guys first of all i really want to clear your confussion regarding my profile picture, i know many of you are thinking that from that picture that i do smoking but

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again i am telling i do not do smoking it was just to show effect on my picture and many of you want to know how i know about swaraginin serial so that reason i will

tell you within 2 to 3 episodes
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never did proof reading of my story so guys keep smiling always
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from today joke time will be in english those who could not understand hindi

link of episode 13 of this article
episode 13
link of episode 12 of this article
episode 12

episode starts with raglak were seeing each other in shock faces
ragini screams no it can’t happen
lucky in shock it happened in very calm voice
tears starts taking place in ragini eyes, she moves her head in negativity no i can not betray swara
lucky calming her down i am sorry ragini for what all happened
ragini with teary eyes no it is not your mistake it is my mistake i have to keep control on me, today i lost my verginity this can’t happen
lucky comes closer to her, he cups her face, he could see her eyes wet due to continues tears, her face clearly shows hattred of herself, he wipes her tear says you

did not do anything but due to alcohol effect we had lost our control
ragini somewhat understand, but still she has guilt that she slept with married man
ragini with broken voice but lucky you are married
lucky sees in her eyes, see ragini you know very well the reason of my marriage and why i hate swara this is reason i am away from her, and you also knows i slept with

many girls now he turns his face away to explain her, ragini eyes were continuesly seeing change in expression when he talk about swara sometime she found hattred but

she feels that he has more guilt that hattrednes towards swara, lucky was still seeing in other dierection continues, do you think ragini in these 3 years of marriage,

how i can control my desire which daily used to come inside me, in starting i thought i will be loyal to swara, if i am not having any relationship with swara than i

will not go for other girls also, i know i am taking revenge but there must be loyality also, as the days passes of our life swara tried many times to take our

relationship to next level, she tempted me to go for it but i was too adamed that i will not take my relation to next level, do you know by her temptation my hormones

always reaches to peak level, my desire always became out of control but i controled myself many times, for me it really became to difficult to control my desire so i

consulted doctors, i took medicines to control my desires which always came inside me but this also did not last long, by these pills deterioration in my health starts

increasing, i started sleeping long time, i was not able to work properly than i thought that it is enough of loyality, why i need to show loyality to that girl so i

started going for other sources in starting guilt occupied in my heart but as time passes i became free and living happily life by seeing swara in pain, now i do not

regret my decission of going for other sources
ragini was continuesly seeing her all the change in expression, she was hearing his his full conversation as small child sees a toffy when it placed far away, ragini

can see immence hattredness in last sentence of his words, she forgot her pain, she was only thinking about lucky and his hattred life, now she could not take anymore

so she ask don’t you think you are unnecssary taking revenge from swara
joke time
woman will be woman
a 54 year old woman had a heart attack & was taken 2 the hospital.

while on the operating table she had a near death experience.

seeing god she asked, “is my time up ?”

god said, “no, you have another 34 years to live.”

upon recovery, the woman decided to stay in the hospital
& have a face-lift surgery, liposuction, & tummy tuck. she even changed her hair color

finally she was released from the hospital.

while crossing the road on her way home, she was killed by a truck.

arriving in front of god, she asked,

“you said i had another 34 years to live.
why didn’t you save me from the truck?”

(you’ll love this)

god replied:

“i couldn’t recognize you!”

aur karo makeup
lucky- no the word no he said in very cold tone ragini understood to not to take this argument any more it will not work
ragini just says its ok i understand
lucky turns towards ragini says but i have really guilt about what happend last night
ragini controlling her emotions its ok, it was not your mistake
lucky somehow convinced by her statement
ragini- please can you go out of room
by seeoing ragini pleading lucky signed in agreement and moved outside the room
ragini immediately closes door, as she close the door, tears started escaping from her eyes she sits on floor while leaning to door, tears were flowing like river from

her eys which were not stopping, her mind goes to her past life where she never allowed to do this things with anyone, i know whenever any girl or boy comes in this

field many are going for s*x with any of this small agents and producer, and these modeling perpuse but i never allowed any of the modeling company men or anyone to

come closer to me, yes i had gone for kisses many times for me it had become common but i never gone for s*x with anyone, i knows how much time it took place to becoe

good model, but i know i can’t come here without my guardien support who always supported me…………………………
joke time
son:- mom when i was on the bus
with dad this morning he told me
to give up my seat to a lady.

mom:- well, you have done the right

son:- but mom, i was sitting on
daddy’s lap.
on the other side episode starts with sanky was shocked by swara condition he really feels bad about her, he thinks something and wents inside swara room, he sees her

lying on bed with streches on her hand and legs, he can see her pale face which was showing the problems faced by her in her life
he goes near her and seats, just than swara opens her eyes she sees sanky again her blood rises because his face remarks the intimacy of last night, she shouts go away

from here i do not want to see you
sanky takes his hand on her head, see swara you are still weak please try to understand if you will become well i will go from here
swara- oh the person who gave pain to me is only caring about me
sanky makes innoscent face swara please try to understand yar, it was neither your or mine fault for what all happened yesterday it was just our desire overpowered our

will power
swara- gives him blood shot eyes, wow for you it was nothing but for me it was too much, and please leave from here if you really wants to do anything for me
sanky anooyingly please try to understand
swara who was not listening his one word replies in strict tone no
sanky understood it is better to go from here because she will not understand easily now he have to take other step
sanky just nods and goes to his hotel room by instructing doctor and nurse to see her and take care, he also appointed special nurse who will inform him, every moves

of swara
sanky was pacying here and there and thinks oh god it can’t happen, i have to make swara understand yar, he angrily hits wall and moans in pain thinks what to do to

make swara understand because i will not be able to do my work if swara will be away from me
he immediately dials number, hi kavya (swara doctor)
kavya- oh sanky how are you
sanky- fully fine baby
kavya smiles and replies what work you want from me
sanky cleverly so you understood my intentions
kavya- do you call to me when you do not have any work
sanky- good girl
kavya- now tell me what work came to my doctor, i think may be of swara
sanky smiles by her statement why you are thinking it may be swara
kavya annoyingly is there anyone about whom you talk other than swara
sanky smiles cool girl and now listen to me you have to do my work and he tells something to her
kavya smiles widely by his conversion and says ofcourse i will do
sanky ok good bye
kavya- ok bye
joke time
once a father beats up his son and when son starts crying, the father says sorry.

smart son says : take a piece of paper. crumble it. fold it. now open it. say “sorry” to it. are the scars on the paper gone? nahi na.. relationships are like this .

smarter dad says : take my scooter and try to start. does it start ? nahin naa… now give it 3-4 kicks. now does it start ? so it started na haram-khor.. you are this

scooter only , not a paper. and from next time dont give me lecture of your books
sanky thinks now i have to tell to neha about my plan
he immediately dials neha number
sanky- so neha what are you doing
neha- by the way in early morning why you called
sanky oh so i desturbed you in your husband and your romance
neha annoyingly please do not take the name of this old man, he can not romance also, i always try to away from him i feels so disgusted by this old man touch
sanky- cool but your old man is very romantic
neha- just stop talking about him, he is so useless, now she naughtily replies but if you want to talk about our romance i will talk to you
sanky strict tone just stop yar

neha- why to stop i can not think of romancing with you, or that swara
sanky- now stop your drama now i want you to do my one work
neha in cold tone i know you never call if you do not have any work
sanky- so you know very well
neha- now tell what happened to swara
sanky shockingly what

neha- do you have anyother work other than swara replies tauntingly
sanky now stop taunting me and listen he tells everything to her
neha- ok i will do your work but before that you have to do my work
sanky thinks oh god she is only behind one thing but he happily says ok i will do when i will reach to mumbai be ready for my arrival
neha smiles and says your work will be done and cuts the call
sanky thinks now swara you have to come to me
joke time
man are man
a girl at bustop spotted a handsome man and without hesitation she told ” i love u”

man placed his hand on her head: ” this love and infatuation all are nothing,
go back to ur home and study hard so that u can lead a successful life”

man then placed a piece of paper in her hand:” i have written some wisdom for you. read before u sleep” and went away..

girl went back to hostel with tears and before sleep she opens the paper.

“are you blind?my wife was standing behind me..anyways this is my number call me anytime..by the way.. i love u too!”

men are men..
other side in evening swara becomes well and she was seating on the bed thinking about her intimacy just than she sees neha and kavya coming to her room
swara- you both
neha- my freind is in problem so i will not come to meet you
kavya- my patient is in problem so doctor have to come to meet her patient
swara questioningly but how you got to know about me
kavya- sanky told
swara in shock how he know about you
kavya- that one day he came with you in hospital from that time we are in contact
swara was still in shock and dilema whether sanky told them about there intimacy or not
kavya can see her confused face and replies i know everything swara, as she says this words she feels strong greap on her body and feels some wettness on her chest

side she can sees swara crying while hugging her
kavya pats her and made her seat properly, kavya eyes were also wet but she made her understand swara see now the thing which is happened is happend please do not

think about it
swara nodding no how can i forget that night
kavya same was as you are forgeting your past
swara was taken a back by her reply
kavya could see confusion and shock in her eyes, she says see swara i know whatever happened is wrong but in that thing there was neither mistake of yours and nor of

swara- whole mistake is his only
kavya- if it was his mistake than why you did not stopped him to do
swara was speechless by her reply
kavya continues yes swara you could not control your desire that night
swara but sanky
kavya see if a women is not able to control her desire how can a man can control
neha- yes swara kavya is correct that night you both were not in senses and if he really would had wanted to take your advantage, he must not beared your slaps

tortures which you gave to him, he would never brought you to doctor, he would never called us to take care of you and you can ask to this nurse also she is appointed

by him only specially to take care of you
kavya understand swara is coming in there talk so kavya continues see swara he is in very guilt, he tried to explain you, you did not understand his pain
swara tried to understand he wants to ask forgiveness from you for whatever happened in last night, you must think of yourself and forget about that ngithas it never

came in your life
now swara was fully confused by there talk…………………………………
episode ends of confused face of swara and crying face of ragini

precap- swara point of view, swasan scenes, raglak goes to beach

my hands are paining like hell so i have to stop here beacause it is long episode and i wrote this part while traveling because i am still traveling only

link of all episode of whole article of this story is
http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=my+unwanted+relation+with+my+husband+freind+and link of whole article with new name


guys do you think that i am taking story very slow or unnecessary dragging it, and sonthing which you feel tell me, what do you think will swara come in neha and kavya

talk will she think that it was not sanky mistake
i know from today episode you really wants that i should dissclose past so guys past is started disclosing from today episode only and slowly slowly within 5 episode

all past will be disclosed
third thing some told me when the promo part will come about swasan marriage and gun shot part but i only wants to tell onething that when that part will come in story

that will automatically remark the ending of story, means of you feel that promo is going to be come soon, so you must understand of yourself that story will end

withing 3 to 5 episode of that promo part
guys i gave that promo only because i was thinking to end this story soon due to my personal problems that i thought to extent this story so promo part will come but i

also do not know when promo part will come

are you confused of sanky and lucky character

by the way how was joke time

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