swaragini: fight for my right (episode 2)


Hii Natasha over here ….sry to all my dear friendz to make u wait….n plzz comment ,they r like inspiration to me ……. i feel so sry that i cant thak u personally…………thanks to,swasna,pooja,mahajaben,rosey,fairy,samys,anu,gopika….gopu,a,lisa,megha123…….no more of my bak bak here is the next part. ——————————————————————–
the sunlight comes from the window and hits the face of the princess she yawns and sits in her bed rubbing her eyes suddenly something strike her she searched for her phone and called her lucky charm

ragini who was sleeping peacefully got irritated and picked up the phone
ragini (sleeping tone):helloooo
swara:today is the result ,u remember
ragini:swara our final semester college result is already out last month…… do u even know what u r speaking
swara:ragini ……i am talking about the audition results of talent hunt of singers where u forced me to perform
ragini sits in bed all alert …..”.get ready catch u in half an hour”
she cuts the call before swara could say something
both get ready …ragini comes in her car in front of swaras house swara sees no one was at home she runs outside near the car ….this was seen by sahil who smriks
swara gets in the car
raginj:i am sure u will crack it and get admission in music academy
swara was tensed
ragini saw her said
“hey dont panic everything will be good ”
swara:i was thinking even though i get chance dad wont allow me
ragini:run from ur house …….i would have done that long ago

swara: nd wht abt fees?
ragini stops the car suddenly
ragini: do u really consider me as ur sister .
ragini:then i will give the money ….dnt say no
ragini:i am not giving anything free just when u get award tell the world i am the reason behind ur success nd what will i even do with all the money i inherited.
swara: ok but i will take it as loan now u dnt dare say no
They reach a community hall….there were banners of singers ….swaras eyes glowed…ragini noticed it and was happy seeing her best friend happy
Swara was nervous so ragini went to notice board and came back soon
swara:what happened?
ragini:common give me a treat u are no.1 sisso
swara jumped in happy ness

swara:what shall i do now
ragini:tell ur dad ,try to convince him,nd if he ignores just run from ur house other things i will manage
swara:they r my family
ragini: do they think the same? i have a doubt
swara:lets see what happens
swaragini leaves
laksh wakes up he sees the time and rushes to washroom he is late his servant has already made everything ready …he comes .to office all greet him so does he …he comes inside to see manik waiting
laksh:sry fr making u wait
Manik :its ok .lucky
laksh:that name doesnt suits me
manik:oh really…….anyways send ur best men to india …….the new smart phone model launch was a disaster its a loss of around 10 corers
laksh:whT??who was the incharge?
manik:its not his fault…some other company spread rumours in social site
suddenly they hear everyone cheering outside
Daniel comes inside:sir our shares price has increased fourfold
and he goes

Manik:ok u r no more in loss but in profit
lakshya:what about india?
manik:i recommend u urself go nd check
manik:then close the branch….i dnt understand take it seriously…go in disguise……this is a major problem ur money may not be but the companies reputation is at stake
laksh thought and then called daniel “book a ticket to india I am leaving tomorrow and till then all my meetings will be taken by our ceo Mr.Manik desai”
manik hugs laksh and says
manik:problems r solved only when u face them running away is not an option
laksh :mail me every minor detail
manik: yes boss,nd bhabi leke hi ana and runs
laksh laughs and again gets to work

sanskar has his own cafe ,he was working there when he gets a call
sanskar:hello sanskar speaking
person:Mr sanskar u are selected as indias national team player.we will launch u in the next T20s .are u ok with that.
sanskar:what? i mean seriously…..yes i am absolutely fine with it
person:we will call later ,just fr information i tell u match is after 3 months .thankyou
sanskar started to jump he had worked hard all 3 years for this.he would soon be a millionaire he called his mom she doesnt pick up he ran to his home ,he was in tension his mother never did that
when he reached home he saw all people wearing white dress his heart stopped beating he jerked his thought nd ran inside .he stood on shock to see his mom lying and a photo of her with a garland.he fell down and cried hard all tried to stop but in vain.he looked at his father with disgust and ran to his moms room and started crying .he was called for the last rituals ,he did his work and started ruining,he couldnot see his mom burning he sat down in the middle of the road and cried with all his strength .he felt lonely.he felt his world was over.he felt he was orphan ….he was all alone ,he cried till he fell unconscious on road.

swaragini were driving back home….it started raining………just than raginis phone rang…it was her PA sammy
sammy:mam ur uncle is asking ur room keys……shall i give it to him
ragini:whats there to ask …give him
sammy:fine. mam he is asking the keys of locker so will.u say where u have kept them
ragini: tell him to wait its with me
sammy :ok

she hanged up the call and thought why her uncle needed her locker keys,coz she was the MD so if he needed money he would have asked her as usual .why was he asking for locker keys
while ragini was busy in her thought swara was feeling restless ,she should be happy she won her first fight for her right but she was feeling uneasy as if someone close to her was too much hurt ……..ragini was ok sitting beside her so who was the one hurt……she jerked her thought and started the music player and saw outside the window as if finding the reason for her feeling uneasy in nature.

Credit to: Natasha

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