GOOD MORNING TO ALL GUYS and today episode is dedicated to VARUN KAPOOR BIRTHDAY and also special episode of complting 15 episode
SO GET READY FOR SHOCK OR JHATAKA so first jhataka you will get today and more than 10 jhataka is remaining so enjoy long episode on sunday guys
episode starts with cofused face of swara, she thinks are they saying correct or something else, where as kavya and neha understood that swara is in confusion
kavya places her hand on her shoulder
kavya seeing her with concerned look, see swara unnecessary regretting of all these thing is not sollution of it, now the thing is happened is happened it is just

past, so forget about it and really these types of mistakes happen sometime so please be cool yourself and think also about sanky he was not at fault, i am docotr i

know very well we girls can control our desire but for boys these things are mostly out of control, i think you got my point
swara sees her and just nods in agreement as she will think about her suggestion
kavya just give her slight smile, say now i am going i have to go to mumbai again so take care and come soon
neha hugs swara and also went away
Now both went, kavya is really a good supporter of my life, she is doctor cum freind, today also i was dying by my guilt, i was not able to come out of this trauma but

she came for me and talking with her make me stress free, i started recalling all her advices first she told me to forget this night also, i know she is correct but

how i can forget my intimacy but i also think that i can not think of this things for whole day and night this will make my condition more bad batter it is swarra try

to forget this dreadfull night, she wipes unknown tears of her face which were coming out of my eyes, i don’t know why whenever i think of this dreadfull night my eyes

becomes wet, i still remember each and every pleasurable move of sanky on my body but i did not resisted it why swara why you loosed your control, that night i was

totally invloved in completing desire forgetting the consequenses, i know i admit that i really got pleasure from his every move and every pain given by him, but it is

wrong thing, i can’t betray my husband, swara in determined way now its ok swara it happened it is past, if in my whole life i will think same thing also my mytake

will not be corrected so like my past i will try to forget this thing also so from now swara maheshwari will not cry due to this night, i will accept it as mistake

happened which will not be repeated next time (she dont know i will make her to do same mistake of sleeping with sanky again in her life poor girl kidding guys), now i

will control my will power but one more thing stricked in my mind that she told i must think about sanky, she is correct, i know from before that he is at guilt, i

also saw in his eyes, i know he is caring about me even if i beated and slapped him in uncontious mind than also he did this much for me he took me to hospital, and

called kavya and neha to make me feel good, he can understand my situation that i need a person to whom i can share my all pain, he from himself told them because he

knows very well that i will not tell from my mouth, he really cared about me, he is fully correct at his place but what about me, how can i talk to that person with

whome i spent one night, in his embrace i slept full night where his body was only cloth of me, i can’t also eye contact with him, it really feels embrassed to come

near a person to whom i shared intimate night that also stranger, this is reason i was blaming him so that he go away from me and i will be escapped from all this now

whenever i see his face my body stopes were working due to highly embrassemens and guilt because it was my responsibily to control feelings which was coming between us

because i am married woman, what he will think of myself that i slept with him, so i may had slept with other men also, he may also think about me as i am

characterless girl and this feeling i can not grrasp it, his eyes only shows the intimacy beween us, his face only shows about our intimate night which i want to

forget from my memory so that’s why i tried my level best to go away from me,
just than she recieves message, now my phone beep i am hoping this message must be lucky, yes every girl need her husband even if he is bad in her bad times because ny

talking with him i feel little relaxed but as per my dissappointment it was company message, i can understand he must be busy in his clients, now i am just seating in

my room and thinking randomly but i think someone is coming as door was opening i made myself presntable as door opened i found him yes him, the person to whime i do

not want to see again came to me to remind our intimace, he closes the door from inside i am afraid now what he will do, he was coming towards me with no emotions i

could not understand what he will do next and for what purpose he came to me but i have to make myself strong that i will not become weak in front of him and i will

ask forgiveness also, no no i will not says sorry it is my ego, but my mind says swara you were fully wrong at your place let him tell his point of view to you, you

must give him time to explain his point of view that take decision, so this thing i fixed in my mind that i will listen everything what he will say than i will think

what to do, now he gently sitted on chair,i can see he was very clam irrespective of his morning nature but i did not gave him any expression, now his hands moved

towards me he gently placed his hand on my one hand, i tried to jerk but he holded my hand, he was very calm and continuely seeing me, so i did not resist and let him

do what he want
A man woke up in the morning deeply repentant after a bitter fight with his wife the previous night.

He noticed with dismay the crate of beer bottles that had caused the fight.

He took it outside and started smashing the empty bottles one by one onto the wall.

He smashed the first bottle swearing,
“you are the reason I fight with my wife”.

He smashed the second bottle,
“you are the reason I don’t love my children”.

He smashed the third bottle,
“you are the reason I don’t have a decent job”.

When he took the fourth bottle, he realized that the bottle was still sealed and was full.
He hesitated for only a moment and said
“you stand aside, I know you were not involved”.
sanky- i want to say something
swara could say before sanky place his finger on her mouth, please listen to me carefully first
swara just nods in agreement to assure him to say
sanky sees her confertable he hesitately says i am sorry for what all happened that night, swara could see the guil in his eyes, swara again tried to say something,

sanky again places his finger on her lips, there was cute AND painfull eyelock between them of that night incidense,
sanky again continues, his gaze was on swara, i know what i have done is wrong and what all happened between us is too much wrong, i can understand the pain at which

you are going through, i know you may be thinking why i am telling all this but swara i can understand your guilt, i know you must have guilt of cheating your husband

and sleeping with other men, i also can understand you must be feeling insecure as i am here, i can understand everything swara but the thing which happened in past is

past so we can’t do anything for it, it was mistake and if we repeatedly think about it will only cause detrioration in your health, swara i know everything about your

hormonal problems and your sleeping pills addiction everything which made swara sees sanky in shock sanky can see sudden change in her expression so he continues with

more understanding tone, swara but do not take tention i will keep this secret as secret only i will not defame you by showing your weak point, i know at this point of

time you are going through which type of trauma and tention, i can understand your feeling towards me, he takes more courage and says i know you hate me you do not

want to see my face in your life for single minute also, i know my face will everytime remind you of our intimate night but think swara till when you will run from me,

we will have face off in parties and in any bussiness deals and you will not be able to be comfertable with me and will evenctually lose in your bussiness, swara was

looking him as shock eyes and how he knows everything about her, sanky in flow told everything now his gaze moven on swara shocking face, he understood, what he said

made her shock but he did not saw anywhere and blured out everything, sanky just moves his and on her palm to make her comfertable to give satisfaction as what he is

saying is correct, after sometime of there lonlyness silence, sanky again speaks swara i know for you my all those thing which i said is equal to lecture only but i

really want that our last night should not effect future, i know you must be thinking that i will think you are characterless, this question made swara gulp in fear

the question she was hatting and question because of it she tried to away from sanky came in front of her, she was eagerly waiting for his reply, sanky continues i

will never feel like that swara that you are charracterless but for me you are really pure soul to whome i respect that by taking these much stress in your life also

you never gone for other sources, so swara i am not speecher i only told what i felt, but by hearing his reply on her character swara big stress was over she was

overwhelmed by seeing sanky point of view his thought but again she thinks but i only used to say he is worst man of this world he is blo*dy and heartless businessmen

and lures girl but his words really made some effect in swara heart, tears of satisfaction by his talk and stress free by knowing his point of view about her, tears

starts coming from her eyes that her all worries and stress are over about that night
sanky can see tears coming from her eys he gives her hanky and she makes herself presentable
now sanky inhale air inside him, now he sees into her eyes as he want to see her expression as he will tell this words, he again took deep breath and tells in one go

FREIND (hahahaha this much early your all mind went to love and marriage guys, don’t think much)
he sees shocked expression of swara he thinks before she says anything he should say so he continues, yes swara i want to become your good and loyal freind this is

only way you can come out of thaat trauma, if i will be near you as freind your aucquardness towards me will be very less in business and anywhere, you will not get

affected by me you will live normal life even if my presence, and i am telling you, you will never regret of this decition i know at this time asking these qquestion

is useless, i can understand your worries, we can just start with very small freindship just type formal if you will feel we must have good freindship
now he bends his head and says now swara tell your decition did you forgave me, do you want ti become my freind
before he could complete freind word he could see a soft touch of someone towards his shoulder, he just sees ther where he foung swara gave him side hug and she is

crying but sanky was more shocked as how can swara hug him even if he have bad impression infront of her…………………………………………..

IRFAN changed the subject to “Happy birthday VARUN ”

IRFAN – Happy bday VARUN

ADARSH- Happy bday VARUN

LAKSH – Happy bday VARUN


SWARA : hb

SHEKHAR: happy birthday VARUN♨

IRFAN changed the subject to “VARUN haramkhor kutta (varun is useless dog) “
ragini is shown sitting in her room and crying for her mistake, ragini thinks no ragini you can not become this much weak, it is not end of your life you have to stand

against every one proudly, you can not become weak like this, now i will not get anything from crying, unnecessary crying will only lead to decline in my health, now i

will live my future life in this way that, last night day would have not been there in the history of her life, tears were escaping again and again even after making

her understand that she will forget that dreadfull night but ragini can not become weak by this thought and inspiration ragini stands wear good clothes and comes out

of her room, there was fresh air today she was feeling, every touch of cold air was decreasing pain of body which she got in intimate position with lucky, her body

gradually became normal by this soft touch, ragini without moving anywhere she was just feeling the cold air to make her body relax to make her calm down but her act

was desturbed by familiar voice, ragini turned her gaze towards voice she found it was lucky who was starring her, again her mind goes that she get intimated but she

back off this thought and formally ask lucky what happened
lucky vo we have to go for add
ragini formaly ok
today whole day was completed in this way in raglak side, lucky tried to talk to ragini but she only talked him in fromal way he was really missing the old nature of

ragini which was making him irritated he only like to do work freely not as officially so he decided to ask forgiveness of all these matter today night only
now it was time of pack up, as ragini was about to go lucky pinned her to the car
ragini gets shocked and angry by his sudden act
ragini jerks him what you are trying to do lucky
lucky- first of all why you are ignoring me
ragini- why i will ignore you
lucky – ragini than what is all
ragini moving her gaze towards other side and replies first of all we have deal only and we are not freinds and what happened last night after that we must be away
from each other
lucky understood her pain
he takes one chair and pleads ragini from his eyes to seat ragini also seat where lucky seats in front of her
lucky- i know ragini what happened last night is not correct, i can understand your feelings but please listen to me once
ragini just nods in agreement
lucky- i know ragini what all happened between us was really unexpected
ragini just sees him blankly
lucky continues i know ragini what you are thinking but i really want to say that we are working togather, so shall we starts our new journey with freinds
ragini could say anything lucky gives her pleading face and says i will never do this type of mistake we will keep distance and really ragini i have guilt for what i

did with you but please try to understand if we ignore each other than all will think there is something is fishy so
ragini thinks while and for her respect she thinks to accpet his proposel
ragini so freinds but still i will not be able to open up with you
lucky i only want that you will be my freind and nothing else
now both shakes hand
but ragini got one question in her mind and ask lucky you did not said anytime about your mother when today media person were asking from you
lucky which truth i should say, he replies in broken voice
ragini- means i did not understand
lucky- because my mother was characterless
ragini in shock what
lucky sees her shocking and says yes
ragini confused means you are talking about dp wife only, i am not asking about your real mom
lucky nods in tearfull eyes he says yes i am talking about her only and he continues my father could not go for s*x with her due to hormonal problem so she was

unsatisfied to him
ragini confusingly so
lucky could not speek more because emotions were overpowering, but he some how opens his mouth and says because MY MOTHER HAD UNWANTED RELATION WITH SWARA


episode ends of shocked face of ragsan

PRECAP- full past revealed and maximum raglak part (70%), swasan part (30%), new arena of life will start of pairs
guys how was the shock, laga jhataka but do not take tention there are more than 10 shocks are remaining bigger than this and second thing you only knows 10% truth so

think about it, only 10% truth you know and please share your suggestion about shock

Ae Khuda Mere Yaar Ka Daman Khusiyon Se Saza De,
Uske Janamdin Par Usi Ki Koi Raza De,
Dar Par Tere Aunga Har Saal,
Ki Usko Gile Ki Na Koi Wajah De

LINK OF all episode of whole article of this story TILL NOW is http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=my+unwanted+relation+with+my+husband+freind+
and link of whole article with new name http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=swaragini+fixing+broken+relation+is+it+pure+or+impure

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    LINK OF all episode of whole article of this story TILL NOW is http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=my+unwanted+relation+with+my+husband+freind+
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