swaragini: fight for my right (episode 8)


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laksh: lets stay in a hotel ,morning we will go to bus stop
they leave in search of hotel…..nd after hours finally get one……..it was just a moderate hotel of common people.
swara was standing ideal while raglaksan were booking rooms her gaze fell on a man ………he was looking her weirdly ……she got scared, the man was of his dads age ,started coming closer , he smelled bad, she started going back, the man caught her by shoulder,swara was about to say something when the man says
villager: hilna mat beti
swara was stunned , she didnt understood what to do, the man bent down and picked up the rope near her leg….
raglak san came out, the man was holding a snake by its mouth………..sanskar went near her and hugged her…….the thing she thought rope was actually a snake
ragini: thank u kaka

villager: thik hai …….yeh bohot dar gayi hai ise pani pilaow.
swara: beti smajh k maff kijiyega kaka mane apko galat samjha
vilkager: nehi beta tum galat nehi ho ,tumhare jagh koi or hota to yehi karta☺
he left ,
ragini: thank god ….he saw the snake
swara: yes, he was a good man, i misunderstood him
sanskar: swara its ok, n take care next time☺

laksh:if u guys r done can we go, or else i will sleep here only.
there was only one room so four of them have to share it ,but they were comfortable. they chit chatted and slept in sitting position on four side of the bed. ——————————————————————–
The sunlight lit the small hotel room………….it disturbed raginis sleep , she opened her eyes, her back was paining , went to washroom came out after getting fresh,nd was shocked to see lucky was sleeping taking 3/4 th of the bed, sanky was sleeping on floor and swara was sleeping in couch, she got the reason of her back pain…..she slept in1/4 th part of that small bed.
she called swara who wake up irritated
swara(still sleeping):go away before i smack ur head, i cant sleep the whole night due to small space,and lastly i was kicked out by lucky,…….leave me let me sleep
ragini did nt call her anymore ovio who want a smak
she wrote a note that she was going for morning walk……so that no one worries

she wore track suit ……….she started walking, the fresh air of village gave her peace……she saw a place where sunflower cultivation was going on…….they were her favorite flowers…..she started walking there……………she thought someone was following her …..she looked back nobody was there …..she started walking …..when she got a horrible ,disgusting smell, she started feeling dizzy and she fell over there unconscious.

It was 11 am when swara woke up, she was stunned to sew the time, she hurriedly woke up and got fresh.she wore white long skirt with floral design and pink top.

she called sanskar who woke with a jerk , he rubbed his eyes then was dumb to see the time………both of them glared at laksh who was now sleeping in the whole bed
sanskar: abey uth lucky k bache
lucky: daniel , call me after 5 min
swara: who is daniel?
sanskar got fed up of calling so he went to washroom,came out wearing orange t-shirt and denim jeans, bought a bucket of water and splashed on him.he woke shouting
laksh: Dannnnny?
then he came to his senses ,composed himself
laksh; good morning?
swara:good afternoon?
laksh: what
and he rushed to washroom, he came out wearing an violet shirt and black jeans to find swara crying
laksh: hey whats wrong?
sanskar: ragini went for a walk and didnt return
laksh: what?? wait is she having the habit of waking up early
swara: no
laksh: then chill…….maybe she have gone 5 mins before we woke up
swara: maybe?
sanskar: we cant be sure
laksh: lets ask in the reception
swasan lak run to the reception
laksh: uncle can u please tell us when this girl left for walk
he showed him raginis photo in phone.
receptionist: she left something around 5 am

sanskar : r u sure
receptionist: yes …..she wished me good morning and went

This was enough fr swara she fell with thud and started crying , sanskar consoled her, while laksh was feeling helpless
sanskar: swara ,everything will be fine , she is new maybe she lost her way
swara: she is in this situation because of me…?
here swasan was broken , laksh went to the room , he was feeling restless, he started scrathing his head, he was feeling so restless.
nothing was coming in his mind what to do and what not …..but he knew at any cost , he will find her.

swasan came up ,
laksh: swara give me her number
swara gave it to him , she was crying hard, ovio her only family,soul sister is missing
laksh called manik, he was walking here and there in tension
Manik: hello laksh
laksh: manik call aryan ,tell him to trace the no i am sending and tell its location to me
manik: ok
They waited for maniks call
unknown place

ragini was struggling to open her eyes, her whole body was paining, she opened her eyes……..everything was dark, she tried to see through the darkness but in vain, she tried to call for someone but she was feeling too weak , her body ache make her cry, she found her hand and legs tied ,it was then reality struck her she was kidnapped.
ragini: anybody there?…….
some goons rushed and were looking at her
ragini(scared): why have u brought me here
goon:because we are paid to do so
goon: u will get to know soon

Laksh phone rang, all three rushed to the phone, he picked it up
Manik:its in a village near NH 52
laksh :r u sure
Manik: yes, but tell me why du u need it
laksh: thanks, call u later
he cut the call , she is in village only, we have to find her, maybe she is lost
sanskar: lets not waste time
swara: yes
they run down and they asked the villagers , they all noded in no
then laksh asked a villager near the sunflower cultivation field
villager: she became unconscious here ,near my filed, her brother came and took her
sanlak: brother , does ragini hav any brother swara
swara was numb , this irritated laksh , he shouted and jerked her
, she was about to fall…..sanskar held her

sanskar: lucky calm down
laksh: how will i?
swara: she is orphan

precap: raginis mairrage

Credit to: Natasha Roy

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  3. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

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    Update next part soon i’m eagerly waiting..??

  5. love this part
    lucky ne had hee kardi sabko neeche sula k khid aram se so gaya hahaha
    love rags she’s pretty na

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  8. Megha123

    Awsm. …….Very awsm chappy & even precap is too interesting can’t wait for nxt chappy lol❤ post it asap

  9. nice, hope ragini is safe in next part

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  11. Akshata

    their sleeping positions and the whole part was awesome. and then swara said, i will smack ur head and lucky kicked me, that was hilarious. whom did kidnap ragini? may be her uncle. update soon.

  12. Nice…..may be due to situation raglak marriage….wow post soon

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      N i will always support you even if you want my support or not cause k made u my lovely sisso ??????

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  16. its awsm sissy…..
    luvd the sleeping pattern…
    i hav faced d same situation in my sister’s wedding….lol…
    i still remember i was not able to move myself a bit coz of the great fall:-)
    nd i hope ragini is fine….
    bt i trust my sissy…
    she loves masti nt rona dhona…

  17. its awsm sissy…..
    luvd the sleeping pattern…
    i hav faced d same situation in my sister’s wedding….lol…
    i still remember i was not able to move myself a bit coz of the great fall:-)
    nd i hope ragini is fine….
    bt i trust my sissy…
    she loves masti nt rona dhona…
    love u sissy…

  18. u just rocked it sissy….
    it was awsm…
    specially the sleeping pattern was superrrb…lol… i too faced the same prblm once…
    love u sis…
    keep rocking…

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