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Guys your late lateef writer again came.
I know many of you guys may be remembering me but it’s OK so today also my bak bak
Guys now new era of my life is started
New life, new people, new place and worst thing away from family and my place is very far away from my house so going to my house is really difficult now, feeling bad for it
OK leave it more bak bak tomorrow I will do
Really I forgot these tellyupdates and my story also but today it stricked in my mind so I just read previous episodes and than got to know whole story
Episode starts with ragini Just nods in agreement that they both will live together just as a friend.
Lucky also feels happy by knowing ragini agreement for this thing,
Lucky gives her smile and says now we are friends
Ragini shakes hand and says now we are friends so no more tears.
Background music ajeeb dastan he yeah
Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Yeh
Kahan Shuru Kahan Khatam
Yeh Manzile Hai Kaunsi
Na Voh Samajh Sake Na Hum
Here is a tale, unheard of, unseen
Where does it end? Where does it begin?
What is it that we both hunger for?
Neither he nor I can tell for sure

(both smiles while shaking hand and have cute and intense eyes lock while seeing each other with very deep eyes)

Yeh Roshni Ke Saath Kyoon
Dhuaan Utha Chiraag Se
Yeh Khwaab Dekhti Hoon Main
Ke Jag Padi Hoon Khwaab Se
The flame that burns ever so bright
Spreads more smoke than delight
In the gloom my eyes thinly sing
Psalms of awakening

( both raglak moves to garden side and both so night walking happily with no tension and no worry in there mind, they both talk about there life open heartedly)

Mubaarakein Tumhe Ke Tum
Kisi Ke Noor Ho Gaye
Kisi Ke Itne Paas Ho
Ke Sab Se Door Ho Gaye
I bless your gay new world, dearest
With love, joy, grace and zest
Though you may find one distant day
That I’m far, too far away

( it was dark night raglak went inside there house where ragini had different room so lucky went with her in her room)

Kisi Ka Pyaar Leke Tum
Naya Jahan Basaaoge
Yeh Shaam Jab Bhi Aayegi
Tum Humko Yaad Aaoge
We must part; the sun has fallen
The night’s young, yet barren
Alas, this song of you and me
Is but a fond memory

( lucky says ragini to sleep, lucky gives her blanket and ragini lays on bed while both gives assuring smile to each other, lucky offs the light and went outside by saying good night to her, lucky also goes and sleep at his room )

Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Yeh
Kahan Shuru Kahan Khatam
Yeh Manzile Hai Kaunsi
Na Voh Samajh Sake Na Hum
Here is a tale, unheard of, unseen
Where does it end? Where does it begin?
What is it that we both hunger for?
Neither he nor I can tell?for sure

( in morning, lucky comes towards dining table where he found ragini sitting and waiting for him to eat food, lucky feels too good by seeing her waiting for him)
Lucky comes towards dining table and say why you waited for me
Ragini – you are my friend as you only told so can’t I wait for you and I like to eat with someone company
Both eats breakfast happily

Other side swara says sanky for deal
Sanky – what deal
Swara – about our divorce
Sanky shocked no never
Swara – yes our divorce will happen after one month.
Sanky – but why you want divorce
Swara – because I can’t live with you got it
Sanky – why
Swara – please sanky I can’t be burden for you
Sanky – question burden
Swara – yes I am burden and I can’t live with you because you betrayed our friendship
Sanky understood there is no point of argument so he tells OK I will give you divorce but only with one condition
Swara – which condition
Sanky, – these 1 month you have to cooperate with me and live happily
Swara – but why
Sanky – see swara you want to do deal with me so I also did deal with you if you are ready to live happily with Me for 1 month than only I will give you divorce
Swara didn’t had any options so she agreed for it
Sanky gives her winning smile.
Sanky – so sit here I will make breakfast for you
Swara – what you will make
Sanky – yes I only make breakfast for me because I like to do my own work.
Swara – but I will make for myself.
Sanky – OK I will not give divorce
Swara – no no no
Sanky – so sit here I am coming soon and he went
Swara also go behind him and stands at kitchen only
Sanky goes inside and removes his shirt while swara was also present.
Swara – what are you doing
Sanky – doing kitchen work
Swara – but why you are removing shirt.
Sanky – Do you have any problem
Swara – yes please wear your shirt.
Sanky comes closer to her and whisper in her ear, feeling hot.
Swara gets shocked by his words but unknowingly her breathing starts rising and falling.
Sanky understood her condition and moves back and starts doing work.
Swara with hesitation went and sits on dining table.
Sanky come after sometime while bringing breakfast.
Sanky keeps plate, I made Chinese breakfast for you.,
Swara just nods .
Sanky while sitting other side says, you can see Me .
Swara just assures him.
Both eats breakfast, sanky shows medicine packet to swara and tells Now these are little different medicine which are less hazardous so eat it.
Swara don’t say anything she quietly eats medicines.
Sanky continues, see swara I started your new medicines which will help you to overcome this problem, I know for it you have to struggle little more but don’t take tension within some months you will be alright,
Swara – I don’t want any therapy and all
Sanky – but I want
Swara – it’s my body I can do anything
Sanky – OK I will not give you divorce
Swara – why you are blackmailing me.
Sanky – I am not blackmailing you, you are forcing me to blackmail you, I just want your good health and nothing else and after some months if you want to leave me you can leave, I don’t care but till you are with me you have to listen to me and you have to take all medicines got it
He speaks in stern voice and goes in his room.
While swara thinks of his strict words and went in her room while crying,
Both SWASAN were not happy by there condition but both were helpless at there point.
Swara while sitting in her room started seeing Google Chrome where she found one tab was open,
So she opens it and get shocked to see that
While sanky comes to swara room to see her
Sanky -.swara
Swara stands from her sit and shouts angrily
SWARA – SO AM I CORRECT HIGHEST PAID AND MOST RATED pr*stitute OF INDORE ………………………………………………………….

PRECAP – sanky past, raglak moments
Guys sorry for short update and I wrote this part in hurry so what you think about sanky past keep guessing it

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  1. Hlo bhai…hwz uh……hope ol gd…..uh hv posted aftr along tym n dat tooo baby chappy…well Bhai it wz just osm……finally raglak hv accepted friendship bt wt abt swasan…..n sanskar’s past oh Gosh…..plz dun seperate dm…..n plz nxt tym post a big wala chappy if possible…..

    1. Pathan

      OK I will try and don’t take tension SWASAN will not be separated
      Keep commenting sister

  2. Kakali

    New era of life, new life,, new place,, new people … what does it mean ?? did u shift somewhere else ??

    Coming to d chappy ….

    Hmmmmm chinese !!!! smeels yummyyy !!!! i also want that … awwwwww my Sanskar is Annapurna also… SARWAGUN SAMPANNA … except adoring him ,i can’t do anything…

    Male pro*stitu… huhuhuhu… sounds shocking,, dumbfounded, n painful…

    m damn sure he had some major problems .. that’s why he choose the path… otherwise my Sanskar can’t even think to do that …. *I TRUST u Sanskar …..

    Wooowwww !!!! RAGLAK scene was sooo peaceful… hope some desperate fans gets some peace…

    Thnk u Irfan for d sweet n yyuummmyyu chappy… take care ;-3…

    1. Pathan

      Oh keep trusting sanky
      And he really has some past and keep supporting my ff
      Thanks for liking story
      Yes I moved to some other place

  3. Raglak scenes are cute

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      Thanks for commenting

  4. Awesome and shocking too .

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      Thanks for commenting

    1. Pathan

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  5. Nice

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  6. Tamanna

    Awesome…. Eager to know sanskar’s past…
    Anyways good luck for your new life… Hope you enjoy…

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur wish

  7. What sanskar is….. ???I can’t see swara to hate sanskar ?plz update soon ????????

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting and don’t take tension

  8. Mica

    hurrayy… irfan growing up now… he lives separated from family ?? congrat dud!
    Omg… Sanskar deal and condition..he is soo smart!!!
    wait..wait..who is the smart one, the writer or sanskar? sanskar or the writer ?
    uuughhh so confusing…

    1. Pathan

      Both are smart sanky and writer

      Yes I am living away from family

      Thanks for commenting

  9. Hemalattha

    fabulous,shocking and interesting.

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  10. at least few raglak moment I don’t asked for more bcoz u r not gonna give ur fan of swasan

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  11. Yashasvi

    wwwwwooowwwwww shoooo cute raglak moments…..
    and what was this ohhhh hoooooo swara kab smjhegi….
    my dear sanky……..

    ohhooooo new life……. ha now my bro is grown up haina…….
    vesse me aapki hi behen hu , cnt live without family…..
    and aaapki tarah late lateef COMMENTOR……..
    hmmmmm i knw soooo sholly…………
    aap apni choti si cute si sis ko maaf nhi karonge….

    awwww kar dia…..

    keep smiling and stay blessed…………
    love u ………….
    ur sissie…… yashu !!!!!!!!

    1. Pathan

      No need for asking sorry you are too good

      How was your exam

      You are looking too good in dp

      1. Yashasvi

        awwww really sweet………………..
        they were awesome like always bro………….!!!!!!!!11
        thank u very much………………

  12. Haya malik

    Its awesome…. But I am upset with you…how can you forget about our fvrt story *pout…
    OK OK I m sorry I was just kidding
    Coming to chappy it was awesome as always… Loved swasan and raglak both…
    Kitchen scene was amazing…

    1. Pathan

      Oh thanks for liking story
      Don’t take tension from next time I will not forget story

  13. Rabia0032

    Ahhhhhhh Amazing I liked raglak scene but but I am waiting for sanskar past ahhhhh you cant belive how much excited I am know……plzzzz Post sooon dont be late….

    1. Pathan

      OK I will post soon don’t take tension

  14. oh God…. finally you posted the next part Bhai….. I was waiting for your reply in the previous one but you didn’t gave it… anyways no worries for that…. I can understand your condition…. thanks for posting this part… by the way I was shocked when I read my sanky as a male pr*stitute…. feeling very bad…. hope he had some reasons for that n you’ll reveal it soon…. but plzzzzzzzz make swara understand his love n don’t seperate swasan…. I can’t bear that…. n post the next part soon…. n if possible plz give at least a small reply for my comment Bhai…. it makes me feel happy….

    1. Pathan

      OK my sister I will reply to your last comment
      I know you are really shocked by this
      But don’t take tension everything will be fine soon

      Keep supporting me

      1. thanks for replying Bhai…. n I’ll always support you…. OK…. so no need to tell that…. stay blessed….

  15. Yazhu

    Amazing episode Irfan…. Really loved Raglak and Swasan moments…it’s just like wow..but the last part really shocked me…seriously…I can’t imagine Sanky like that…but eagerly waiting to know his past…as I’ve said in my last comment in the previous part, I’m really a late reader of ur ff…but I’ve read it finally…feeling bad for being a silent reader for long…you are really an amazing writer…my best wishes for your future…stay blessed…

    1. Pathan

      Oh thanks for reading my story
      I am happy to see your big comment in last episode

      Just keep supporting me like this

      I am glad to have like you reader

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    Nice update

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  18. Just awsm..No words to say..Sanky is this type of man…Can’t believe it…. And thnx for Raglak cute moments…. And why u always tells tht “LATE LATEEF WRITER”??? I don’t know about anybody but I don’t think tht u are a “LATE LATEEF WRITER”.Plz don’t say like tht again…I can understand ur situations tht u r really bzy…Stay happy…And keep smiling always…

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for understanding my situation

      Keep supporting me

      You are really good

  19. Maryum

    Aaj Karl sab ko kya ho gaya hai bacara larkon k bicha parga han hehehe well nice part keep it up and best of luck for or future

    1. Pathan

      I didn’t understand what you told please explain me one more time

      Thanks for commenting

      1. Maryum

        U don’t now Urdu is it

    2. Pathan

      I know Urdu
      But I am not able to read properly what you wrote

      1. Maryum

        I write these day every body back of boy don’t now y

  20. At first tell me who is late lateef writer????? You????Huh very funny…You know there are many ff writers who don’t keep regularity… Some posts after two to four weeks, some posts after three to five months etc…And you are telling that you are late lateef??? Then what about them????They are not late lateef writers??? You are an MBBS student then also you kept regularity… You tried your best to update the episodes as soon as possible… But now you have some problems… So it’s OK na why you are asking sorry???No need for asking sorry… And everybody have some problems… So what???And I think now you understand this thing that why I gave your name MR.GYAANI… You know everything… You knows it that your readers are thinking you are late lateef writer…See gyaani type thing is this…Nobody said this thing to you… So from now don’t say that you are late lateef writer understand… And about your new era of life then I will not ask anything about it…Because you already told it to me in Whatsapp….

    OK enough of my bak bak and lectures now come to the episode…It’s as usual lovely superb….. Raglak part was really very good… And the way Sanky blackmailed to Swara I was just laughing while reading that part… And I think Sanky have a very bitter and bad past…OK waiting for the next episode for the revelation of his past..And thanks for your short bak bak…

    1. Pathan

      Wow this is best comment of today

      I am glad to see your beautiful comment

      OK I will not say late lateef

      Just keep supporting me and liking story as you always do
      Sanky has butter past

      Sorry for small reply

      1. No need for asking sorry… I know that you are very busy

  21. Wow it awesome…sanky deal wth swara was rlly nice.. Nd a great shock wat sanky is???omg.. Waitng fr sankys past…hope aftr knwng dis swara nt hate him….
    Nd no need to sorry fr being late..instead we should give thanks to u fr gvng ur precious momemts fr us..for mkng us happy so we should also cooperate wth u if u r late..no prblm…dnt feel sry…thanks fr da update..

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for understanding my situation sister
      Just keep supporting me like this and don’t take tension she will not hate him

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