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episode starts with swara shouting on sanky,
sanky was hell shocked by her statement.
saky didn’t uttered any word. he was just staring her.
swara again says am i correct or not.
sanky didn’t say anything, he could not come out of shock.
swara comes near him and ask in strict voice, am i correct or not.
sanky eyes were fixed on floor, he just managed to nod in positivity, his head was down.
swara- wow what a nice person, i know you must be shocked how i know, so listen one day,i bymistake went on this type of s*x dating website where i bymistake opened one page
in next tab but could not see that but today when i was closing tabs, but that tab bymistake opened where i saw your id, i know you must be again shocked how i know about your
id on this page. i know you didn’t showed your face, only showed your hands, and i just saw your tatoo where a mole is
present so i confirmed it is you only, isn’t it sanskar

sanky hardly takes two word from his mouth because he was in deep thinking, he whisper, yes you correct.
swara could not see pain in her eyes, she says wow such a nice person, but mr. clear onething, i can’t live with you.
swara about to turn but sanky holds her hand, he says its ok swara you can leave me but you have to listen full story behind it.
swara- now what is remaining mister but if you are telling, i will hear your useless story.
sanky- thanks for giving time to me
sanky goes in deep thinking, he says these all things happened on my wish only swara.
he says loudly, yes swara i was only person who brought myself to this position but again he becomes calm and tears started flowing from his eyes and continues but i really didn’t
had any option.
swara- other option ??

sanky takes deep breath and continues, swara i was very poor, i didn’t had good clothes to wear but i studied hard and got selescted in good college but for me affording to college
fees was difficult but my father used to give whole money of income in my fees and other way we just lived in poor life only.
but as i was studying destiny played a game with me and he was jailed by a case which he never did in his life.
but no one hear his words and jailed him, i didn’t had single rupee to arrange advocate also, so i could not save my father, i left my studies and started doing the work but also
i was not able to get sufficient amount of money to save my father or to continue my studies,
i started searching real culprit than i went to one dancing pub where he used to go daily so to take eye on him i joined that pub also but nothing got in my hand.
i was waiter of that place but after some days he went to somewhere other place, i searched about him everywhere but i didn’t got about him. so i decided to work in club only because
they were giving me good money, i have seen my unrespected life, no one respected me, i didn’t had anything to do, i was highly depressed in my life, no love no money.

but only one thing was roaming in my mind that how to save me father, people used to defame me that my father is criminal but no one gave me love, i was all alone living in my room
with darkeness only, i really didn’t want to live but that day i decided not to cry, and i will prove infront of whole world that my father is not culprit so i continued my college and
side work in pub, i decided one thing that without doing study i can’t do work so i studied hard but for me arranging expenses had become tough, in pub also many girls used to come
to me for doing s*x, many were highly attracted towards me, my freind who used to work in club tells me to do this work,

i will get good money but in starting i refused because i don’t
want to go in this line, daily many rich women comes to me to give huge amount of money for having s*x with them, i always refused them but i can’t ignore that i don’t had money to give
college fees and living expenses but also i didn’t agreed but that one day i still remember that lady became obessed to me, she mixed alcohol in my drink and we got intimated that night.
when i opened my eyes, i foung myself nude in her arms, i know how much insulted i felt, but i could not do anything, that lady wore her clothes and throwed 20,000 rupee on me,
i complained to pub staff by her act but no one hear, they tells that this is common here, i didn’t wanted to take money but i took that money to give fees of my college but from that day
i decided that this is only way to make good money and will help in building bussiness, so i soled myself, i used to sleep with girl one time in one month, i was highly paid person,
so those women who gives me maximum money for one night, i used to sell my body for her, i had seen maximum rich ladies used to sleep with me, in this way my life started going,

every month i used to sleep with women and i used to get huge amount of money which i used in bussiness, and that girls also helped me in business, so sideby side i did this work,
i also had seen my freinds who are poor also comes in this job because this job gives huge amount of money in one night with pleasure, this thing had become common in many colleges.
this happened with me also, these job helped me to come to this position, i know swara you will think that there are many other work to earn money but reality is that these all things
looks good in story and lecture only because for like me people this is only one option to make my life good, i did all these things to save my father and to save him.
tears of helplessness flows from his eyes, he holds swara hand and ask what is your decission swara, but he hears only one thing from swara mouth please leave me sanky,

sanky did not utter any word and leaved her hand silently, swara without uttering any word runs from there,
sanky sees on ground helplessly, but he heard sound of starting of car, he concluded the decission of swara that she don’t want to live with him, tears flows from his eyes of

while raglak were eating breakfast happily,
lucky while eating so what you decided about career.
ragini- i don’t know.
lucky- you should continue your modeling career.
ragini- yes i also think but i need little time.
lucky- yes correct,
just than lucky starts coughing ragini immediately gives him water,
both hands touched and had small eye lock, lucky eyes became red, he places glass on table.
and wipes tears which were about to come from his eyes,

ragini- what happened lucky
lucky- nothing ragini, i just remembered my previous days.
ragni places her hand on his shoulder and gives him assuring smile that everything will be alright soon.
lucky places his hand on her hand, gives her tight smile.
ragini- so ready to go to office.
lucky- no i am not feeling to go
ragini- but why
lucky- i want little stress free environment.
ragini- oh
lucky- so will you come with me at beach.
ragini- what
lucky- ya ragini from many days we are really living in sad environment so its better to go to beach to refresh moment.
ragini- yes you are correct, we will get fresh environment there.
lucky- yes
ragini- let us go
both raglak gets ready where lucky admires ragini beauty and both went towards beach.

raglak seates at one place,
ragini- you know lucky i always used to come to these place to make myself calm.
lucky just smiles and says yes ragini, this sea is very silent place where he can keep all the sorrows inside it without any complain.
ragini- yes lucky you are correct
lucky- this is best place to decrease our sorrow.
ragini- now please again don’t start your emotional talk.
lucky smiles whole heartedly, oh yes ragini i will not,
ragini- so let us go to eat gol gappa
both raglak starts eating golgappa.
just than a very beautiful foreigner comes in bikeney,
pani puri falls from his hand which is noticed by ragini, she sees in direction where lucky was continuesly watching,
she found that he is seeing a bickeny foreigner continuesly, ragini fumes in jealousy but lucky was admiring her beauty (boys are always boys)………….

precap- swasan moments, you think about raglak

guys think about raglak what will happen next
also think why swara went leaving sanky,
sorry for emotional chapter but now it is needed, please bear 2 episode more. than swasan happy scene

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  1. AMkideewani

    Feeling sad for Sanky?

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting

  2. Don’t separate them

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting

  3. Kaur Daljeet


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  4. Jealousy is the first step to love, interesting , waiting for raglak love story

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      Thanks for commenting

  5. Soujanya


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  6. Rabia0032

    Really feeling bad for sanky yaar ??????….
    But awesome raglak Moment was Amazing….

    But han I want my swasan back on track okeyy

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting and ur SWASAN will be back on track

      1. Rabia0032

        Hahahahaha thanks hey when will you post this story on wattpad han ?

    2. Pathan

      I will post soon after some days because after some episode this story is going to end very soon
      Than whatpad

  7. Haya malik

    Sorry pathan if I m being rude…but still I want to say as u yourself know that you are the one of the best writers of TU…we just love your story a lot…but as it is said that to reach on top is not difficult but to stay at top is difficult one….
    Your story concept was a little different from others I thought you a unique story writer….in previous episode when you unfolded sanskar’s truth…from that day till now I was just thinking what would you give the reason behind it….and trust me I was not expecting the same reason…my poorness and all…..
    Well being your reader I think its my right to say that today you disappointed me with the same story behind sanskar….

    Well coming to raglak scene it was just awesome…today I actually loved raglak scene over swasan….and yeah boys will be boys…

    Keep it up dude…and sorry if I said more than enough…

    1. Pathan

      No I am happy to see your beautiful comment
      And yes about sanky past I just wanted to convey one thing that there are many boys in India who do this prostitution job to earn money and now a days in college life this things is really increasing too much

      I have seen many of people personally that they are doing this things so I just thought to give light on that part of boys which many people neglect.
      But I also feel after reading his past that what I wanted to convey that I could not conveyed properly. I just wanted to show this thing
      I think may be it is common so big sorry for that
      Yes you are correct be in top is difficult task and I think somewhere I may have lost that charm of being top
      So it’s OK be in bottom is also good I am happy for it
      You don’t know I am really feeling too good to see your comment because it is one of the best comment which I got in today episode because you really caring and sensierly reading my story that’s why you felt
      But today you corrected my mistake it will really help me to not to do this mistake next time
      You are very good keep giving me suggestive comment and please don’t ask sorry for it
      This comment was not rude but this comment is from well-wisher side who thinks about me

      I am again saying sorry of not giving good past and dissapointing you
      From next time I will keep this thing in mind

      If in future if you find I am not going on track so please tell me
      Keep smiling always

      1. Haya malik

        Thanks for taking it in positive view…but still I want you on top again…come soon with bang…

    2. Pathan

      I don’t know whether I was in top or bottom because I don’t know about tellyupdates people
      I never care if I am in top or bottom because I just write to give butter world of people
      In my story you will not found good love story because I Am little different writer
      I only focus socially and I am really too much bad in showing good love story

      I think you may be knowing very well or not that I said to many people from before also that this story is going to end soon. Because I don’t write story more than 30 episode because I like to write small story only so this story may end before or till 35 episode.
      By the way I don’t care if I am top or bottom but I only care that you guys are reading story and also supporting me

      1. Haya malik

        You know I can only repeat your lines…real writer lives in reader’s heart…and you occupied a good place with your view of society… And about story doesn’t matter you will end it in 30 episodes or 130 episodes… The only thing which matters is that you are fab…

  8. Yashasvi

    hey bro it was really emotional…………….
    sanky’s past …. gosh he suffered so much…
    hope swara understands his helplessness

    gosh loved RagLak…………. they were shooo cute……….
    unki masti se toh mind bilkul fresh ho gya….

    challo ab bye hav to do home work…..

    keep smiling and stay blessed……
    love uh………..
    Yashu !!!!!!

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting my sister and thanks for liking raglak part by the way how is your health and do your work

      1. Yashasvi

        ya bro doing that only……
        itzz soooo damn boring…………….

  9. Amazing and I think swara will come back for sure and waiting for raglak love story.

    1. Pathan

      See it in next episode you will come to know everything soon
      Thanks for liking my story
      Keep smiling always

  10. It wzzz fab bhai..loved it n it wz tooo emotional….n oh gosh how much sanky sufrd…i thnk swara z olso present at beach vr raglak r…..n she vl c dm well its just a guess…..n it wos too short epi….plz post a big one…… all d best fo ua clg…n r uhh living in hostl cz uh said na uh r away frm ua family…take care bhai….love uhh loads…???

    1. Pathan

      OK sister I will post big one next time
      Yes I am away from family now.
      But don’t take tension I am just managing myself for living away from family but daily I used to talk to them.
      I am happy for your care
      OK don’t take tension SWASAN will also have like this good scene
      Take care keep smiling always

  11. Kakali

    Irfan ur every word was correct…. “”U CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE,, U HAVE MORE WAYS TO EARN MONEY,, U COULD HAVE LITTLE PATIENCE ,,HAVE FAITH ON GOD,,”” — do hell with all this soo call thoughts…these all words are soo easy too say ,,easy to read,,, but d reality is damn crural…

    on that particular note no body have enough patience to wait for d rit time … when everything will b perfect….

    Soo Sanskar did what was in his hand…
    I love it Irfan,,, i seriously love it …
    He has bitter past,, not soo good present ,, but m sure future will be soo blissfull…
    Thnk u dear !!! GOD bless u…

    1. Pathan

      Yes kakali you are fully correct at your point
      I am happy to see your amazing comment

      Keep supporting me and liking story
      How is your health

      1. Kakali

        M perfectly Fine … just a little headache…
        anyway how is ur new life going on? living separately from family is tooo taugh naa !!¿!! But don’t worry u’ll manage it .. (it’s alsoo soo easy to say ,, but only u know how it feels!! )
        Take care !!! keep shining… 😀

    2. Pathan

      Thanks for ur concern
      And yes it is very difficult to live away from family

      1. Kakali

        Yeah Mica.. i agree with u .. poorness is not a reason to choose wrong path… coz everybody doesn’t born with silver spoon… many people r poor here… but with d hard work n dedication they got success… n i myself believe in HARD WORK N DADICATION…

        but i said coz In that phase sanskar’s condition was too bad .. there was one for him to say that it’s wrong or rit… n moreover whatever he did ,, at 1st he didn’t want to do that… but next he was drugged … he was pushed to doo all that…
        i agree he did that for his father n education fees…

        BUT NOW also… why? why is he doing all this now? why didn’t he give up after reaching in height…
        Now he is a successful business man… earn crores … then why is he not stopping all this…
        I also understand we need time to come back in a rit path from a wrong one… n Sanskar get enough time.. then why his ID is still in that site… he could have stopped all this…

        one more thing his father is in jail now… rit… then where is his sacrifice gone… only for his father he sold his dignity.. but though he is not able to bail his father… why? what he did in all this year?
        I couldn’t understand this two things…
        Hope i didn’t hurt u both MICA N IRFAN…

    3. Mica

      nooo.. dear nooo.. don’t justified it, the poorness is not the reason to take wrong path
      ahem.. ahemm..

    4. Pathan

      See kakali
      He leaved that job from before only. Just there was not I’d it only showed that his name was just written in famous people on this job and to save his father he only could do to drag the case and to make his father life good in jail because no he is still fighting for case

      1. Kakali

        OOOHHHOOO !!! thnnkk u Irfan for clearing my doubts … but still i remember he did d job again with Neha may be … for some papers or may b land … i didn’t remember d episode exactly… but i have read that i guess… huhuhuhu *my poor brain

  12. swasan scene was so emotional..

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting

  13. awesome… swasan part r too gd

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting

  14. Pooja26

    m back pathan !!!!!!! 😉 😉

    actually busy in college
    sorry !! couldn’t message in previous one…….

    awsm chappy…….

    mila do swasan ko

    post asap….

    1. Pathan

      Don’t take tension SWASAN reunion is coming soon
      It’s OK I can understand you must be busy in your college work
      Study well
      No need for asking sorry keep smiling always

  15. Awesome chappy…sankys past ws soo emotional…whr did swara go?? Waitng fr nxt

    1. Pathan

      Just wait everything will be revealed soon

      And everything will be fine also

  16. oh my God! what a pleasant surprise Bhai….. a big waala thank you for posting this chappy so soon…. its just awesome…. I was crying while reading my sanky’s past…. hope swara will support him not separate with him… n raglak part was tooooo gud… ragini’s jealousy was very cute… n you said very correct, boy are always boys…. now enough of my bak bak…. thank you once again…. plz post the next part soon OK…. bye… n stay blessed….

    1. Pathan

      Yes you are correct boys are always boys only
      Thanks for liking today part

  17. nice and emotional dont seperate swaan

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting

  18. So emotional Swasan part…I think about Sanskar it is the best dark past I have ever seen…..Because I think in your ff Sanskar’s past is a little bit different from other ffs…So don’t take tension…According to me your ff’s concepts are really very different and unique…And you have busiest life then also you are posting it quickly..It means a lot for me..I don’t know about others..So from your side you gave good past of Sanskar and what you will do in your ff its totally your wish….OK enough of my lectures..

    Raglak part are really good..And you are correct boys are always boys….. Not only correct but absolutely you are correct..I agree with you…And about Raglak I don’t know..You think anything which u want to give…Keep smiling always and stay blessed…

    1. Pathan

      Wow such fabulous comment

      Ya his past is different
      Don’t take tension everything will be good soon

      Really happy that you liked raglak part in story
      It really means a lot to me

      Keep smiling always

  19. Nice

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting

  20. I didn’t understand one thing how can a boy get intimated without his permission…i mean rape like a girl….you said someone mixed in alcohol… How could it happened to a boy..?.. If its a girl oky…i can understand..

    1. Pathan

      OK I can understand ur doubt but when a boy is in alcohol effect he looses his sense

      If he see girl in intimate way so his s*x hormones rises so he intimate
      I think you got my point

  21. The episode was good…..

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting

  22. Really too much emotional episode…I mean Swasan part was too emotional…And Swara is so stubborn…How could she do this to Sanky…Feeling bad for him… I think in this ff he has the most bad past from Swara,Lucky and Ragini… And why Swara leaved Sanky I don’t know…Because I am feeling that there is strong behind this…But what is the reason I don’t know but she didn’t do correct with him… And what Sanky said that “THESE ALL THINGS LOOKS GOOD IN STORY AND LECTURE ONLY” is really correct.. These all things only can happen or possible in Stories, in Films or in Serials…But for real life its very difficult… And I don’t know about this thing that now these things are common in colleges or not… First time I heard this thing from that now these things are common in colleges… Now coming to my Raglak part… Well its really good and enjoyable… I enjoyed that part a lot… And you are correct boys are always boys… Koi shak nahi iss mein… But today I loved Swasan part more than Raglak…Don’t feel bad OK…I enjoyed their part also… OK now enough… I can’t write anymore… I am posting this comment with too much difficulty… Because you know that I am not well…And seriously today I am not feeling well.. I am feeling tired and stressful…Stay happy and take care of yourself…

    1. Sorry for typing mistake… In the ninth line….Its strong reason..And in twentieth line…It’s I heard this thing from you…

    2. Pathan

      Really happy that you gone to deep of the episode
      Swara will understand sanky soon but it will take time
      May be there is reason behind it that we will see later

      I am happy that you liked SWASAN part more than raglak
      It really means a lot to me
      Keep smiling always

  23. Hemalattha

    superb bro especially raglak part really nice.is that true boys also doing pr*stitution job or this is your own idea.this is the first time i get to know about boys pr*stitution job.really awesome bhai.

    1. Pathan

      Few boys are doing this type of job but mostly found in big cities
      It is not my idea
      I know this type of Boys
      In this job they get money as well as pleasure

  24. Maryum

    Nice poor sanskar

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting

  25. Shanky part is very emotional and raglak part is too cute

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting

  26. Nice one dear… Little bit emotional too Bt… It’s OK… N I think swara will forgive him…. Bt don’t knw what’s going in ur mind Hehe…. Update soon dear… N Ha raglak part was also good.. ?????

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting
      Keep liking my story

  27. NDSG

    Don’t separate swasan… ????

    1. Pathan

      No they will not separate
      Thanks for liking my story
      Keep supporting me

  28. Mica

    Pathaaaaaannn..!!!!!! i feel disgusting with this sanskar..
    i can understand if he did those wrong thing to save his father, since it’s soo urgent, emergency and no time to collect huge money..
    but when he took those path for business..uuughhhh sooo disgusting though ever…
    Did he thinks that the goal of life just to be rich ? j
    did he think to be success in life is by have so much money no matter what to do so ?
    being rich is bless, you can reach it by hard work, honesty and creativity..
    but, SELF RESPECT is a must in life…
    what kind of success he will enjoy if he gets them by sold his dignity and body ?
    God gives everything we though , if we think we will success only by do wrong thing, He will show us just wrong path, but if we have faith on right thing, God will lead us somehow…
    disgusting Sanskar…
    His bitter past was about his father went in jail as innocent..
    but being poor is not bitter past, it’s encourage us to be hard worker and a grateful one..
    sound lame but it’s true…

    1. Pathan

      I know you are somewhere correct at your point but here I am taking story on those people who are going for this work
      Second thing for bailing his father was very urgent for him.
      He is not educated well so from where he will bring money to educate.
      These is no institution and govt. Policy in India who will help him to study hard and if you see management college even if they are govt. There fees is too much high.
      So from where he will bring money to study.
      There is scope and hope but it will not help him to do
      He will have to leave college for these things but he will not get money Also because there is not good work who will help me to get good money.
      I am again saying he had not chance
      This things that he do other work and get money really looks good in writing and all but in real life it happens but least cases.

      1. Mica

        that why i told you that i understand him to took wrong path for his father..
        but for study or as capital for his business.. just totally wrong..
        there is a businessman in my town..
        when he was young, he soo poor, he spent his time to go to any construction building just for collecting broken nail, brought them home to fixed them, then he sold them in cheap price, he saved the profit to rent small building as a small shop
        now, he has many big shop spread in many town….
        my grandpa, no educated as poor ( his mother a widow with 6 children), became worker in young as elder, being honest, hard work and lil bit smart, made his boss impressed, so, when he decided to back to his hometown and told his boss that he want to start his own business, his boss support him by giving loan..
        now, my family and few emplyer’s family depend our life on the company that my grandpa built with his hard work..
        may we can’t buy private jet or island, but at least we proud of it..
        so Pathan.. i think there are many way to be good one.. Sanskar just want the short way to get money.. just it..
        please don’t justified his wrong deed…uugghh.. i blabbering ..

    2. Pathan

      These type of cases are there I know very well
      These all things happen when we have family and we are free to work we don’t have much berdon at that time and if we have burden than our family is there to support them
      One more thing in all those examples they don’t have any pressure
      They very well educated or if not they are happy with there work
      And these are doing the work not in pressure
      But in sanky side he don’t have money for eating food also.
      He wanted to save his father
      For him only one thing was there to save his father. If you remember 4th episode when sanky meets his father he only says I don’t like to live in rich people
      He just want to spend time with his father only
      So he is too much fond of his father.
      He can do anything
      He really didn’t had any options he was totally broken from inside.
      He was in his small age.
      At this time no one is there to give him good suggestion that he must choose this or that path .because all society people are hating him no one showed love towards him
      No one was giving him good job also because his father is criminal than think how much pressure he had at small age.
      So what he will do his life is totally messed up but he had only option to save his parent and life
      Only one he got that was this one so he chose
      I am not telling that he did correct but please note one thing many times we have to do those thing which we never did
      It’s destiny.
      So I just wanted to focus on that type of Boys who do this work to earn money.
      One more thing seating in air conditioner we can’t understand anyone problem.
      We have to be little practical
      Think widely
      Don’t think in one way only
      Take broad concept

      1. Mica

        uugghh, how many time i said that i understand his situation when he tried to save his father.. after his father out from the jail, just stop it..stop to be a gigolo for further…
        oh God…being gigolo for study fee and capital for business, and you support him ?
        it’s you call broad concept ?
        i told you story about being poor, which one educated ?
        did you read my story above ? free to work ? first person i ever told you just collect broken nail Pathan.. “BROKEN NAIL” it’s no need capital, it’s no need everything, just leg to walk..AND A THOUGH THAT WITHOUT TAKE WRONG PATH, HE CAN LIVE…
        little practical ????? you think by support someone bad deed to earn money it’s called practical ? omg….
        Sansakar at least he lives for his own, many people should work for other family member… (my grandpa had been worked since 13 years old to give feed 6 family member)..
        even being coolie much better than become gigolo.
        i know you want to portrait the type of people.. but seem your story/sanskar story didn’t strong enough for me to take wrong path (except about his father turmoil)

    3. Pathan

      I have many things to tell you and what I told you didn’t understand
      Read it carefully again
      I am telling there was no one for him to give him good path.
      One more thing I am just telling about those person who goes for this work.
      I am not telling they are too good all should go for it and one more thing I am also not telling they are fully correct or fully wrong.
      Now a days no one is mahan even if your varun kapoor or me also.
      I have many things to tell you but I only know one thing.
      Doing argument with you is useless only because at the end you only says you are correct only because I saw it.
      You never think maturely

      Really I don’t have time to argue on this matter
      I am highly busy in my work so please for god sake leave this matter here only because there is no point of argument where you never see some other point.
      So think yourself only
      I have seen it.
      One more thing I am not telling he did correct work but think ar his condition

      One more thing so one is mahan

      1. Mica

        no need to be maahan to choose rite path…
        we are readers Pathan.. we can give our point of view, for me what Sanskar did was disgusting, regarding to be a gigolo for capital to build business..
        i just review your story…. but seems you always take it personally…
        your tagline—Real writer is that person who lives in the heart of reader —
        but when the reader did that soo… you always angry just because we have no same point…
        you didn’t tell that he is correct, but the way you explain to me showing that you support his deed…
        you know what, in your ff, somehow you show to reader that SANSKAR KNEW THAT IT WAS WRONG, BUT STILL DID IT, so, you have pointless reason when you told me that Sanskar has no one to lean him the rite path…
        if you want showing about someone who who did wrong path forcefully, you may can show Sanskar did it for his father only.. but not for school fee or build business…YOU GAVE WRONG MESSAGE TO TEENAGER BY THIS PATHAN….
        even me busy to read other ff 😛
        but still i argue about this because we can’t support someone become gigolo for education moreover for build business….

    4. Pathan

      First of all correct yourself that I never got angry on anyone
      Neither I gave any rude reply to anyone.
      May be this one will be rude.
      I always reply calmly even if someone bad mouth me in comment box also
      I never be rude so first correct your thoughts about me then comment
      And about sanskar wait for some more episode you will get to know everything.

      One more thing I want to say that I only wanted to tell that there are some people like that who go for a these work when they are in trouble
      This thing I only wanted to tell rather than mahan or not mahan.
      One more thing you are busy in reading ff and I am busy in my studies and personal life

      One more thing thing I have many examples who are doing this work and I also know them
      So I just wanted

      1. Pathan

        To show that these type of people also exist in this world.
        If in place of him there would be girl you all would had accepted her because you think girls are always mahan
        So please leave here.
        If you feel bad so sorry from my side.

        One more thing thing all fingers are not same in this world
        The way you think is totally different from other and this rule is applied to everyone.
        Good day

      2. Mica

        look at my first comment, i just pointing Sanskar.. i comment based on his story which you written..
        1. it understandable he did it for father…
        2, it turned to disgusting one when he did it for school and for build business..
        did i do wrong to pointing on him ?
        it’s my pov as reader..it’s normal one to react as a reader.. but somehow you always try to defense him… if you don’t want readers to point on his lame excuse, please you can give us a great reason than BUILD BUSINESS..
        but you can’t point your finger to reader by said “you don’t know the further story”
        because i react based on Sanskar story itself now, in this part, in this chappy..
        noo.. i won’t to correct my thought about you.. you are sensible person cum writer..
        😛 😛 😛
        you know what, you always take everything seriously..
        i comment about cheating, you explained it sooo long..
        i comment your counting comment,…you questioning me
        i comment about this disgusting Sanskar,, you react as support him
        uughhh.. you trigger me to torture you more and more..:D 😀
        btw, if a girl become a sl*th for build her business, i still curse her for sure..Pathan!!
        so, good day for you too…

    5. Pathan

      I think you have little problem I just asked about counting coment I didn’t understand your words what you wanted to say and one more thing you maximum times says everything in puzzled way
      And till now I didn’t understand about counting comment so I never asked again because I hate long discussion and about swara you told your point at that time
      As a writer my work is to tell swara point of view at that time and I have to reply so from where personal matter arrives.
      In sanskar part also I don’t know in which way your thinking goes I was just explaining about his condition then from where it came personally
      And about sanskar I don’t want to discuss more because I know these is no point of discussion with you.
      I will give it’s detailed reason in next episode so you can see it and if you don’t get satisfied so I don’t have any other work.
      One more thing I am not supporting sanky but I am telling his point of view

      One more thing I don’t want your next descussive comment


      1. Mica

        if you didn’t angry it’s good.. even i didn’t get hurt by your reply.. omg 😀 😀
        aahh whatsoever… then leave it, i just angry on Sanskar decision being gigolo for school fee and capital of his business and you said he has no chance..
        soo, just leave it Pathan… ignore my angry on him, don’t waste your time on me..

    6. Pathan

      Thanks for understanding me and sorry if I hurt you

  29. Yaah..it’s an emotional ep… I really don’t understand why did has to do that kind of work just for money.. I know the poverty is the reason but still I don’t know whether it is reasonable or not…but feeling sad for sanskaar…raglak part is nice…btw all the best for your studies and I am too away from my family for my studies but I am soo busy..didn’t get time to comment..just take care ..waiting for next part…

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting and your question answer
      I will give in next episode only so read a/n part
      So in how many days you go to meet your parents

      1. I go home once a month but I stay in my relative’s place.so Iam not missing my family badly.

  30. nice epi bro keep going and how was ur collage ????

    1. Pathan

      College is nice
      Keep liking my story
      Keep supporting me

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