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EPISODE starts with lucky seats on bench, ragini comes towards him, she gives him water, ragini signals him to drink it
ragini- i can understand your problem lucky but please calm down
lucky- how to calm down ragini i was botrayed
ragini- while giving him assuring smile, lucky the thing which happened is in past now you have to focus on your present and future
lucky while drinking gives her asssuring nod
ragini- so now let us go
lucky- yes
both raglak goes towards hotel, packs there bag and comes in mumbai where lucky dropes ragini to her home and now he enters his house
lucky sees swara seating in her room thinking some deeply
her thought process came out by lucky voice how are you swara
swara sees him in shock but she do not know today she is unable to take eye contact with lucky, she has guilt in her mind which was clearly showing in her eyes but

unnoticed by lucky, she did not reply to him, her voice is not coming by thinking the way she betryed him.
lucky again ask so today your mood in off
swara comes out of senses she thinks she promised herself that she will not think about that dreadfull night again, she will forget everything and will not let to

affect her personal life, she replies i am fully fine.
lucky gives her assuring smile and ask did you took medicines
swara was shocked from inside that first time lucky cared for her, first time he asked her about her medicines she was overwhelmed to see that and also was happy from

inside, swara condition was like hungry man who did not got food from many days, if we give one piece from chapati also he will be happy that he got everything and if

a person is not hungry than if we will keep rasgulla also he will not care much, same condtion with swara she is hungry man she did not got love and care from her

husband in her whole life and first time lucky asked her for medicine only, yes for us where our life is full of love, so this thing do not feels some difference if

our partner ask fro medicines to us but for swara it matters too much.
swara just nod in no
lucky- where are your medicines i will bring it
swara happily no its ok i will take it
lucky- swara i am standing so i can bring medicines
swara- it is in study room
lucky- ok
lucky goes to study room where he sees swara tablet, he takes out his bag and takes out some medicies from bag which were totally similar to swara medicines and he

changes all medicines of swara with the medicines he brought.
lucky had smirk on his face and thinks now swara this medicines are hormonal increasing tablets now your desire of s*x will increase more and you will not able to

control your desire, you have to go for other sources for it. (changing medicine idea given by saanvi di)
lucky goes towards swara room gives her tablet and went to his room with a smile, both swalak were happy but the way of happiness was different on both the faces swara

was happy by seeing lucky care for her and lucky was happy that now he is proceeding to his plane
swara eats tablet and sleeps
morning 4 am
swara gets up from her sleep and thinks why my hormones are increasing why i am again craving for s*x even if i spent one night with sanky,
she goes to washroom freshen herself and comes now she was feeling comfertable
now again she again got busy in her daily work
next day night also she was feeling too restless, her desire again going for peak level, she again goes to washroom in night to make herself comfertable, her sleep was

far away so she starts searching on internet about her problem, she she typed on googlE unsatisfied married girl with her husband
as the page appear of this search she got highly shocked by seeing it she saw that number of s*x dating sites are there only just for unsatisfied girl
she got shocked by seeing that thes many peoples are engaged in this work, she thought that in our india this thing is not common but here the thing she saw was too

she entered in one story writing site where all unsatisfied girl wrote there life experience, she got thousands of story .
in some it was written that there husband can not fulfill there desire, his s*x power is less.
in some it was written that her husband go for other women so they also started going for other men.
in some it was written that they can not be satisfied by one men.
in some it was written that there parents married them forcefully but they do not like that boy so having affair with her boyfreind.
in some it was written that they were married to gay boy who can not satisfy them.
in many it was written that they are having affair with there devar or having affair to there bussiness freind
joke time
husband was going to die he says to his wife while dying- do you know i was person who stole your jwelary
wife- its ok i dont mind
husband- do you knw i was person who stole your money
wife- its ok i dont mind
husband- do you know i was person who sold your all saree to give my girlfreind
wife- do you know
husband- yes its ok please do not think much because i am person who gave you poison, now sleep for forever my dear hubby, HISAB BARABAR

she was shocked by seeing like this type of story she never gone to this world, she came out of this page, now she enter in one dating page, where she found that lakhs

of women made id, she felt so bad by seeing like this things, she also saw some boys are enganged in this work for money, she saw one page where it was written that

most wanted boys in this field all over india,she opened that page in new tab but before it opens she got phone call of kavya, she picks call
kavya- swara how are you
swara- i am fine now but now a days i am getting too much problem
kavya- problem means
swara- kavya my desire is increasing more and more
kavya confused how it can increase
swara-i do not know but after that night my desire increased more and more
kavya- may be due to his touch your body wants more and more touch of boy
swara shocked how it can be kavya, i thought after that night may be i will be able to decrease my desire
kavya- i can understand swara for many patients this thing only happens, but i think you could not fullfill desire your desire completely
swara in shock what i am not able to understand
kavya- i am telling that i think your incomplete desire is not fulfilled till now and now after his touch your desire was completed but still your crave for a man

touch could not completed tii now because your desire is too intense and it will only be decreased by having relation with some other man
swara was shocked by her statement, she says that no i can not betryed my hubby
kavya- see swara in one or other way you already betrayed him now no need of all this thing i am your freind i think you should go for other sources it will be better

for you and i am sending one call boy at your place he is my freind so
swara shocked no kavya please do not send
kavya- no i will send him if you feel you can proceed if not than its ok and by saying this kavya cuts call
swara thinks oh god what problem is this in my life now again one more problem came, she thinks no i will not go for all this thing.
just than she hears a ring sound on her door she understood he will be callboy so she immediately goes and opens door
boy- kavya mam told me about you so i came here
swara- its ok you came here but please i am not interested in all this things so you can go
boy- no i came here for work and i know that you are new and every new girl says like this only
swara- but i do not want all this things
boy comes near her and says oh mam why you are taking tention i know how to handle new girls just let me do my work, you will not regret it
swara- angrily stop your non-sense get out from here, she calls her secretary guard
secretary guard comes at take him
LALU prasad, kajri wal, modi cought in train without ticket
police- now tell your one wish before punishment because i will kikk your ass by stick 200 times
lalu- says please use two cushions on my ass
they did and police gave him stick but after 40 kicks cushions fall down and his back became swolon
than kejari turn he says he wants 4 cussion
his condition was same after 80 sticks his cushion falls and his back bacame swollon
now modi comes and says do one thing please make lalu and kejari to stand behind me nd infront of me also and beat me thousand times
lalu- please
swara calls kavya-
swara- kavya why you sent him
kavya- oh swara what to do at least 2 to 3 times if you will go for this thing your desire will be fulfilled
swara- i can’t go for it firstly i could not come out of that trauma
kavya- i know but i think you should spent time with sanky
swara- what
kavya- yes he have some effect on you swara that you are not realising till now,
swara confusingly means
kavya- see swara that night you lost your control in front of him, it means you have lustly attraction for sanky
swara confused i do not know about this thing kavya
kavya- but i know everything and the thing i am telling is correct only
swara- may be
kavya- see swara it is ok that now you are able to control all this desire but if in next time if you realy want a person to spent time, i think sanky is best in all

this thing because he very well knows about your disease, he knows that you are craving for having relation with your husband, he also knows that you are controling

your deisre by pills, he also know about your madness problem so he knows everything about you and he will understand everything
swara- i think he knows everything about me because 2 times he took me to hospital so both times you and that doctor told about me
kavya- yes swara you are correct and this is reason i am telling grow your freindship to him more and more because i think he may help you in coming out of your

problem, he understands you and you needs freind, he will become good freind of your, if you want to take your freindship in your desire relation he is best because

one time you both had done s*x with each other so it will not be difficult for you to go for it
swara thinks and tells i can be freind but about s*x i am very afraid i can not betryed lucky
One day one village woman came out of bus so police inspector says her to stop
woman- what happened bhaya
police- do not you have any respect, your blouse is open everything is seen
woman- hey ram munna to bus me hi reh gya (oh god i left baby in bus only)
kavya- you alreadey betrayed him by mistake so no need of thinking that, you have gone for s*x onetime and this thing will not change so no need of thinking about all

these things
swara- ya you are correct i betrayed him by mistake
kavya- yes so now make good relation with sanky, i am not telling for s*x but make a good freindship relation because you always wanted your husband to understand you,

care about you, this thing you will find in sanky, he will realy help you to come out of this trauma swara, you needs his freindship
swara- yes kavya i got your point i need a good person, i think sanky is there i have seen in his eyes he is very good person
kavya- yes
swara again something striked in mind and says but kavya i want to say that lucky cared about me yesterday
kavya- so
swara- happily, i am very happy by his care i think he is understanding me
kavya in strict tone- so he cared about you
swara- happily yes
kavya- when
swara- yesterday
kavya- did today he cared about you
swara dissapointed no he was same as usual
kavya- i know the thing i will tell you may not like it but swara he is just using your innoscent only, if he really want to care to you than what is he doing in your

3 years of married life, one thing i can understand he can’t do s*x with you but can’t he care about you, can’t he come with you to hospital for check, can’t he

understand your trauma, what is answer no he is just using you and you are mad if he give you water also in year or month you always gets happy like small children got

swara- dissapointed i think you are correct but what to do i really gets happy by his small work only, but why he shows care sometime
kavya- annoyingly do you think it is his care
swara- yes
kavya- tell me reply of my one question doe your pion always brings water for you even if you do not say
swara- yes
kavya- so do you think that your peon is caring you
swara- no
kavya that why you are thinking this thing, even if our enemy also can gives water and tablets because theydo not want you to get died early
swara- you are correct
kavya- so do not think much about his care now forget everything swara that he is your freind, live your life happily on your own will, no need of think about this

society and your so called name sake husband if he do not care about you than why you are caring for him
swara- with confident thanks kavya now i will not be madly behind lucky i will live on my own will, i will make freinds and will live happily life, i am mad i was

totally behind him
kavya- smile good girl
swara- thank you kavya you are really my good freind
kavya- its ok it is my work to show you correct path
swara- ok bye
kavya- bya
swara hang up the call and think now i should live my life happily but still i will do my wifery work towards my husband but now i will also think about my likes and

dislikes alsO………………………..
episode end on swara happy face



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  1. Soujanya


    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment

  2. Superb but I didn’t understand why laksh did this ??? Awesome the way ragini support laksh and Swara phone call with kavya was amazing yaar. Yes I agree with you how girl are when they don’t get their husband love. ??????. You know what you are making me scared. Haha….. The recap was wow. I want good romance but not too intense and no less .

    Update soon ifran really awesome . And I have comment on your reply. Sorry for that grammatical mistake.

    1. Right now I am seeing your reply I am in the same community like you are. But in my society we allow both girl and boy to meet each other although we are engaged. Can I know what is your age.

      1. Pathan

        Oh it’s very good in your society but at our place they only allow to meet 4 to 5 times so that both can think about each other but my case is different my fiancee is my relative and friend only so no problem about it but we both only meet in some function party and all may be sometimes while shopping so there i meet her by many tricks and my age is 19 only
        By the way you are from India or some other country sister

      2. Pathan

        Wow it’s too cool sister and in which country u are living

    2. Pathan

      OK I will see that comment anjali I am overwhelmed to see your support towards my ff and thanks for your beautiful comment and surely I will give good romance
      All will love it
      Thanks for liking kavya and swara part in this ff

      1. Other country bro. I always wish to come in India. And we are in the same age haha…. ??

      2. Update next ep then I will be able to reply you

  3. Saanvi

    Romance type kuch bhi chalega because you won’t write vulgarly…So i can read without hesitation?
    And thanks for the credits bhai? I was shocked yet happy to see it?
    Overall nice episode…You showed Swara’s transformed mind state beautifully???

    1. Pathan

      I am really too much happy by seeing your support towards me and trust also I Wil keep this trust Di
      You really showed correct thing to add in my ff. For it thanks a lot Di

      1. Saanvi

        Welcome dear?

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment

  4. no irfan it is not boring moreover it shows the pain and guilt of swara . and the jokes the husband and wife one was really nice .fully the epi was awesome ,awesome ,awesome…….

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for liking my joke time by the way how is your life going on
      Full of studies

      1. ya u r right .i think from 2mrw i cant comment on ur ff because my exams starts from wed . so dont mind ok i il defenetly comment after 15 august sorry yaar…

      2. sry after 15 sept. and i cant read ur ff also till my exams sorry once again

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      I can understand mahi your problem
      Our studies must be first priority for you
      And about ff after your exam ask me link of all episode I will give you and best of luck for ur exam and study well I want good marks from your side OK
      Keep smiling always

      1. thank u.

  5. and why is laksh doing all this what he want from swara ?? i m feeling pitty for his past and angry on him for his doings with swara .anyways it was awesome

    1. Pathan

      Ya he is really useless but our ragini will change him slowly slowly and there is one more reason of his hatred towards swara that will be revealed soon

  6. Wow ……. nice update . Swara fully changed & want good romance .
    Ragni’s support to laksh was amazing.
    Adorable couple Raglak and Swasan .

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      Thanks for liking raglak and swara part and now she changed fully
      I will keep your suggestion in my mind about there romance

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  8. Mica

    what Laksh ? you feel betrayed ? joke of the years..
    who was betraying you ? it’s you, yourself who being betrayer..
    you are the combination of AP and DP..
    DP betrayed AP due society and health condition..
    AP betrayed DP due her desire..
    but you, look at you.. you betrayed swara over and over
    you did as DP done to AP..
    you did as AP done to DP…
    Swara disrespect DP, but she care toward you.. omg…
    i hate this kind of human, sooooooo selfish, he didn’t even try to think how many kind of mistakes he ever done…
    sorry pathan for blabbering, …your ff eat my brain..:D 😀 😀
    and NOOOO… don’t let swara do the same mistakes…
    just stupid donkey which fall in the same hole twice…

    1. Pathan

      This story is based on extra marital affair so I have to show all this things sister but don’t take tension everything will be perfectly handled and you are correct at your point
      But more thing are remaining that will be revealed soon

  9. full intense romance open type chalega…. awesome part

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      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and I will keep in my mind

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    n about ur suggation i want good romance … rest is in ur hand…coz i know whatever u’ll write it will b d out of d ——–(( u know what i mean))?

    1. Pathan

      Oh god I am also searching for a word to reply to your amazing comment
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      I am overwhelmed to see your beautiful comment and I am happy to see your trust towards me and keep liking my story in this way

    2. Pathan

      That girl is my fiancee sister and I got engaged
      Keep smiling always

      1. Oh ! congratulations Bhai…. I’m very happy for you….

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      Thanks for ur beautiful comment

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment

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    I just loved the emotions this episode has carried in its way.. 🙂 The trauma of a girl going through such a tough phase is beautifully portrayed.. 🙂 About romance,you take the majority opinion because I’m okay with any type of it.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Pathan

      I am really happy to see your beautiful comment and I am overwhelmed to see your analytic comment on my ff and keep supporting me like this Di
      Keep smiling always

  19. Hi,it is really very nice I can understand swara pain and guild. How he curve for husband love she is very innocent, she want just care and love for his husband not only a s*x swara want but dumpo boneless husband make swara life hell. I want slap laksh. I know laksh had dark past ,but I want to tell u something laksh,if ur mom can’t done anything wrong stupid because u also not controlled his desire but how would expect from his so called mom ,why he is not realized it a stupid fool,dam it. I can’t pity bad for laksh past,if his mom wrong mean stupid laksh u also wrong. All are human being,and all have same fellings and some expectations with her partners. I really not felling bad laksh ,do did all wrong including he separate laksh from his real parents and they treated very badly,now also he want revenge from swara. Laksh it not human being ,he is an low with an animals.

    1. Pathan

      Ya you are correct at your place
      Swara really wants good and caring husband now to see what happens next how swasan will fall in love
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      Thanks for ur beautiful comment tharu and I can understand ur problem of busy schedule
      But in our country many places boys and girls meet before engangment but at my place usually don’t meet before marriage we only can meet 4 to 5 times officially so that we can understand each other now a days also my all brother talk to there fiancee and may be one or two meet also but at my house my mother is little strict in all this matter but I usually meets her in party or any function
      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and liking story

      1. Ok bro..some customs are different from nation to nation.I will surely try to comment….

      2. And we are same age so l would like to be a friend of yours and we are surely neighbours as l am from srilanka…

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      I am very happy to see your beautiful comment and I never thought you will love this ff this much and yes guwahati is really good place to visit full of greenery isn’t it
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