broken.
Swara – but now your every relation will be fixed.
After sometime SWASAN breaks hug,
Swara – now please leave everything sanky on me
Sanky nods.
So whole day they had some convo and sanky also became normal and forgot everything.
In evening.
Swasan were seating,
Swara sees time and says oh god in talking whole day went now I am going to make food you just sit here.
Sanky – no I will also help you .
Swara thinks of previous kitchen incidence of his shirtless work she immediately says no no never.
Sanky understood her fear says so you have tension if I remove my shirt isn’t it.
Swara compose, no you are mistaken it’s not like that.
Sanky so what.
Swara – voh voh I am going to do work.
Sanky – but I am also coming.
Swara please I will do work.
Sanky – no we both will do work but before that give me that file of uttera death mistery because today I have to send it to advocate.
Swara says OK I am bringing.
Swara goes in study room and searches the files which she brought.
Swara while searching got the file which sanky was asking. Says oh I got my file, but by mistake one file fall down,
Swara hits her head, oh god what useless work you are doing swara and she starts picking that file but by mistake that file one paper opened which made swara in shock.
Swara shockingly says how this file can come here. Oh god how much I am dumbo, how can I be this much careless.
Swara takes that file immediately and hides in her Saree and thinks I can’t show this file to anyone.
If this file is open. I can’t bear it’s consequences.
This is reality which I can’t show anyone not even in my dream also, I have to keep this file somewhere…………………………

Episode ends on worried face of swara.

Precap – SWASAN romance and pakka raglak scenes 50%
Guys as I got to know about SWASAN separation so I just tried my level best to make smile on your face because I can understand you guys want good scene of SWASAN in serial so I just gave little good scene so that you guys can feel little good
One more thing guys guess what is there in file.
Which type of romance you want in SWASAN just tell your review
One more thing guys I am really really very bad in writing happy days in story, because I think I can’t give that much effect on happy days so if you like please tell me
Criticising comment is acceptable which are only on my writing not fans fandom comment

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  1. Mahjabeen

    Awesome bro…it ws lovely…loved it..njoyed seeing swasan fun..it ws adorable..
    Nd wat paper swara is hiding??wat is dat??
    Nd da note ws rlly amazing dear..u said absolutely right..m eagrly waitng fr da upcoming track of swaragini..its going to b interesting..but yeah flng sad fr swasan separation..but da upcoming track is going to much more interesting..nd there will b swasan hate nd love tashan story…

    1. Pathan

      Really thanks for understanding my point of view
      I am happy to see that
      It’s good that you are excited for future SWASAN hate love story
      Keep watching serial and also updating me
      Keep smiling always

  2. A/a bhai…..kaisae ho….hwz ua clg goin on …yipeee m d 1st 1 to cmnt bt dun know hw much tym dey vl take fr moderation…..well today ‘s chappy wzz sho shweet….swara’s pranks loved dm….bt it wz too short plz post nxt 1 a big part…..if possible…..

    1. Pathan

      OK my college is going very nicely and I am happy that you are first commwntor of my ff so thought to reply you early
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  3. Maryum

    Part is nice one question bhai u love talking na I feel after reading each and every part of this story aur rahi bats darma main swasan ki to sanskar is right and swara is totally worng jo bhi hoga boht acha ho ga us ka shaath she deserved it woulds no one idiot

    1. Pathan

      Yes you are correct that I love talking to different people.
      OK I can understand ur feeling about SWASAN but you have to understand one thing here
      To give good SWASAN scene swara have to do this mistake so I am telling you have to accept SWASAN
      I feel both SWASAN are wrong or sometime both are wrong or sometime I feel swara is more wrong but we have to understand one thing clap can only be done from both the hands not from one hand so here both have done something wrong may be intensity of clapping from swara side Is more than that of sanky but we have to note one thing sanky also took part in that clap
      I am again telling accept them with there good and bad character
      I am giving you 100% guarantee in future you will love the track and will also love swara but just wait
      Sorry if I hurt you
      I just put my point of view

      1. Maryum

        Y should I hart bhai I agree ur point and I love this story but this time I support sanskar because for me he is comeplely right this time it my point and I always love sanskar character and eccpte him all time u just think agr sanskar ki jaga ap hota to kya karta main hoti to wo hi karti jo sanskar karha hai

    2. Pathan

      Oh may be sanky may be write this time
      I don’t know much about it
      But you have to agree one thing of mine
      We clap by both the hands
      But one thing I can say in this serial they really showed boy character as too good unlike other serial
      If you ask personally question to whom I like most in swaragini
      This I didn’t told before so I am telling I like sanky most in this serial
      One more thing without seeing him in serial and after just reading swaragini Wikipedia story only I became his fan
      So he is most loved character by me in serial

      1. Maryum

        OK bhai as u say sanskar is my too

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    1. Mica

      you can’t do match properly Nikky… Swasan fandom are loyal..
      we watch SR all the time no matter what, it ‘s Swasan track or Raglak track..
      it’s the calculation…
      Raglak track— both fandom watching
      Swasan track—- just Swasan fandom watching
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      Sorry Pathan, i don’t read your ff since few last update, wish i can read later
      just read your bak bak for sure :D, and well said about Swasan,
      even i can’t imagine why CVS ruined Swasan character nowadays,, but what to say! they are more stunning now! 😀 😀

      1. Pathan

        It’s OK when you will be free that time you can read ff
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        Don’t take tension whenever you will free you can read story
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    2. Pathan

      First of all I didn’t understand your comment
      Can I ask you one question have you gone mad
      Always unsatisfied and I plead to other reader to not to reply her comment because she always wants publicity and one more thing we should not give attention to those people who don’t know use there mind so I plead to other reader to not to reply her comment
      Keep this side people away only
      One more thing I intentionally didn’t gave raglak scene because when I write raglak scene I don’t get your comment as well as other raglak fans comment but when I don’t write raglak story than I get comment from raglak reader than it is batter to not to write raglak story because if I will not write than raglak will comment.
      Because I am tired of this raglak fandom because from starting when I was showing raglak story than hardly 1 or 2 commented but if I don’t write there story than everyone will comment

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    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting and liking today’s part

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    1. Pathan

      I am happy that your paper went well
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  9. Hey its just lvly ep….Can’t say anything… Plz give me ideas to tell something for ur ff…Just marvellous….No words to say…How can I utter any word after reading this much beautiful ep of such a beautiful ff’s…..Swasan scenes were really good…N Sanky’s every word make me laugh… N about Raglak scenes then its OK…I know u will surely give it in nxt ep…N yeah u r correct girls r always gud in evry serials….OK enough of my lectures.. Stay blessed and keep smiling always…

    1. Pathan

      I am overwhelmed to see your marvelous comment
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    3. Pathan

      OK don’t take stress on your mind
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      I know you guys are daily supporting me so I will give good plot so don’t take tension about it
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  10. Mou SWASAN lover

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    1. Pathan

      You know very well I can’t write anything without suspense so I put suspense in story
      But don’t take tension everything will be revealed as soon as possible
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      I am happy that you liked SWASAN part
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      So don’t take there words seriously
      One more thing don’t take tension I will surely give good raglak plot

      1. Ya you are correct that many times Ragini hurt Swara…Ragini didn’t supported her many times…But this is not their point…They are telling that for Ragini Swasan get separated…OK leave this topic…This is serial so anything can happen and thet are viewers or fans so they can say their points…And bashers are there for bashing… Anyways leave this useless topic… Stay happy and blessed…

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