swaragini: fight for my right (episode 6)


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the train stopped with a jerk due to which laksh fell on the dirty floor,
he goes to washroom ,changes his dress .he wears a light blue shirt,with the buttons open as in the serial, nd black jeans , he looked like a college hunk ,while he was coming ,he saw some goons vigorously beating a person
goon: tell the truth have u seen her
and shows her photos it was swaraginis
laksh ran to his seat, he saw through window a small station,he ran to the seat and called sanswarag
ragini: lucky are u mad?(half sleeping)

swara:u broke my dream
lucky:we have leave the train in next station ,the goons r searching u people like mad.
sanskar:lets go than.
the train didnt stop,it just decreased its speed to the slowest,swasan,raglak jump out of the slow moving train,the train left…….they felt relived……it was a small village station, it has dark outside….ragini noticed it
ragini:guys u hav any idea ….where are we?
laksh: let me check
he took out his phone…….all looked with eyes full of hope
laksh:sry…..?……..there is no network over here
even ragini took her phone out
ragini:u r correct
laksh : i know
sanskar:yes lucky
he took out his phone
swara: sanlak u both have iPhone
sanskar: so even ragini have
swara: ragini was travelling in middle class compartment for me
what about u both?…………something is fishy?
lucky:i bought it from lottery prize money
sanskar:really same to u ,bro

swara was still in doubt……
sanky:lets wait for next train
lucky:as they doubted in train.i think we can go by bus…..
swara: that’s a better idea…………what do u think ragini and the trio turned find her sleeping in the nearby bench…..swara become sad turning towards sanlak
swara: the owner of raichand empires is in this situation just because of me.
but suddenly started laughing ,someone was tickling her it was ragini………now even sanlak joined..all four tickled each other and laughed their heart out…..the silence of the station were broken by their laughter.
swaras pov
i am so lucky to get my lucky charm ,she knows how to lit up my mood,lucky is brilliant have every problems solution nd sanky is a mad,a cute mad, but he is very good at heart , he is a bit flirt but its ok.nd fr them i am not a 2 nd option like i use to be at home.i am no more ignored.☺
raginis pov
i am happy coz i feel no more alone, i have my life,my swara ,sanky is like a pack of refreshment and laksh ,strict but fun loving and mostly its a pure relation ,no greed in it , unlike my uncle i can trust them?
sanky pov
Hii mom. dnt think i forget u i never will ….i am happy with them but will they be same when they will come to know my true identity.?
laksh pov

everything is perfect here, but i dnt know how long,……….when they will know the truth of my life will they leave me like others did.?
end of pov “aaaaaahhhhhh”
their thoughts were broken by the sound made by ragini who was standing above the bench
swara :rago …..why r u shouting?
ragini:swa…sw….swara…….there’s a lizard …….over there
“aaaaaaahhhhh ”
someone accompanied ragini and stood up with her on the bench,lucky was shocked
laksh: sanky what r u doing there
sanky: what ,protecting myself,
swara:from whom????
ragsan were not looking at swalak ,their concentration was on the lizards movement…swalak looked at each other than at ragsan in disbelieve
ragini: offo dumbo from that lizard
laksh:exactly ragini its a lizard not a dinosaurs ?
ragini: u didnt read bio ,some of their genes are almost similar
laksh : u guys are ridiculous

swara:come down its gone
sanky: never its there
lucky : where
sanky points it to lucky
he goes kicks it and it goes
sanskar than comes down looks here and there with tension reveled in his face ,ragini was standing with closed eyes as the lizard would eat laksh and she cant face that,swara goes near her ear silently
swara: “boooo”?
ragini: “aahhh”?
ragini opens her eyes and sees swara she says ” u people r bad ,u always scare me ,only sanky is good”?
swalak have a good laugh and then they start to mimic ragsan …………….while sanskar stood smiling and scratching his head looking at swara who was teasing her……..ragini was hitting laksh playfully who was teasing as well as running to escape from ragini.

Gadodia Mansion

sahil was furious he cant accept that he was defeated by girls
sahil: so u didnt find her
goon : yes sir
he slapped the goon and said
only 2girls and u cant get them
goon :sry sir
sahil: next time dnt show ur face without them
goons leave
i will find u both and teach both of u good lesson.

singh house
its a small house of raginis uncle rajnath singh

raj slapped uttara
raj: u told her about my intension
uttara: i swear i didnt
raj: how did she come to know ,with 50 lakhs rupees she threw us out from her property
uttara: i dnt know
shivani: she send a msg”greed is not good for health”….huh…….we thought we would be billionaire …..but now we dnt even have a air condition
raj: we will be billionaires ….i will show that girl …………..she is challenging me i.will show her hell,or send her to her parents.

precap:ragini is lost

nd i am natasha roy, i came to know there is another natasha, so to avoid misunderstanding i wll write my title too
nd i am writing another ff Backbenchers plzz read it

Credit to: Natasha Roy

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  1. Amqzing…..ragsan afraid for lizard hahaha……swasan & raglak scence nice

  2. Akshata

    i loved ragsan part, they are so cute and adorable. that lizard part was quite hilarious.

  3. superb ff
    love raglak
    always love teja

  4. Frst of all thnku so much natasha for ur sweet messege????…now comng to d episode..it ws fantasticcc…..i m jst lovng dere bondng?..swasanraglak all r awesomeee??..keep rockng dear☺?

  5. Akshata

    thank you Natasha love u too…. 🙂 today’s updates is really amazing, ragasan are so cute and adorable. that lizard scene was funny. loved it.

  6. Divyanshri

    swaragini bonding is very cute….. why Sanlak are not revealing there identity…… ..

  7. Ragsan part is cute

  8. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Their bonding was too good

  9. thanks sissy fr such a lovely msg…. nd not to forget update was really amazing…
    specially the lizard wala scene…..i was laughing like a maniac nd my mom was giving me a ” r u mad ” wala look….
    really u made my day….
    luv u….
    keep giving ur tufaani updates…lol:-)

  10. Yashal

    Awesome loved it siso hope you don’t mind if i call you siso ???? and lizard part waz fab ??

  11. ragsan scenes are cute, waiting for raglak scenes

  12. awesome!!

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