swaragini: fight for my right (Introduction)


Hii guyz ……this is Natasha here…..i was a silent reader but recently a plot came to my mind and thought to write it………..plzzz suppport me i will give the introduction nd yes i promise to be regular…..the much awaited intros

Swara gadodia-a sweet,shy girl,she is not silent but forced by her patriarchal family to stay silent.she hates her family.nither does her family care about her .she loves her best friend and can do anything for her,her best friend is her life.she wants to be a singer but only her heart nd her lucky charm knows it.

shekhar gadodia-father of swara,a big minister of ruling party of the state .loves his son sahil a lot ,thinks swata to be useless.

sumi gadodia-mother of swara and sahil ,but have same thinking as her husband

sahil-a spoilt brat,a devil,wants to be a minister,a womanizer ,but still pampered by his family,had bad intentions regarding swaras best friend.


Ragini Raichand-an orphan but a rich heir .the owner of raichand empires ,the most successful cpmpany.ragini herself took care of it with her uncles help.born with silver spoon.a sweet,cute,preety girl.she fears nobody,and a shield to her best friend,her life.

Rajnath singh-raginis uncle,hates about her
shivani singh-ragnis aunt

uttara singh-daughter of rajnath and shivani,raginis partner in crime,she loves ragini to the core.


Lakshy Roy-the richest of all indians,the owner builder of The ROY Empires.Roy groups is one of worlds top5 companies.he have his business settled all over the world .but himself never cane in front of media .he has hid himself from the world.the world only heard about him,but never saw the prince,his personal life is a myestry.


Sanskar Maheswari-a young handsome,cute lad,a bit flirt but respects girls and is well mannered.he loves his mother a lot,want to be a cricketer.its already been 3 years he finished his studies but didnt join his fathers money he does per time job to earn his living

Annapurna Meheswari-a loving mom,her life is her son its only due to her sanskar is staying in Mm.
carries a lot of pain in her heart.

Durgaprasad Maheswari-a womanizer,doesnt respect woman,hates his son….a devil.

this story revolves around 4 youngsters and their fight against society .to fulfill their dream and get what they deserve.

This is a totally a different story ….plzz supportt me i hope u gyuz like it…

precap:the bond of true friendship…….sanskars fight……lakshs pov

Credit to: Natasha

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  1. Nice concept

    1. thanks nd regarding the pairs i have decded it

  2. pls make swalak. i gets boring on swasan & raglak.

    1. thanks…..nd pairs r already decided

  3. Megha123

    Awsm plot plzz continue

  4. Pls make it ragsan…. Pls…

  5. Gopika....gopu..

    amazing……wonderful and a unique concept…..

  6. Akshata

    interesting concept

  7. Samys

    amazing.. ihope it is swasan nd raglak.. bcoz i love them…

  8. amazing superf unique ff
    love ragini

  9. Ragz_teju


  10. Ragini character is nice

  11. Make it swasan plz nd reveal the pair

  12. awesome!!!

  13. Yaaaar awesome intro…totallly loved it…rags charecter is mindddblowngggg..?? no wry about pairs as i lyk bth ragsan n raglak,bt i thnk u”ll pair raglak n swasan☺ …well lets seee….n all d bst dear…??

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