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Episode starts with raglak entering inside their house,
Ragini in nervous voice, ok, I will sleep in this room.
Lucky just nods.
Both are in auquard situation, so no one dared to talk, so both moves towards there room.
Ragini enters in that room but forgot to close door, her eyes fall on her mirror which was showing her reflection.

Ragini moves her hand on her face, thinks, am I this much bad that everyone hates me,
Why god why, you always give me pain, why it always with me.
For other people mirror shows virtual reflection but this mirror is showing me defeated and helpless ragini who dont have anything, which is fully dark from inside where no light of happiness, only darkness took place in my life. I always wanted that from now I will live happily but, no every time destiny plays game with me and make my life hell.

She sits at that place with thud sound, she cries bitterly, I am sorry swara, I am sorry for what I did with you today, I always wanted your happiness and for your happiness, I xan go to any extent, so today I sacrificed my life for your happiness swara, I know you will be very angry on me but I am helpless, I didnt had any option to support you because If I would not had been acted bad and as lucky wife so whole life you would not be able to move in your life because you whole time would be thinking about lucky only but now you will hate me as well as lucky and this will help you to move in your life swara, but I am really happy swara that I could help you in your life, I just pray for you that you will live happy life, again I my life played with me and now I am living with lucky just for agreement only ,

Ragini wipes her tears and thinks, from childhood I didnt got love but after my mother death, guardian supported me and I gone through so much painful life but I didnt got my love. But I still remember that day when I mate with sanky, he is really good guy who always took care of mine and supported me in every bad situation,

He was only person who helped me to come out of me hell life, I started liking his friendship and I got attracted towards him, because of his care, support and friendly love towards me because he was also alone in his life, I have seen his struggling life but always he supported me as good friend even if he was in deep tension, slowly slowly I started thinking that he has fallen for me only, I always used to think that he helped me too much so he must be loving me, so I started dreaming about him only, I had different type of love towards him which is not found in couples but I had some attraction towards him.

but my destiny again played, he didnt loved me, he just likes me as good friend but not more than that, which again made broke down in my life which is unacceptable for me.
I just thought to live my life with him happily but no he has some attraction towards swara. So he wanted my help to make swara out of this hell life, I also wanted to see my friend happily, so I got happy to see swasan marriage because now my both the friends will be happy in their life because my life is just like joker who dont have any value, neither any love,

While doing work with lucky, I dont know what happened to me I started attracting towards him but I dont know it was different, the attraction towards sanky and lucky was totally different, I dont know what type of attraction I had towards lucky and this is reason, i kissed him, I know very well how much I cried that day, but sanky was there to support me as always as best friend, but the day at which I crossed limits with lucky, from that day only I just took out the thought of living happy life in future because now no one will accept a non virgin girl who slept with strangers, that day again made big hole of my life but I never complained to anyone because it was not his mistake also but one thing, I know I cant get love in my life, I just suppressed my feeling towards lucky also, thats why I tried to go away from him, because I cant accept one more break down in my life, I cant break down again. But destiny played with me and I came to his house.

Just than she hears knocking sound of door.
Ragini immediately stands, lucky comes towards her.
Ragini makes herself presentable in front of lucky.

Sanky takes swara in his house.
Swara sees his house which was not better than maheshwari mansion but it was good house where any one can live closer comfortable.
Sanky shows her room and says it is our room
Swara- our room means
Sanky – mine and your
Swara – angrily I can’t live with you
Sanky – but you have to live with me because you have no chance
Swara – no I can’t live with you got it
Sanky holds swara hand whisper please come with me
Swara resist but sanky holds her hand and made her sit on the bed

And he sits on his knees where his face and he was seeing swar.
Sanky places his hand on swara hand and continues I know you are very angry on me because of my deeds but please try to understand swara. I didn’t did anything which hurts you, all I did to save you swara please try to understand
Swara – in stern voice never please don’t start this drama again, I will not come in your trap
Tears escaped from sanky eyes but he hides it,
Sanky – it’s OK swara, its fully your wish, I will not say anything
Sanky stands and goes and bring tablets
Sanky – swara this is your tablet
Swara – but how
Sanky – I brought this tablets before only so eat it and sleep today you are very tired
Swara don’t resist and eats tablet,
Sanky made her lay down on the bad .
He sleeps other side by giving good space between them
Swasan thinks of their past life.
But no one slept

Background music

Khamoshiyaan aawaaz hain
Tum sun-ne to aao kabhi
Chhookar tumhe khil jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi
Beqaraar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa..

Silences are sounds,
Sometime, come to listen..
They’ll blossom by just touching you,
Sometime call them home.
They’re restless to talk to you,
Let them speak..

(swasan were seeing each other with painful eyes of there past relationships and what all happened now, but no one open each other mouth but still sanky was feeling her pain)

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyaan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyaan

Silences, yours and mine,
Silences, wrapped around us, silences..

Kya us gali mein kabhi tera jaana hua
Jahaan se zamaane ko guzre zamaana hua
Mera samay to waheen pe hai thehra hua
Bataaun tumhe kya mere saath kya kya hua

Have you been to that street ever (again)
That the world hasn’t passed by for long..
My time is stuck there only,
What do I tell you what has hardened with me..

(sanky thinks of his past life and his bad days where he thinks no one would have gone at that place which is worst, swara also thinks of her dreadful past)

Khamoshiyan ek saaz hain
Tum dhun koi laao zaraa
Khamoshiyan alfaaz hain
Kabhi aa gunguna le zara
Bekaraar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa.. haan..

Silences are a musical instrument,
You bring some tune,
Silences are words,
Come, sometime hum it with me..
They’re restless to talk,
Let them speak for a bit..

Khamoshiyaan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyaan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan

(sanky can feel restless tears of swara, but he has guilt thet he is also one of the reason of her tears but couldn’t speak because the dead silence of this room is speaking many things without uttering a word, only little cold air voice was coming in the room but full of pin drop silence )

Nadiya ka paani bhi khaamosh behta yahaan
Khili chaandni mein chhipi laakh khamoshiyan
Baarish ki boondon ki hoti kahaan hai zubaan
Sulagte dilon mein hai khaamosh uth-ta dhuaan

Even the river water flows silently here,
There are a million silences hidden in blossoming moonlight..
Where do raindrops ever have tongues,
In burning hearts, there is for rising silently..
(sanky place his hand on swara cheeks to remove her tears but swara don’t give any reaction because she was totally involved in her own thinking)

Khamoshiyan aakaash hain
Tum udne to aao zara
Khamoshiyan ehsaas hain
Tumhe mehsoos hoti hain kya
Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zara.. haan..

Silences are sky,
Come, come to fly..
Silences are feelings,
Do you feel them?
They’re restless to talk to you,
Let them speak..

Khaamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khaamoshiyaan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan

( sanky was removing swara tears but no one was speaking but both were feeling touch of each other body in this bad time also which was making them calm from this all worries and tensions, but only heart beats sound was coming inside them because of there touch
Slowly after some minute of there silence love both slept)

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