must read guys- first of all i am overwhelmed to see 100+ comment in consecutive 2 episode so for that happiness enjoy long episode, i never thought you all will realy

love in this extent its a big pleasure for me
second thing please not that yesterday i read saanvi os as she gave me link, i know many of you think that i do not know about fan fiction page how can i read her os

so the reason is i tolf her that i can read os so she gave me link of that os so i could go through it but mote that i can not read ff because i do not get time but

guys that os is really too too much amazing i tell you must read, i know you all have faith on me so with this faith just read her os, because when i read i just loved

that os it is really amazing and please do not go with the pairs in this os, i know pairs are ragsan but guys there are no intense ragasan scene so you can read it and

after reading that os you will realy say that yes ragini and sanky were needed in that os and it is highly inspiring os so just read without bothering about pairs you

will really love it its my assurance and here is link you just go through and read you will not regret it, for link click here – http://www.tellyupdates.com/pride-nation-ragsan-os-saanvi
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and link of whole article with new name http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=swaragini+fixing+broken+relation+is+it+pure+or+impure

today i gave you 4 joke time because today part is emotional so must read joke time
episode is long and i did not do proof reading
episode starts with the heavenly couple swasan were sleeping peacefully,
it is fine morning, air was very cold and fine which was flowing smoothly after rain, some rain droplets were also present in air, birds were chirping with full of

pleasure of cute morning, now the sun also comes to increase beauty of surrounding which made to open eyes of both couples
swara slowly opens her eyes she feels something hot on her chest side she sees sanky and same happens with sanky both see each other there was unnamed silence and eye

lock was between them, now they invvoluntery stand infront of each other and highly embrassed by seeing each other, both shouts nooooooooooooooooo……..
and turns there face,
swasan hurriedly pics there clothes and wear it
after wearing clothes
swara feels pain one her body and main organs, she thinks may be she slept with sanky, she screams noooooooooooooooooooooo it can’t be true
sanky turns his face and comes towards her to hug her
swara jerks him angrily in full and he falls on ground in she was in full rage by thinking what she did today everything of her night was coming infront of her eyes,

her intimacy her moans, her lost verginity, yes today she lost her verginity, she again scraems loudly that this can’t be truthn no no i can’t loose my verginity, i

can’t betrayed my husband, her mind stoped working her subcontious mind took lead on her mind, she knows she wanted this thing in her life, she badly needs it but she

never wanted this thing to happen with her with stranger, she madly sees marks of her hand of there intimacy, she moves her hand here and there and see markes on it,

she touches her neck she can feel all marks, she cries loudly oh god oh god………… tears of helplessness comes out of her eyes, she cries bittelry while seeing

her hand which remarked loosing her verginity, her head revoles round that what she did, she cries i can’t do like this i can’t…………………
sanky comes closer to pacify her she again jerks him madly which made he falls on ground but his head injured due to hitting but swara did not care about it, she was

lost in her thought, her sound of crying increased more, she is not state of accepting this truth, her eyes became big like cow due to excessive crying, only she could

use one word no it can’t be true, her eyes fall on sanky where blood was oozing out on his head, but we didnt find a single layer of concern on swara eyes, may be

layer of spark came to see him in blood which may decrease her pain by seeing him pain, her eys were totally showing mad hatred towards sanky, sanky understood swara

is out of control she can burst out any time on him like wild lioness, sanky tries to stand up but before that he felt immence pain on his right cheek which turned

into red, now again he felt pain on his left cheak, his eyes falls on blood boiling eyes of swara which were seeing him that anytime she can kill him, whose hands were

working to slap sanky madly, sanky angrily holds her hand and shouts have you gone mad swara, why can’t you accept this fact we intimated last night, swara jerks her

hand, ohhhh fact wow your so called womaiser fact, you will not have any problem but before she could complete again tears comes out, now she holds his collar and

punches him hard on his stomach which make sanky rinse in pain, she also punch on his main point by her leg which made sanky fall on ground with thud due to pain, she

angrily shouts this is punishment of yours to play dirty game with me,
joke time
kya mausam aaya hai..

har taraf pani pani failaya hai…

tum bahar mat nikalna,
nahi to aisa lagega ki,
barish hui nahi aur mendhak bahr aaya hai…
she sees the love marks given by sanky to her body which she hated most she can’t see this marks which was always making her remember her last night intimacy, for her

rather than that mark the mark of stick or of hot rod was good which give only physical pain when it is touched but these marks are giving her mental pain her

helplessness last night her lost verginity, her betrayel to husband, most important loosing her self respect in front of her only she sees them ” no i do not want this

mark i can not see them anymore, she madly scraches her hand but than also they don’t scaratch she sees hear and there and takes stick and beats herself to remove this

unwanted marks of her skin which were giving her immence pain in her heart, this marks are like happiness for other girls, this gives them more pleasure by seeing this

mark this shows love of there partner towards them, no girls want to remove this mark but swara case was different this marks were giving her immence pain, sanky could

see her beating herself, he hardly stands from his place and jerks stick from her hand
joke time
ladki (atm room me) : muje apna balance check karna hai,
aap meri help karo… plz…

ladke ne piche jor ki laat mari,
wo muh ke bal giri…
ladki aage ke 2 tute danto ke sath khadi hoti hai…

ladka : balance to bahot kharab hai tumhara…
baad mein ladki ne aage laat maari,
wo naagin ki tarah rengtey rengtey gaya…
ladka abhi tak ghar nahi pahuncha…
swara- please leave me
sanky was in full angerness no never
swara tries to free herself
sanky pins her to wall, he angrily shouts please swara calm down it was not your mistake, it is also not mine mistake swara
swara- so what you want to say everything happened between us was correct
sanky in understanding voice, swara sometime our hormones over power our thinking ability
swara angrily stop your good drama you useless person, i know like you leave me let me give me punsihment
swara was not stoping her blubber, sanky angrily puts his lip on swara blubbering lips to calm her
swara eyes were opened by his sudden act,
sanky in angerness and to clam her starts sucking and eating her lower and upper lips one by one, taking her one lip between his lips, he starts giving torture to her lips swara

tried to get away but sanky took grip more tight and took kiss more dipper to calm her, he starts swallowing her lower lips inside his mouth by pulling with his lips to test them fully now her lower lip is fully inside his mouth and fives her torture to forget her pain, he now takes her upper lips also just like swallowing in his mouth by his lips, now both the lips of swara were fully inside his mouth to whom he was chubbing, sucking like lolypomp and greeting

in his teeth and sucking them madly giving tortures to her, swara slowly calming down, her subconsious mind affect was decreasing, she don’t know again her

desire was making a way in her heart but she don’t want her desire to overpower her now, in one way she was enjoying it and other way she was feeling disgusted by his

act but sanky was doing his works, still her both the lips were inside his mouth which were forcefully fixed by his hard lips now his tongue was touching surfaces of lips and moving overall the lips to to decrease pain and make her calm down, his tongue exploring her both lips, sometime enters insdide them to reach her mouth and taste her honey but he was tightly holding her, now he looses the grip of his lips which were holding swara lips which

made swara to take some air inside her but still her full mouth was in his mouth only, she could feel his hot breath was entering inside her body with air because she is taking air of his mouth only this was making her calm, her

subcontious mind was fully controlled now,his hot breaths was reaching every part of her body which was making her whole body and every part to feel relaxed, sanky could feel relaxaton in her body, swara unknowingly

enjoying it and his breath was like healing every part of her body from inside, sanky also calms down by sweat taste of her lips where still her both mouth were inside him they were fit like in matchstick box lower potion in which all matchstick are kept is wrapped by upper portion, in this way only both the mouth were fit where upper portion of matchstick box was sanky and lower or inside part was swara, now he moves his head

back to take out her lips from his mouth which were fully inside his mouth, swara lips were sticked in his mouth but it detached as increase in separation and her lips came out of his mouth,

he can easily sees swolen, red lips which was fully wet due to his mouth, but both the bodies calm down by this needed kiss, swara did not understand what is happening with her she falls

on groung unconssiously but sanky takes her in his arms and took her to hospital,
joke time
baburao : aye raju… aaj meri kutti ne anda diya…
raju : ye kutti kab se anda dene lagi…
baburao : ye baburao ka style hai re baba…
apni murgi ka naam kutti rakha hai…
in hospital
sanky was restless outside the room,
after sometime doctor comes and he ask about swara health
doctor- see mr. kapoor her condition in very bed, the medicines which she daily takes was directly affecting her mind, they were destroying her nueral system, becuase

these hormanal tablets and this high dose sleeping pills directly affect her mind, because they are working on her nervous system because there work to make her mind

to subcontious mind, so that people can forget all there worries and hormonal problem, in subcontious mind they sleep so by taking daily these type of pills she has

hormonal imbalance also, due to daily interference of this medicines in her mind is creating problem in functioning of her brain so whenver she gets angry and she is

sad her subcontious mind overpowers her, she looses her thinking ability in front of her subcontious mind, the thing which is running in her mind only comes again and

again whoch she can’t take it so for this this type of people think to harm themself so that there pain can be removed they never think of good and bed in subcontious

mind so she harms herself, but do not take tention i had given some injections which will make her normal but please remember one thing you should try level bes to

decrease her dependency on these medicines, because adverse affect of these medicines and excessive use of it will made her brain problems, and please try level best

to not to make her come in subcontious mind which is dreadfull for her……………….
doctor leaves by saying these words by leaving sanky speachless and in shock………………………
joke time
must read
aaj kal to jiske 4-5 boyfriend hai,

wo bhi kahti hai ki,

“pyar andha hota hai…”




arey ! pyar andha nahi hai bahan…

tune pyar andha-dhundh kiya hai….
now its time to see raglak scene guys whats is going on there
in dubai
there was also sweat morning of hotel room where raglak were sleeping peacefully
small part of window was open from where sun rays were coming which falls on raglak eyes
raglak opens there eyes, first they feel it is hellucination or may be they are seeing dreams, they again closes eyes for sometime and opens it, after some confusing

eyelock both stands while shouting ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………….
ragini sees him turns her face while shouting wear your clothes (ragini body was wraped by badsheet and lucky was in his undergarments)
lucky gets totally embrassed by seeing him in this condition he immediately takes his clothes scatterd on ground by picking them where ragini was looking him

while picking he sees ragini upper garment, he ask whose it is
ragini thinks it is looking like mine garment but my garments will be on my body na but she feels her body loose loose she sees inside the blanket and found she did

not wear clothes now she screams noooooooooooooooo this can’t happen
till now lucky weared all his clothes and ask what can’t happen
ragini shouts how dare you to come in my room
lucky sees here and there and says are you insane it is my room you came in my room, he feels proud that she came in his room
ragini eyes falls on all over the room and finde she is in his room
ragini confusingly how can i come in your room
lucky- who know you must have only come

ragini- no i was in party after that, she stresses and says after that i do not know
lucky- hey you stop it but i know very well how i cam to my room
ragini questioningly how
lucky thinks but he says i also not getting anything but he sees that she has wrapped bedsheet so he ask, why you are wrapped in this bedsheet take it out
ragini- voh nothing (remember lucky did not get that she is nude )
lucky- what nothing he comes forward to take this bedsheet
ragini runs away to him she ask just stay away
lucky- while chasing her why to stay away, i am taking my favourite badsheet please give yar
ragini- no no
as lucky was moving he sees ragini lower part undergarment and her t shirt, he questioningly sees first of all we did not know how we came here and i was only in

underwear and second thing which girl was she her all clothes and undergarment are scattered on floor
ragini sees him in fear
lucky eyes fall on t shirt and ask this t shirt is of your ragini which you wore yesterday
ragini hesitately may be it is like my t shirt
lucky was very close to her now he takes his hand on bedsheet, he was about to take it from her body ragini shouts i did not wear any clothes
lucky sees her in full shock both have shocking eyes lock, there was silence in room both were looking each other in full shock now they are remembering everything

from morning like lucky clothes were on floor and ragini clothes also lying on clothes, they also got to know that in night after drinking that drink they don’t know

what has happend after it but by seeing some marks on ragini neck and ragini also sees lipstick marks on lucky face both came to conclusion and immediately shouts
episode end on shocked faces of raglak as well as sanky

precap- sanky care for swara, swara tell everything to kavya and neha, raglak drama (which i will not tell now)

my hands are paining after writing such a long episode

shock laga by seeing swara in full madness avtar, but the big shock was that sanky kisses swara in too too much intense way unexpectedly
i know many of you may be laughing by seeing raglak drama and loved it also and some also wants some funny and light hearted drama in swasan but that will come soon

because i can’t show funny drama because of swara that’s why
i know many of you wanted more in raglak part but i want to end in shock so guess what will be there reaction now think think think
by the way guys guess that now in normal state what will be swara reaction by seeing sanky, will she able to understand that sanky was also not in fault or some more

drama, just guess it is you can guess and what you feel of sanky character by seeing him today is something fishy or nothing or he is trapping her think about it
by the way did joke time made you entertained in such a emtional episode or not guys
big big big sorry from my side that kiss was really too intense and vulgar but when i was writing, it wrote intense without my knowledge but you reallly did not like please say to me i know it is really vulgar

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