guys i want to say that i am already enganged before 4 months only, the girl you saw in this pic is my fiancee
but do not take tention i will only marry after 5 years of completing my mbbs degree, if you want to know more

about me and her i can tell you about my personal life i never mind, you can ask freely
one more thing her name is AAYAT
EPISODE starts with swara seating near beach, she was in deep thoughts about her life
just than she comes out of sense by someone voice, hi
swara turn her face and automatically a smile sees on her face, his sanky
sanky sitting besides swara by giving assuring smile
sanky- mrs. maheshwari what are you doing here
swara- fake anger tone stop calling me mrs. maheshwari
sanky sees her intensly, playfully replies what to say
swara sees towards shore, only swara
sanky teasingly ok swara, he replies with giving stress to swara
swara sees him for sometimes there was silence between them, than both burst out laughing
swara while controling her laugh you are really funny
sanky acts like scretary guard and says my pleasure mam
swara- oh god
sanky- in serious tone by the way for what purpose you came here
swara stops laughing, says first of all tell me for what work here all people comes
sanky- just to get stress free
swara- so same thing also applies on me
sanky thinks oh she could not reply directly that why she came
swara- sees him blubbering are you thinking something
sanky comes out of senses no it is not like that
swara sees playing children, do you know our life is very unpredictable
sanky- chuckling means
swara- we do not know when what happen, we do not know where destiny takes us
sanky- ya swara, we can take example of us only
swara feels uncomfertable by thinking again about that night but today she really did not felt guilt, she was also

not feeling bad that thought automatically came out of her mind, she replies yes
sanky just nods
swara- why you came here
sanky- why all the people comes here
swara smiles- oh copy past
sanky gives her smile
swara- why you are this much curious about gadodia factory case
sanky- i told you the reason
swara- but for your relative you are really takin this much stress
sanky- everything has strong reason nd about this factory case you will get to know soon but can i ask you one

swara- sure
sanky questioningly, as everyone knows that your father was killed by ram, this case is closed so why you are still

finding truth
swara- i know everyone thinks that he was killed by ram uncle but reality is different sanky
sanky- confusingly means
swara- smiles at him and says i only can say onething that ram uncle is not culprit there is someone who killed my

sanky- feels happy from inside, ask if you knows he did not killed your father than why you did not saved him
swara- everything has its own reason sanky that i can not tell you
sanky feels bad that she is not telling truth to him
he again says don’t you think unnecessary mr. ram is punished
swara turns her face towards him and says if this was in my hand that i could do it
sanky- questioning means
swara- because all proofs are against him and all the wrokers of factory did complained, i did not did complain

against him so i how i will save him, it is not in my hand
sanky thinks oh you are correct, so all this complain is done by all worker family
swara just give him smile
sanky- so now you are finding real culprit
swara- yes
sanky- ok i understand, he thinks something and ask where are there childrens
swara- he has only 2 children one is uttera and other is atif
sanky curiosly what about them
swara- i do not know about atif but about uttera i know
sanky gets excited to know about uttera
swara continues she is dead because of me, some bussiness rival wanted to kill me for there profit but ram uncle

changed uttera from my place and she died
automatically tears escapes from sanky eyes by hearing about her sister he also remember everything in flashback

about his sister death but still he thinks she must be alive somewhere but no she is died to save swara
sanky just says i have some important work
before swara could say anything sanky left place
swara got confused by his behavior, she also left place
other side ragini was seating in her room just than she gets call from sanky
ragini- hi sanky how are you
sanky- i am fully fine ragini
ragini- now tell how is our plan is going on
sanky- it is full swing now its your turn to execute plan
ragini- yes sanky i think it is high time for us to go for next level, now its enough of all this things
sanky- yes you are correct, just manage lucky got it
ragini sans yes and cuts call just than she gets call from swara, she picks up the call
swara- hi
ragini- so my best freind ragini forgot me
swara- how can i forget you, you are the person who always helps me
ragini- yes i know my sister’
swara- so our work is going on, did you get any information
ragini- no swara i did not get any information i am doing at my level because he is very clever swara
swara- i know he is very clever but you should not stop because i really do not have much time rAGINI
ragini- i know swara we have very less time but what to do
swara- i think we may get information in today party
ragini -may be
swara- yes ragini we have to find because i can’t live like this
ragini- i know swara very well, after we complete our work, after that we both will live like freinds openly
swara- yes ragini now we are just playing hide and stick game
ragini- yes, after our work we will open up
swara- ok bye
ragini- bye
just than lucky comes in ragini room] ragini composes herself says how is your health
lucky- i am fully fine but today my health will become more good
ragini- means
lucky- today swara i will not leave you
ragini- please lucky do not think anything, and please stop this revenge drama
lucky- never ever ragini, but why you are taking stress about that girl,
ragini- woh nothing like that
lucky says ok bye i am going to change meet you in today night
ragini gives him assuring smile and thinks, NOW ITS TIME TO DOUBLE CROSS………….
THERE was nice party in the good and reputed hotel of mumbai,
where all rich people were present
just than a girl enters by wearing black gown, she had done very light make up
all the cameras are on her she was swara
she steps towards the crowed where everyone were looking, some eyes were looking at her lustfully some with

differnt feelings, just behind her lucky also comes with her both swalak gives smile to everyone and comes towards

her eyes fall on one person who was watching to her without blinking eye also, swara comes near him, something may

fall in your eyes mr. sanskar kapoor
sanky comes out of senses by her voice before he could say anything swara left place by giving him smile
swara starts gossiping with bussiness people, all were praising he beauty which was irking sanky, while sanky was

talking with some other people but his eyes was always on swara her activity and everything
just than his eyes falls on mr. malhotra (our buddha) who was coming near swara,
sanky eyes fixed on budha
mr. malhotra- hi mrs. maheshwari you are looking georgeous.
swara gives him fake smile thanks
sanky also comes near to swara but she did not see him and he also stand near to her and talks to kavya who was

also there
mr. malhotra places his hand on her hand, says wow this is very beautifull ring, i think this is from my company
swara did not understand his intention she says no i do not know it is very old ring
mr. malhotra- touches the ring and says oh
sanky could not control this irritating work, he comes near them and pulls mr. malhotra towards him with hug, oh

malhotra ji how are you he says with fake happiness
mr. malhotra makes face and says i am fine by saying this he turns his face towards swara
again talks to her which was making him more angry, he gets idea so he call waiter and takes one drink, he goes

outside the party hole with that drink and adds JAMALGOTA IN IT
now sanky with that glass goes towards budha
sanky- so mr. malhotra drink this drink from my side
mr. malhotra thinks wow people are giving him priority and with this proudness in his ming he drinks it fully
after 5 minutes mr. malhotra feels something strange in his stomach
he says i am going now
sanky places his hand on his waist, no you can’t go
mr. malhotra- no i have some work, he hardly speaks by controling himself
sanky- no you can’t go please i want to talk to you more
just than he hears mr, malhotra passes gas in loud voice, everyone sees him confused where soung came, as they wre

seeing him again one more time he passes gas, everyone starts laughing on mr. malhotra and starts passing comment
mr. malhotra runs outside the place by holding his stomach
sanky- while laughing he is very different person
swara got serious just replies yes
now again he sees many people were seeing her in bad intention, again his anger increased by seeing people
he don’t say anything to her
swara- i am coming after sometimes
swara goes towards lonely place and sanky also goes behind her angrily
swara stANDS at one place seeing towards sky
just than she feels a body praised behind her, a sensation comes inside her she can feel the touch of person

standing beside her

precap- swasan and raglak dance, swasan hot romance pakka
guys i know very well you may be thinking that in today episode i took little fast and i did not added conversation

properly so guys i want to say that i wrote this part in very hurry for me getting time now a days had became

toughest job, so i am irregular
did you like todays jhataka


LINK OF all episode of whole article of this story is – http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=my+unwanted+relation+with

and link of whole article with new name – http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=swaragini+fixing+broken+relation+is+it


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    It really awesome bhai …
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    And Ayat i just love thz name
    And haan my bhabhi is beautifull
    …i know ur age 19 but wat is
    My bhabhi’s age???
    Again u r just awesom bhaiyo

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for reading my story in one go
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      I wish you get good marks in exam and if you are unable to read ff
      You can ask me I will give you link of all previous parts of story
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      Your bhabhi is 2 years younger than me she is 17 only at this time
      Again thanks for liking my story

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