swaragini: fight for my right (episode 4)

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regarding the story…..☺
i want to clear a thing , even laksh and sanskar are also fun loving , its that they never got such friends. ——————————————————————–

sanskar sat in a bench looking at the crowd, he looked handsome in yellow shirt and black jeans.
sankars pov
mom one day i will rise, i promise .kartik said if i cry u will be hurt ,u faced too much ,now rest and see ur son win….i sold the cafe for10 lakhs ..nd i want a change in air so i am going mumbai, nd i will fulfill ur wish i will find him”
his pov broke when he clashed with a girl …he was mesmerised
girl:i am sry ..
he just stared and she left getting lost in crowd

Swara came to ragini…..
swara:finding someone
Ragini:where were u?
swara:went to washroom……dont shout i am not a child
ragini:babes i will not once ,we live this city if we got caught , i dnt know about u but i will end up being ur sister in law?
swara chuckled
and both hified each other.
ragini:swara ur r comfortable in this dress na
swara:more than comfortable ,my father didnt allow but its heavenly.

Ragini got back her smile,swara wore orange jump suit ,with her hair open with bottom curls while ragini wore floral skirt and white top.with her hair left open with rolls at bottom ,they both look stunning .
swaragini were going in middle class compartment so that shekhar dnt doubt.sanskar to save as much he can.nd there was a unlucky billionaire, came to hide his damn identity.

Ragini: shona i forgot to bring water bottle .let me bring it.
swara: come fast
ragini:smiling yu gai or yu ai☺
and ran to the water stall

swara was tensed and nervous,she was walking here and there , just than she clashed with someone ,she closed her eyes as she was about to fall , but when she didnt feel the pain she opened her eyes after feeling a pair of strong hands holding her waist and a handsome face with deep brown eyes looking at her…….they looked at each other when a person from back taunted
person: oh hello yah sab ghar pe ja k karna ,filal mujhe side do
they composed and became red.swara again looked at her watch, she saw outside through window, ragini was no more in water stall. she became restless.
the boy was shocked and then happy, to meet the girl he clashed with before and now again ,it was then he sensed her being scared……….he didnt want to ask as he was a stranger but couldn’t stop asking
sanskar:r u ok?

laksh was running with a tourist bag,he wore black jeans,v neck blue -t-shirt and a white jacket type shirt over it.., cleanly shaved,with high spikes and an arrogant facial expression ,he looked hot,with a bandage over his tattoo.
the train started moving slowly swaras face showed tension clearly ,sanskar was disturb seeing her, ragini ran and caught up the train…she was about to go inside when she heard someone calling….it was laksh……..hearing loud noises of people whistling swasan went to the door to see what was wrong….

they were too close but they didnt mind ,what they saw was more interesting …all were shouting seeing raglak scene but raglak were busy helping each other.
laksh first threw the bag and ragini caught it her expression showed it was heavy…she shighed and extended her hand. laksh too extended his hand and after running a bit faster laksh hold her hand ,ragini pulled him he came inside ..the crowed cheered .making them embarrassed.They went inside to find his seat nearby .Though laksh was a billionaire he was a down to earth man so were swasanrag so all were comfortable.
sanskar felt relived seeing swara happy.he understood her reason of tension was ragini
ragini:hii i am ragu she is shona
she hid her identity because of shekhar,swara understood
swara : what abt u gyz?
snanskar:myself sanky

sanakar -my parents named me so
he dnt want others to know he is a monsters son
laksh:myself lucky,to hide identity
swara:ur name sounds similar
ragini:lucky what happened to ur hand
lucky:its due to accident,a race
they started chit chatting.lucky went outside and came running and clashed with ragini ,she smelled the same perfumed and loved the smell now
sanky:lucky hav u seen ghost
lucky:no,some men r finding swara
lucky :do u know her
swara:ab kya rags

sanlak:shona dnt tell us u
?swara:i am swara
sanlak:abe yar bhaag
ragini:shut up let me think
then her gaze goes to a Muslim girl she was sleeping .she tip -toed and slightly took two barkhas from her bag and came back no one noticed her
ragini threw one to swara:wear it fast
sanky-swara yeh chor to nehi hai na
lucky:pacca chor hi hai
ragini glared at sanlak and they sat quietly she and swara too sat quietly.
the goons came
goon-abe is ladki ko kahi dekha hai

sanlak :no
he went to swara observed her it was then lucky observed that the barkha was a single piece plain thin silk cloth and ragini wore skirt so her legs were seen through barkha.he brought out his blanket and threw it on her covering her leg.goon then observed ragini and left ,swaragini thanked the boys and ragini thanked lucky both opened the burkha and ragini kept it in the girls bag back and shighed.it was then she noticed sanlak looking with curiosity left option less ragini started to explain their situation to sanlak.

It was evening when the story finished ,swara was sad her eyes became moist ,san lak looked at each other .
laksh: i am proud of u swara
sanskar was sad but then composed himself sat near swara
sanskar: dont be sad at least u have a soul sister ,u r lucky
laksh: no my name is lucky
all four of them laughed at it

swara: thanks guys, u people r great…..thank u friends
sanskar: this is mean ……..i dnt do friendship with beautiful girls
swAra hits him playfully”flirt”
and all four of them laugh Gyz plzz tell if u are bored with my ff………and plz support……u can also suggest me …..if u want any changes

Precap: dosti……….care…..masti……support??

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