swaragini: fight for my right (episode 9)

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sanlak were numb, they were sure she was kidnapped, but who?
while swara cried like hell , all the villagers gathered, when a small boy saw
raginis photo in lakshs phone….he came near him and pulled his shirt,laksh saw him and bend down
boy: bhaiya i saw 2 men taking this didi to the old godown.
laksh got hope , he hugged the child, sanskar smiled and said
sanskar:lets run? where is the place
boy: i will show u
They started following the boy
laksh looked at swara and felt sry
laksh: swara i am sry
swara: its ok u were tensed
sanskar: nd dosti me no sry no thank u
they reached the place, but it was isolated, no one was there, swara again felt weak, she felt dizzy and was about to fall when sanskar held her ………he saw water and splashed on her …she woke up
sanskar: u have to be strong fr ur ragu right
swara: yes, we will definitely find her
just then laksh came like mad with raginis jacket
laksh: she gave us hint
swasan: what is it?
laksh: park street ,kolkata,lane2
ragini has written the address by hearing the goons talking to shift her , she wrote it on her black jacket with a chalk.
swara: whT,? its impossible.
sanskar: swara tell us what is wrong?
swara: its her own house
now sanlak were hell shocked
Ragini again found hard to open her eyes, her eyelashes became heavy ,but she opened it slowly.
she found herself in her room. then she heard some sound ,she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep…….someone came inside once u open ur eyes, u will be surprised……..person left.
Ragini s eyes had tears all she could see were faces of swasanlak
then her parents
why u left me dad in the middle of this politics? why?
i hope swara is fine.yes of course i trust sanlak.
Did they get my hint?
sanskar: what r we waiting for lets get the train and reach as fast as we can
laksh: no need of train u guys pack ur bags , we will go by other means to reach fast
swasan were confused but didnt argue seeing laksh desperate and his anger at its peak.

swasan started walking towards hotel sanskar turned and looked at laksh , he saw him shouting at someone on phone, he turned towards swara who was walking slow , he knew she was week, none of them have ate since morning…..moreover he knew swara can live without food but not without her ragini.
They reach the hotel ,sanskar told her to go and pack ,he would come soon, he returned to find the packing done …….he came to swara who standing in balcony
sanskar: swara
swara turned to see him standing with a plate of chapatti and a bowl of some kind of curry .
sanskar: come have something before we leave.
swara: i am nt hungry
sanskar: ya that i know, no need to tell
swara: please sanky
sanskar came in front of her , held her shoulder
sanskar: u look weak have something fr ur ragini ,u need energy to help her
her eyes became moist
sanskar hugged her ,
swara: my energh is my ragu….nd she is kiddnaped …..nd i cant do anything
she broke out, she let out all her pain ,
sanskar was amazed by swaraginis bond,two girls who have nobody own are the biggest support for each other, and how incomplete one is without other
Then he feed swara with his hands, they both were waiting for lucky , when the door banged open.
lucky: u guys r ready, lets leave
swara took the bag and left, sanskar took his bag and a bottle of juice and went.
They were walking in total silence,when sanskar went near laksh
sanskar: have this bro , u didnt have anything since mourning, nd dnt u dare say no
laksh saw him ,he felt he heard it somewhere he just took the bottle of juice and drank in one go.
while these two were busy swara noticed that they were not going to the road but opposite to it , she wanted to ask but didnt get a chance , they stood in front of a barren land……swasan were hell confused why they were here when they here sound of a helicopter……they stood numb.
Many village people came forward all were amazed to see it, it landed in the field , the wind hited them hard , it was a black ,shining helicopter , a man in black suit came down and greeted laksh
man: good evening sir
laksh: u gave the details to pilot
man : yes sir, come
laksh: swara,sanky come fast
swasan came and got in and within minutes they were flying, swara turned laksh and asked
swara: lucky who are u?
lucky s expression changed he knew there was nothing he can do now, he faced outside the window
laksh: ( wispered): laksh Roy
swara was shoked so was sanskar
laksh: plzzz dont tell it to anyone else. nd dnt ask anymore questions plzzzzz
sanskar signed swara to stop and not ask about that what he is not comfortable to share.

Raichand Mansion was decorated , guest were coming like hell, all big businessman , celebrities have gathered
reporters were waiting fr the bride, the latest news was Ragini Raichands Mairrage.
The bride was ready , ( she wore the pink dress which she wore on the marriage with laksh when laksh betrayed her with kavya )

precap- swara shot?

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