swaragini: fight for my right (episode 5)


Hii………..so sorry?……i am late plzzzzzz ….maf kar dena………actually i went to college again, to submit some documents and returned by evening ,then i found server maintenance was going on i will not talk more
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tanks for ur inspiring words and sry once again? luckys phone rang, he didnt pick,it rang again
lucky(mind): this is ridiculous …..how did i forget it ,i didnt change my phone…..urgh what will swasanrag think now if i take out iPhone ……….owner of iPhone travelling in middle class compartment.oh….god??

He took out the phone and slightly went aside he went near gate sat in stair and saw there were 35 mails
laksh: kya mai itna kam karta hu har roz
he read the mails and gave suggestion to manik…..his full concentration was on the mails…..it was 9:00pm when he finished nd
ragini came in search of him and caught him
ragini:u have a iPhone
laksh was in terror ,he looked up.and tried to give a warm smile but failed coz he hardly can smile.
laksh:Yes,i.won a lottery.and.bought it with the prize money
ragini:oh……i thought u stole
laksh :seriously
ragini :can i ask u something?
ragini:which perfume u use?
ragini:no,nothing …….forget it
laksh:can i say u something ,dont mind
laksh: u have a bad dressing sense
ragini looking at her
ragini:really u are first one to say so
laksh: to be frank , maybe u didnt travel in middle class compartment, nd short skirts are comfortable fr u ,but most of the compartment people are not, i am not telling its bad to wear them, i am myself ok with it but not all…..i didnt tell u before bcoz sanky was there, i am telling this bcoz i am concerned abut u,i know we should be free ,but our security is also important right.i wouldnt have said u anything if u were in first class compartment or somewhere else but its too risky in a middle class compartment.
he smiles nd leaves
it was then she noticed the whole compartment people were eyeing her………….some aunties with disgust, and some men with lust …..she started feeling uncomfortable….she went to her seat and brought out her bag
she ran to washroom ,she came out after changing in black jeans and white plain silk shirt
she saw laksh standing with i pad in hand
laksh: i m sry if i hurt ur sentiments
u know i didnt mean that
ragini:u have a i pad
laksh:ya i got in sale?
laksh ran from there
raginis pov
lucky is like my dad ,he said those things i was not hurt, i admired him ,even my dad use to make me understand the cruel society in similar way
u were correct dad someone will come in my life ……….i just need to find him ,i found him,maybe
pov ends
she saw ,she had 15 mails from nandini ,she answers them

swaras pov
Till yesterday i had everything but still had nothing and today i have nothing still everything
her thoughts were broken by sanky
sanskar : hey beautiful……..thinking about me?
sanskar:ok fine …….so what r u thinking about
swara:about me…..what i was and what i am
sanskar:yes u were a caged peacock and now u r free to dance in the first rain
sanskar:you were a caged kokil and now u are free to sing in clouds
sanskar: u were chained and today u can fly
swara was dreaming
sanskar:u were a prisoner nd now u are a fighter
swara:yes fighting for my right
just than it started to rain she ran to the door followed by sanskar she spread her hand and both enjoyed rain the train stopped at a station .swara started dancing with some children .sanskar started taking photos .he took photos then swara called him he kept the phone and started dancing with her .
they came up saying bye swara change the dress ,she wore pink top.and white jeans and stood near door smiling sankar came there and said :happy beautiful
swara: thanks
sanky left with lucky she smiled
swaras pov
Thank u god, today is the first day of my life i didnt feel ignored, i got all those who care about me…….
.i always hoped one day i will get the one for whom i would be first priority ….i found that one, maybe
pov ends

all the four gathered and had chit chat and slept, though the train didnt have ac, or king sized bed ,first time after years ,all four slept peacefully …….with a smile in their face…….they were happy with this phase of life.its not luxury that gives peaceful sleep but love,trust,nd true friendship.?☺plz maf kar dena fr being late

precap: suspense

Credit to: Natasha

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    awesome!! raglak part was nice and funny too.

  5. Hi natasha, y r u not posting prince or my lover, miss you dear.

  6. Loved dis episode yaaar…laksh is soooooo awesomee….rags is jst mazngg.??…

  7. serious laksh is so lucky he won lottery and got ipad on sale
    just love rags so cutee and innocent she is

  8. Yashal

    Awesome n yeah lucky’s exuses are mostly used ???

  9. its ok sissy…. i hope u dont mind me calling u sissy….
    nd d epi was awsm n super cute..
    ur updates always bring a smile to my face….
    n thanks fr d updates…

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