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guys i am really and too much happy by getting very good marks in my exam to shoare this happiness i thought to give hot romance between swasan as a treat to all my

readers, as per story i decided to take there romance part after 3 to 4 episode but i changed plot and take swasan romance part today and for raglak fans there romance

special episode is comming soon but i have to use tooo much brain to think and write this part as well as too much time
episode starts with swara was still hugging sanky, sanky in shock jerks her, he made her stand infront of him she was looking towards him
sanky- why you are spying on me
swara angrily it is my father factory can’t i come here, by the way for what purpose you came here
sanky fumbles vo vo
swara- vo vo what, why you came here mid night
sanky gets idea replies in your father murder case some workers were also died from that one was my relative
swara- who
sanky- voh alok nath
swara questioned ok but why you came in midnight
sanky sees her questioning face replies i came here to see proof
swara- oh i also came here for that work
now sanky reminds something and places his hand on his head oh god but who closed that door
swara forgot in there argument but remembers and fearly says may be ghost
sanky chuckles hey stop your ghost drama
swara anguwingly how dare you to tell it as my ghost drama, now tell me who will close door
sanky seeing other side may be that person who killed your father
swara gulps in fear what
sanky naughtily yes or may be he want to kill you
swara- no please dont say like this replies in fearfull voice
sanky- so what i should tell, now please stop your drama and let me found way to go out of this place
swara- with tough voice ok ok
sanky sees doors it is closed,
swara- worriedly oh god now what will happen how we will escape from here and what will happen now
sanky- making his face closer to her now your favourate ghost will come and winks at her
swara- hey please don’t tease me
sanky- ok i don’t care now i am going to sleep
swara- stops him while he was going voh we can do one work
sanky fake seriously yes tell me
swara- fumbles and replies voh this whole factory is open there is no roof here so we can climb on it
sanky again fake serious”achha” by noding his hand in positivity
swara innscently nods
sanky again in fake serious tone ” so you are spiderman
swara nods no
sanky smiles at her and says so how we will climb on it and please don’t waste my time i am going to sleep
swara angrily where
sanky – here this is good place to sleep,
swara thinks oh god the person to whome i don’t like, i have to become good infront of him to go out of this place, i never thought in my dream i have to be with him

for one night in this place it is most worst thing, i tried to become good in front of him but he is not allowing to go out i have to sleep here only, i know he is

that type of person who can do anything for money, he is most characterless person who can go for any extent to do his work but now i am helpless, i am trapped here i

have to do acting of good girl with him, till i don’t come out of this trap, but now the biggest problem is that i did not bring my sleeping pillls, now my whole body

will shiver like hell i can’t control my emotion, today i also did not bring my hormons decreasing pills, and this person is with me, now this night he may see my real

dissorder now my head starts paining i know now my body will shiver like hell please god help me
she comes out of thought process by sanky voice mrs. maheshwari you can sleep there and i will sleep here
swara thinks its ok it is distance pleace and he will not able to see me
swara immediately goes towards that place and sleep that he can not see her, now 1 hour passed swara was rolling here and there she can’t able to sleep her haunting

past again took place in her head, she was remebering each and every day of her haunting life tears were excaping continuesly drom her eyes, she wants that she don’t

remember anything but she don’t have any good memory to think, her head was paining like scorpio bited her, cold breaze of rainy season was flowing, whole environment

was happy and very pleasent stars and moon was seeing her helplessly lying on floor, they were seeing her tears her, now they sees she was shivering on floor because

of medcine effect that her body badly needs medicines but she is helpless, she rolles on ground like snack, now she cant do anything also because she has fear that no

one should know her weakness, as time passes body was demanding sleeping pills and hormone depressing tablets as she was addicted this thing like alcoholist but the

shiver and depression which alcoholist gets when he don’t get alcohol for one time is 50% time more for swara because the hormonal depressing tablets and sleeping

pills are most needed part her hormons are fluctuating of her body, she was feeling that she can die at anytime she thinks rather than this pain she thinks it is

better to have death where there is no pain
BUT one person was seeing her continuesly that was non other than sanky he was seeing her helplessness from distance, now they heard thunderstorm, sanky runs towards

swara, swara was also very afraid while seating only she hugs him, rain starts falling environment became wet, coldness was increased but the heat developing within

both the souls due to touch of respective body is increasing heat inside there body, cold breaze was playing there hearts were beating fast lonlyness of environment

making environment romantic
Sanky feels shiver running inside his body by her touch.her closeness was making him restless his desire was inceasing more, his cloth become wet, swara could easily

see his musculine chest and his abs from clothes, hthis was also tempting her to move to next level, sanky lifts her head to see her beauty from his lusted eyes, both

shares eyes lock, his gaze move on her soft lips on which dropes of rain was falling they were looking more hot and desirable by rain drops, He touches her lower lip

in his hand but swara moves nearer to him due to her shyness. This time both their lips are inch apart. Sanky can’t control his emotion and he can’t avoid her anymore.

Sanky can’t resist himself and comes closer to her and holds her from waist and. He cups her face and places his lips to her shivering lips. Swara closes her eyes to

feel first touch of man in her life. Sanky softly puts his rough lips on her two soft lips he was softly kissing the lips as honey bee suck nector from flower without

affecting its beauty. Both their lips meet heat inside there body was increasing sanky was playing with her both the lips first upper than lower lip softly swara pulls

him closer towards her. She finds the touch of his lips is relexing from all her pain worries of her life which she has. Sanskar tightens his grip around her while

swara rubs his neck and their bodies are sliding slowly to each other. Both of their lips are playing with each other, sanky forces his tongue to inside her mouth

which increases hotness in body even if in the rainy season rain drop was increasing hotness inside there body The burning body was attracting each other. Sanky

explore her mouth and testing her mouth in that way as child eat and suck hunny bee nector, now sanky moves his hand on her waist and pulls her closer to him with no

gap between them, now rain drop was falling not on two body it was flowing only on one body, his hand slowly exploring her wet body which making swara to calm and

relax by his soft touch Swara and sanky part away from each other to feel and takes some oxigen. Both are breathing heavily and due to the different feelings they had

they are not making eye contact with each other due to shyness, but intensity to make love with her made sanky to take this step in next level, he cups her face and

sees her whole drenched body with desire and lust now Rain is almost stopped by now but they’re still wet, an inch distance is between them. Sanky goes forward and

crosses this one inch gap between them. Swara is still breathing heavily and his proximity is increasing with her heartbeats.today sanky’ touch was making her wild,

her incomplete desire is completing she is out of senses her desire has overpowered her mind today she don’t want to stop by fullfiling her incomplete desire, she

wants to flow with her desire today she don’t want to stop BG plays

Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re
Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re

Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

Jog laga de re
Prem ka rog laga de re
Main toh teri joganiyaan
Tu jog laga de re

[Sanky touches her glowing face which is only visible by the dim moonlight. There’s a deep silence between them, only their heartbeats are making noise of their

emotion. He slowly comes more nearer to her by bridging the gap & makes her lay down on the rainy grass. both sees each other and have long eye lock he comes top of

her he interwind with her legs sensually to not to move inch apart both heart beat was rising falling, swara puts her both hand on his neck to give him more excess to

see her body, both can here each other heart beats which are perfectly coupled as they are of only one person, Sanky puts his lips on her face. She tightens her grip

around his neck and sanky rubs his legs on her legs sesualy. He jently kisses her forhead, her hazel eyes to calm her desire and to assure her, he sensualy moves his

mouth on her neck kissing and giving his mark on her. he was also inhelling the jasmine smell from her body which was making him more romantically, he moves towards

ear lob which gives tigling sensation inside her body Swara feels extreme pleasure by his touch]

Ram ratan dhan
Lagan magan man
Tan mora chandan re
Ujli kori preet piya
Satrang laga de re

Ang laga de re
Mohey rang laga de re
Main to teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

[His emotion was overpower him he madly wants to explore her soft delicate body from his face. He wants every inch of her body to know his presence on her but her

clothes are becoming a barrier between them he don;t want passage of ai. He removes the saree from her shoulder and slowly puts his lips her shoulder. kisses and

markes his presesnce which was making rising of heat inside swara body.he moves his face all over exposed portion to make her more comfertable with him for his

blissfull ride]

Raat banjar si hai
Kaale khanjar si hai
Raat banjar si hai
Kaale khanjar si hai
Tere seene ki lau
Mere andar bhi hai

Tu hawa de isey
Toh mera tann jale
Jala de re sang jala de re
Mohey ang laga de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

[Swara resists a bit to remove the barriers between them because of her shyness while Sanky kisses on her cheek slowly .Meanwhile his hand removes the upper portion of

her body. The toned part of upper body is clearly visible which was increasing mainly desire in sanky emotion, He jently kisses on it sucks in flow.he reaches to her

neck where he was giving sweat tortures to her, his mouth again goes to her exposed part now he was sucking and kissing like hungry tiger, swara was feeling that today

she is most happiest women of this world, Unable to meet his gaze, Swara blushes and closes her eyes. Sanky stares at her. Now its turn to remove the remaining

barriers which were sttoping of there initmacy, he slowly removes them which makes shy in swara’s eyes, he comes top of her, his body is perfectly sheltered her body he

romanticaly moves his legs on her legs slowly exploring her body from his body with sensual movement with rithem.]

Raas hai raat mein
Teri har baat mein
Raas hai raat mein
Teri har baat mein
Bol main kya karun
Aise haalaat mein
Hoon main teri malang
Tu hi mera nasha
Chadha de re bhang chadha de re
Prem ki bhang chadha de re

[sanky takes his own time, explore her delightful, unused pure body, he was marking his presence on every parts of her body, he kissingly comes down towards her thighs

now desire of him increased more he can’t resist himself by seeing her exposed part, he puts his mouth also kisses her to give pleasure which she was craving from

years, he was first person who touched that part but today she can’t resist him, his kisses and suck making her reach in blissfll world both were like heavenly bodies

of the world, where sanky was giving her that thing which she did not get till now, it was like that honey bee while moving on floor reches to main part of flower

which is inside and sucking nector of it and same way sanky mouth was sucking the nector which was coming out, which is making him more hornly, now he moves his face

again on her exposed part to give his sign on it]

Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

Jog laga de re
Prem ka rog laga de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

Ram ratan dhan
Lagan magan man
Tan mora chandan re…

[it’s time to go ahead of it, after taking her to blissful ride, its time to come to complete the most important desire between them, sanky puts his seed inside her,

swara screamed in pain by his movement, he gently kisses her lips to decrease her pain, as his seed moves inside her, she screamed loud, but the environment was fully

silent only screaming and moaning sound of swara and sanky was echoing on whole factory, there scream and intimacy made both of them fully drench by there sweat this

time sweat was flowing from there body in place of rainy water, but sanky did not stop to give the ride of this blissful thing which she was getting first time, he

gently kisses her exposed upper potion, his lips sucks the honey from her body to make there love more intense,intensity of there ride was increased by sanky which

was giving her more pleasure with this amazing feeling now environment becomes hot it is time to make both the heavenly couples to relax from this blissful feeling,

both couples climaxed together with full pleasure and intense feeling and slept while hugging each other in fully nudity] today swara was sleeping most beautifull sleep after making love with sanky, she got sleep immediately due to tiredness given by sanky to play with her body both the

boduies played the ride of heaven………………………………..

PRECAP- swasan hot argument, swara guilt, raglak hot romance (may be 12 or 13 episode there romance and will have special episode)

now my head as well as hand are paining after writing this part and did you liked swasan blissfull ride
guys did you liked today part it took too much time for me to write this part but i really want to give you treat as well as wishes of rakhi as well, you don’t know to

write this part it took too much time and i really had to think too much to give that it must not be vulgar as well as hot and my mind really starts paining after

writing this part because i have to take too much stress to write this part
guys i think this part was not vulgar if you feel that please tell me i will not add next time
GUYS PLEASE love your brother and sister if you got if you have any miss understanding between you guys please clear it on this special occasion and keep loving to

your brother sister and don’t hat them, because if you have brother sister you don’t know about there importance much but just ask to those people who are craving for

brotherly or sisterly love, for them this special occasion is nothing but for them i want to say one thing guys real brother or sister is not that to whome we have

blood relation but the real relation comes only by spreading love between them, if a boy is giving you brotherly love than that person is more than blood relation

brother, brother sister love can be happen between anyone irrespective of any cast religion and anything so guys never spoil this beautiful relation and never show

that type of love which is fake and for name sake just to tie rakhi on your brother if your tying rakhi on any person than it is your responsibility to take that

relation more stronger in next rakhi festival, and never says that we don’t have brother you will get good brother irrespective he don’t have blood relation to you and

that type of brother really gives you more love that you would not get when you may have brother so never think this negative point you are also god gifted guys

because you can choose any of the brother from this world to whom you feel is perfect keep loving and spreading love guys

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  1. hey irfan it is really amazing as always no words to describe it and I told you my challenge you have to accept it to wirte ff on chakravati ashoka serial and I know it is difficult task as you don’t know anything about that serial and also not heard its name but please atleast write small story on that serial

    1. Pathan

      Ya I know your challenge and I will keep in my mind and I accept it

  2. awsm.loved it alot..want more swasan scenes

    1. nd i hope i m the 100th commenter..hehe..i complete century..hihihihhiii

    2. Pathan

      I will give more swasan scene and they are lead in this story and they are lead in story and ya I am really happy that you are 100th commentor of my ff and you made century and I think you are new reader of my story

  3. i loved swasan romance..super se upar..amazng part..loved it alot

    i only read swasan scenes in every ff..so i dnt knw abt raglak and didnt read them..so i dnt knw whts the feeling of laksh towards swara..plz give reply to me..actually i dnt lyk ragini and i didnt read any of her parts.alwys u shw lucky with ragini so i want to knw the luckyz feelngs towards swara..is it revenge or smthng else???plz give reply to me.

    1. Pathan

      OK I understand your feelings but in raglak part lucky doesnt love swara he is just taking revenge and one more thing also revealed that lucky is brother of sanky which is unknown to both as sanky real name is atif so he only knows sanky old name and both are unaware of this fact and lucky mother and sabky mother both were real sister and lucky father dp took lucky from ram Prasad as they can’t conceive child
      And if you have more doubt or couldn’t understand part Di you can ask again from me

  4. love this part.swasan is best.feeling sad for swara plz dont make her characterless infront of others.because in indian culture a girl have any relation with a boy other than her husband is not good..every one shld call her characterless.please keep this thing in mind

    1. Pathan

      I’m know but now a days secret relationship with other boy for having s*x is increased now a days and I will not make her characterless in front of others and just see how story will frame you will really like it and keep liking my story and I will keep your suggestion in my mind

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    You shaped the concept of extramarital affair in a beautiful way..Good job Irfan?

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